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    Basic Entity Tool Shapes Suggestion

    While I agree that it would be nice to have this feature built in. I do have a script you can use in the meantime: I have some tutorials on how to use it (not completely finished) if you need help feel free to message me on discord.
  2. not sure either but definitely before 1.8
  3. @IEuphe Scroll down in the scenario settings, there is a separate time for the editor. (as apposed to the start time at the very top of the settings)
  4. Is there a reason the FOV range is capped at 30-90? can we extend this, id like to be able to zoom in more with the camera? Think weapon scopes, telescopes etc
  5. with the new ability to rotate objects that are placed down there is an overlap of keybinds. When editing a group with control+g (I believe this is the default keybind) the whole group rotates on the x-axis ('g' axis). The rotate action should just not happen when ctrl is pressed EDIT: even if that's not the default keybinds pressing down ctrl, shift should stop other actions from happening. So players can change there keybinds to what they prefer. Not sure if that made sense so Example. ctrl+N should not perform the action linked to N but only the action linked to ctrl+N
  6. Oliver Hope

    Creators Competition Season 2 - WINNERS

    Also, love the beard @Fompster, is it made from wild boar hair?
  7. Oliver Hope

    Creators Competition Season 2 - WINNERS

    Wooohooo! So happy to see all my work was worth it! I would to take a moment to thank a few, starting with the IF Statement, my entry would be incomparable without it (?). Next, I should thank rune isa, iron rod and blank sign I used them like everywhere. Lastly, I want to thank Peanut Butter Sandwich for fueling my late night work. But in all seriousness thank you ylands team/Bi for the opportunity and @Fompster for helping to playtest. Congratulations to everyone else, I'm going to have to stick my nose in explore to check out the other entries.
  8. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    As far as I understand welds: they only decrease the amount of hitboxes, while this helps a lot, each entity still needs to be processed at the very least visually.
  9. Oliver Hope


    Hmmm, I assumed you could but I just checked now and you are correct, it is not possible ? my solution will not work then?
  10. Oliver Hope


    @F.hao It should be possible to modify this second solution to be able to spawn as many as you need (like your original ycomp). (I thought you could how it is as I sent it, but now you said stuff that reminds me you can't). to modify it, You can spawn a separate entity reference point and rotation animator for each demon ball. If you are going to have many balls I recommend using an entity storage game logic to keep all the instructions and variables for the demon balls in. Let me know if I can help further
  11. Oliver Hope


    @Mello1223 posted after I saw this but before I worked it out. To prove his point here is my solution. I made use of groups in mine so you will not be able to spawn new ones. However seeing as there is a player limit in ylands games it is easy enough to create eg 8 copies, and assign them to different players as needed or store them when not in use. Using groups is probably the 'intended way' to solve the problem imo. DAMENTEST_F.HAO.zip As I was writing this I had a thought and came up with yet another solution. this one doesn't use groups so you can spawn the same way you are currently. The key thing to note is that you need to have your rotation animator rotating around a reference point, then you can rotate that reference point the same as the body. Also it is possible to do the flying animation with just 1 rotation animator. DAMENTEST_F.HAO_V2.zip @Mello1223 I had a quick look at yours, it is possible to solve problem without using loops, and I think its better to avoid those when possible.
  12. Oliver Hope

