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    KNOWN ISSUE I can eat anything.

    No, this error is reproduced in a private game.
  2. Numbers on singing do not matter. How it works: button 1 contains any food. On button 2 - any other subject. First I switch to button 1. After that I press button 2 and instantly left click of mouse - I eat what is under button two (shell, card, shovel - whatever). It was not pleasant to eat a map being far from my base =) P.S. There is one more bug, but I do not want to publish it through the forum - it gives a strong imbalance in the game. Where can I write about it?
  3. fredushka

    bug on ship

    I confirm. Also sometimes when moving on the stern, I throw myself through the wall of the ship into the sea. There was also a problem - the ship could not swim out of the harbor until I removed all the chests from it (the trunks were located at the stern, not "mounted" in it). When moving forward or backward, I simply rested against an invisible wall, while the ship itself from the outside into what visible barrier did not rest.
  4. Of course I meant Propeller Pack =) Relogon (5+ times), double jump, kick, etc. did not help. After rebooting the server, I found myself in my house on a chair, on which I usually leave my character upon leaving the game. Server restart solves a lot of problems =) But this does not give an answer to the question of why this happened, and I nearly lost my whole outfit.
  5. After the fall, my screen became gray, but I was able to pick up the things that had fallen out of me. But I can not move. I used the / unstack command, but it did not work, I just can not move. After using the / killme command, I appeared in the spawn place, picked up the things dropped from me, but still I still can not move. I play on the official dedicated server (number only in private =)) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt