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  1. I suppose I was lucky because P1 was the first MP server I joined, maybe 9 months ago.  From the start I felt welcomed.  The first person I met was BBCakes, and we have spoken everyday since.  I feel like I found a family I didnt know about.  When I have questions, there is an army of gamers there to answer my questions.  And I pass that down to the new players I find playing this game for the first time, or even the seasoned players,  many of which I also talk to on a regular basis.  I'm not sure I would still be playing if I had joined a toxic server, and there were plenty.  Even when we are having an internal competition, its not a competition. it's more of a "let's see how far we can push it" meet, and we just end up teaching each other something.  It's amazing. I appreciate them letting me come along for the ride.

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  2. Someone on the server was building a roof, with 2x2 Red Steep Roof blocks, and could not place them back to back.  You can place them in their ordinary staggered slope, but neither of us were able to place the same block,  oriented 180 degrees, to the back of the original block.  We can make the roof, but can not finish the bottom, nor the edges.  If you know what I mean.


  3. Thank you so much for your help.  I was thinking something along the lines of Admin having an Ylandium sword, and only the ylandium sword would open the chests, activate time and weather levers..... stuff like that.  Sorry Oliver, I realize I was not too clear about it.  But I think I can make it work with the help you all gave me.  Thank you.

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  4. @Aleš Ulm I am one of the builders/admin, that have chosen, for now, to walk away from building.  You are right, I have not given the new building mechanics a fair shake, mostly because I don't know how.  There are things I feel are missing, that I had yesterday, and worked flawlessly.  At least for me, and my 1400 hours spent in the relaxing world your team built.  You are also correct in assuming it's not just this update.  My gripes are not as nuanced as some players.  I have seen issues that needed to be fixed or polished, and they are still here, and mechanics that worked have been taken out.  I am frustrated, because I feel that I have lost something that meant a lot to me, something I use to relax, and get away from real world stresses.  Also, I have yet to speak to anyone that has glowing praise for the update.  Glad to know at least you are hearing it.  

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  5. I totally agree with RedEagle.  The i7 and the 1060 together are going to create a lot of heat.  If you MUST have a laptop, I would look into an external Graphics card, preferably thru USB-C, or m.2 ultra.  Thermal throttling will become a thing quickly.  The i7 may also be too much.  Gaming, from my experience, is hindered by the i7.  Just my opinion of course.  Just make sure to get a decent fan base for it, what ever you decide.


  6. I play exclusively in first person.  As a builder primarily, not a gamer, first person gives me much better control and speed.  There is no way I could, nor would, have built several of my projects in 3rd person.  Please, either greatly improve the vector aiming in 3rd person, or better yet, just leave 1st person in.  Something you already have.  


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