    Multiplayer experience points

    Hi XXon, sorry I saw this a while ago and meant to reply sooner. The best way to do this is using Game storage (same place you make a leaderboard) but make a variable instead called experience with type number. This creates a separate variable for each player. You can access this like other variables. Here is an example of adding 10 XP every time a player kills something. Let me know if you have any questions
  13. Broccoli Tree House Building Aids A collection of useful tools and scripts to help with building complex creations in the editor (which can be blueprinted into explore) Above: An example of some things that can be created with these tools. This is an open-source project to help make building certain things easier. I'd like to see you build that miniature rollercoaster without scripts? My inspiration During the season 2 creator competition (you can find my submission here) I was faced two times needing a helix, once for a spiral staircase and once for a worm gear, the first one I made manually and the second one with script. Manually was not fun, and my script was terrible due to time pressure, so I decided to improve it after the competition. Later in the competition, I was creating an airship and it would have been really useful to be able to mirror the hull, (I had to settle on a less preferable shape due to this not being possible in ylands). A month later I have made good scripts for both of these problems(and more), but not everyone knows how to script so I want to share it publicly and also encourage other programmers to contribute. A summary of how it works For in-depth tutorials see below. Generating structures with scripts is very powerful. If you want to place a generated structure in the editor it requires exporting the scenario, loading it as a game, loading that game in the editor and saving the structure as a comp (a bit lengthy but it can be well worth it). My first helix generator during the composition required the individual entities to be welded (so that I could spawn a group like a section of the rollercoaster and edit the pivot of this group) which causes problems when you want to make a composition/blueprint out of them, it also stops you from welding the whole structure as one. Therefore the base of these building scripts is a custom group system that allows storing a set of entities and placing them at a given position/rotation. Most of the scripts make use of this, meaning that all entities spawned in are just entities, not welds) Current Features(summary) Custom group system create groups copy groups to given pos/rot set pos/rot Helixes regular helix helix along path Follow path Various Spheres and circles Mirror across any plane Laser measure tool Upcoming Features Here are some things I'd like to add but there is no guarantee I will. Elipse and ellipsoid generator rope generator n equidistant points on a sphere smoother version of follow path Contribute This is open-source, meaning it's encouraged that people to adapt and add to it. If you do not have the skills but you have an idea contact me and ill see about adding it. If you have a building script or you made some changes that you think would help people, DM me here or on discord and Ill see about adding it to this main version. Discord: O1iver#5816 Tutorials(WIP) If you are using the Source version each Instruction/Function has a description of how to use it in the function definition. Custom Groups Laser measure tools Using generating scripts (video) Creating Compositions of generated entities (Video) Downloads These files are also available on the workshop. Latest Version: BTH BUILDING SCRIPTS V1.1.0.zip Older Versions: BTH BUILDING SCRIPTS V1.0.1.zip
  14. Oliver Hope

    Stubborn bubbles!

    This title sounds like the name of an update XD
  15. Hi, I am getting the following variable creation window inside a Controller Logic. This obviously causes problems because you cant define a variable type. Iv also experienced not being able to open this variable editor window. Restarting game seems to fix it. EDIT: exiting to main menu also seams to fix it. EDIT2: I noticed that basically the whole script editor acts as if your in any other logic, in the screen shot you can see, for example that the entities category is available. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    Perhaps we should have (another?) pet design contest, people could make sketches or build a large scale one in ylands.
  17. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    The problem with giving pets bonuses is it becomes slightly pay to win as you need to buy pets with coyns. Sure if its only a small bonus its not too bad, but it could end up being a slippery slope... A solution could be an alternative way to get pets.
  18. Very weird bug. I opened a scenario and all entities/game logics that weren't inside a group were renamed to this character '—'. The groups were also renamed. I believe the last thing I did with the scenario was to send it to someone, by copying it out of my scenario folder. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  19. Oliver Hope

    SPA_Yland (ver. ALFA)

    Wow! that is massive. Are you doing an interior as well?
  20. Oliver Hope

    7th Q&A with Aleš

    Thanks for the summary!
  21. Oliver Hope

    Some suggestions, and one ridiculous question.

    In the times where I have free time I can really relate to this, I'd love to be able to contribute more then just reporting bugs and giving suggestions.
  22. Yesterday was, well tiring... I estimate around 16 hours of work to finish my game in time. I am mostly extremely proud of what I have submitted even though there are so many more details I would like to add, not to mention the whole middle chapter I had to cut out. Congratulations to everyone who submitted their game! that in its self is an achievement. I look forward to experiencing them first-hand. Time for a well-earned break.
  23. Oliver Hope

    [YLD-36096] Pi constant

    Here is something that I should imagine being easy to add. Can we get the constant Pi under the maths section. Please and thanks☺️
  24. If you have an environment in side of another environment the interior one does not work. I'm assuming this isn't a bug and just was implemented like this. As an example I have a large environment covering most of my yland setting the temperature and a smaller one at a specific area setting lighting, however this one doesn't work because its inside the large one. I feel it makes most sense if the interior one takes priority.
  25. Thanks @Nikki Severin! Its going to be tough and Im having to cut a lot out. But I thiiink it should be possible. Are you offering extensions? ??