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  1. Had an idea to help manually reseeding an area that has been deforested by players, Would it be possible to make a power tool that randomly generates speed/plants trees so you can regrow an area that a player has neglected?.

    At the moment i spend a few hours manually planting seeds or plants/trees to make an area look more inviting/reseeding an area that a player has nor replanted so the next person can get some materials.

    If it is possible it could be like the paint tool so you can specify what seeds/plants etc and the radius area you want to plant. From a bio list maybe?

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  2. Yes agreed it needs looking at, as at the moment we are chasing around islands looking for issues, as I'm sure you are quite aware. At the moment they have no consequences just bounce server change name etc.

    More admin tools need i think so we can get to areas of trouble faster and make an informed decision and act accordingly. Teleport for one and maybe inventory viewer so we can see if they are spawning items in the early game???  

  3. Not sure if it has been suggested yet but can we as a community have a place on forums where we can paste the ID numbers of people we find hacking griefing on servers etc??

    maybe have it so when you look at online players you can copy and paste or have an option to report as a griefer hacker etc???

    in addition, what does happen to the bodies of people you ban from your server, do they just remain or get deleted?? if they remain can we have it so that we can teleport to thir position and the ability to remove them rather than going through the editor?

  4. Hi, all I'm Maracuja (Craig in RL). Live in UK ex-soldier just started in Ylands enjoy it a lot so started a server feel free to join in and contribute NOT grief our merry little land. All welcome if you have a community spirit.

    Hope to get some ideas that could help with making the game better so off i go to look at the forums and see what you guys have come up with 

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  5. I am the admin lol. ive created a save game and back it up each night now and keep an eye open for trolls, i have a few names i look for now, just hope the DEVS give us more control over the game so we can teleport to players and deal with this sort of thing before it gets out of hand.