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  1. 3 days left... luckily I dont have anything else to do because I need that time to finish my game. The week has been tough with 2 hour power cuts a few of the days in the evening, one causeing me to loose some progress?
  2. Oliver Hope

    Season 2: Submission Guide

    Can I submit a flow chart as PDF for the walkthrough file? I feel like this is a better way to explain a walkthrough and I already have rough ones complete.
  3. An unnamed, slightly less outrageous means of transport. Equipped with a V4 steam engine, twin condensers, mechanical stoker and gantry for loading cargo.
  4. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #196 Client Scripting

    Yes! Yes! Funny how I suggested this a little while ago, you guys were probably already working on it?
  5. Maybe some other people but I also have a lot to do still, you are not alone?
  6. Seagull Relay Theta is aloft! And wow was it a lot of work to get here but I'm really proud of it.
  7. Oliver Hope

    [YLD-36096] Pi constant

    @Igor Q. thats pretty cool to know, but surely so much of that precision just gets lost if a number value is only 4 bytes? Not sure exactly how variables are handled in ylands (or any dynamic type checking language for that matter)... do they maybe dynamically change size up to 8 bytes ? Yeah I just make a variable and copy in Pi, I just think it would be nice to have an inbuilt constant, its a pretty important number for maths?
  8. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #195 Showing off Achievements

    Id be interested in seeing some editor related achievements at some point, might be harder to make some interesting ones though?
  9. My mystery yland has a name now (actually it has had one for ages, just not publicly)- Seagull Relay Theta. It should make more sense one you've played it. Did a play test with Fompster of the first chapter and everything worked well. Finished the exterior of one of the two workshops as well.
  10. I am now very scared to load anything in mobile graphics
  11. The back button (the meatball icon) in the editor browser doesn't always take you back to your previous page, Im not quite sure the pattern but often it will take you back to a sub-page that you were looking at earlier. Quite frustrating when you are looking at medieval signs and what to go back to signs but it takes you to chairs instead.
  12. Iv managed to make quite a bit of progress this week. On Monday I programmed the custom inventory system for my mystery yland and over the week Iv been using it to get started on the gameplay for the first chapter.Its nice to be able to play test stuff.☺️ The graphics of the UI are only temporary and will be made much better at some point. Im having quite a bit of fun writing silly remarks from the player
  13. This has already been brought up by @Cernu I will link below. But I want to add a bit more detail and a suggestion to how it could work. I propose adding an extra row below the parameters in the function declaration with empty slots corresponding to each parameter that allows you to put in variable types or enums for example an empty string or the image enum. When calling a function these blocks will already be in the spaces for parameters. This can also serve the double purpose of setting a default value for parameters. Cernu's posts:
  14. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    Try do some scripting, you will feel lost at some point.?
  15. Oliver Hope

    Small Editor suggestion

    This would be great might be annoying if you have the same colour elsewhere though, may I suggest the painting of groups? although this would require you to be very careful in how you create your groups...
  16. I have been working on this house farrr too long (and its still not finished). I think I'm about 70% done with my assets, I wanted to finish them before I started gameplay but I think I need to change tracks for a bit. Its hard to fit everything in in a few pictures but that just leaves more to be discovered.
  17. Oliver Hope

    Mystery Island progress report

    Really interesting idea! looking forward to seeing it come together
  18. Oliver Hope

    cant upload to workshop

    F11 for ylands screenshot F12 for steam screenshots
  19. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #193 Scripting Goodies

    Looking forward to the new debugger! The ragdoll also sounds fun.
  20. A green house I made today. I really hope Im not making stuff too detailed? Some design choices may seem a bit odd but it will all make sense in the end ?
  21. Spent the afternoon/evening terraforming an yland. I thought this was going to be my least favorite part but It was actually very enjoyable. 10/10 would do it again. Pretty happy with the results but ill probably make changes as I go. Before: new and improved: I think its safe to say things changed quite a bit.
  22. Oliver Hope

    Object Brush Weighting

    EDIT: I noticed that this is already implemented (and very thoroughly as well), Sorry?. For anyone as silly enough as me not to see you just need to click on the entity in the brush section and a properties panel will open It would be nice to set custom weights for each entity in an object brush. For example, if you want to create a forest that is mainly trees and a few rocks around you could set the weights to: Tall tree - 5 small tree-3 rock-1 being able to use decimals would be great as well.
  23. Today I finished my planning for gameplay puzzles, my game is taking a similar form to a point and click puzzle game hopefully this translates well into ylands. Here is the first part as a flow diagram. WARNING MAJOR GAMEPLAY/PUZZLE SPOILERS