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  1. I have put way too many hours into this game. 3800 so far.  oof.   I have jumped down the rabbit hole for both sides of the game, both Exploration and the Editor.  I can tell you that the Exploration side is where you will find your diamond.   Exploration is where I have met the most interesting people and found some good friends along the way.  I will never forget the midnight journeys, stories by a campfire to pass the time while trying not to freeze to death, taking turns fishing to stay alive.  These times don't happen in Editor.  Editor feels like Work.  I feel like I should be clocking in and out, punching holes in a card that will end with little to NO return on investment.  Sure, it feels good to hear someone say "thats awesome, how did you do that?"  But at the end of the day, where does that leave you?  And can I say..... I am soooo tired of hearing "wait til the next update"  lol.  It used to be a running joke between me and some of the OG's, but it has become a sad truth.  

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  2. From my experience, you have to be holding your tongue a certain way and do a little dance......    
    I have had to disassemble, assemble, disassemble, make sure everything is unpickable, assemble again, drive it out of the barrier and back in.  Honestly, i can't tell you what the secret is.  Just sometimes it will let you, sometimes it doesn't.  It's a whole thing.  it would be soooo much simpler to be able to make them from in editor, LIKE WE USED TO BE ABLE TO DO......  and don't tell me there wasn't a blueprint button there, i've been here long enough to remember the "golden days".   Good luck, is all I can advise.


  3. It's as if they are crashing and restoring back to a previous save file.  It's much worse now, because in the past, the only time our servers rolled back, is when WE rolled it back, on purpose.  I was on our Stock Explore, full DLC,  no scripting, straight vanilla.  We played that map for a few days, then the map decided that day was the cut-off point, and everyday after that, it would restore back to that cut-off point.  Several of us worked for a few days, and everyday, it would crash and restore us back to the cut-off point, days earlier.  One guy spent a good dozen hours and then just had it wiped.  If that won't make you despise a game, You must be crazy, like me.  Let me add, this WAS our streaming server. 




  4. I had several compositions I just tried to use on an exploration map.  I have not opened them since .14, so I don't know.  

    It's not that huge of a deal for me as a server admin, but I know there are sooooo many people that have entity level scripts, and I hope it all works for them too.  In the meantime, I will just refresh the scripts as I find them



  5. 20 hours ago, Igor Q. said:

    For all the vinyl lovers out there, I made a turntable with some speakers beside it.

    It was originally suppose to have a script that would let you change the background music in-game and let you turn it off....buuuuut, no scripts allowed rip

    Igor!!!  Stop, it even has speed knobs on the inside.    That's amazing. 


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  6. Nitrado Server.  We have two, one for North America, one for Europe.  They are both behaving the same.   The server will run for approximately 5-6 hours and then either stop or become unresponsive.  The memory usage will steadily climb until it peaks and then shut down.   The game is playable until then, with only the usual suspects of inventory glitches or placement features.  I am attaching a screen shot of both servers behavior while they were empty, as in no one was in game, along with the save file, .ygt, and hopefully the log files, as they are over 2 gb each. 

    P1 Nitrado Server behavior.PNG


  7. Started a new custom explore map from in editor.  Used Goto island 2, no problem.  Used Goto island 3, no island.  Waited for the island to render, but never did.  I used Goto island 1, but now no island rendered.  I saved the file and Quit to Menu....  Now I am stuck on the closing color wheel.  Will have to Force quit.      

    I chose the PC only box, so I have no green box around Spawn and should be rendering all islands




  8. I was able to replicate the issue @bojo2736is having.

    I placed a chest, and double-clicked.  selected "edit" and all that was in the script was for a "way-point".  I tested on a vanilla explore map, and an editor explore map.  I placed new chests, and compositions with scripted chests.  Both times, the scripting windows show a waypoint, with no scripting capability.  But that was all a mistake, and we shouldn't be able to do that? 

  9. We have been chasing our tails for a while.  Constantly going back and forth between types of games, Vanilla or Scripted Editor Explore.   We start a vanilla map, thinking our scripts are the culprit, only to have the map bloat the first 24 hours, and we are quickly reminded why we were using editor made maps with scripts that we use to try and fix the issues in the vanilla game.  Then we use a scripted map, with the same end, just different means, and go back to a vanilla map, to start the cycle over.  I'm starting to find comfort in the ritual.