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    Dev Diary #86

    I personally still perfer the old, but i think something in between would work well, like 1.5 times the pollys of the old ones I think the new ones stand out too much, almost like they are from a different game
  2. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #85

    Sad to see you go @Ane, you did a great job well you were here. All the best!!
  3. Oliver Hope

    Can I adjust animal run speed?

    Have you tried the scripting before? You can use the player movement bonus block and set it to a negative number between 0 and -100
  4. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #84

    What ideas/s have you had for ylands that got dismissed and wont be part of the game?
  5. Oh ok, I was very confused ? is they a temporary solution I can implement?
  6. sometimes write to console doesnt work, restarting the game fixes it LOGS: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Oliver Hope

    Animation unreliable

    I tried this and it only made it worse? I did notice that there was a mistake in the code, the first rotation animation time was set to 1 which might have been causing problems. However the real problem is that the last set of animations dont reliably run, by extending the delay to 1.1 it seems to work fine however Id much prefer not to have the extra delay. also during my testing without the extra delay i noticed that sometimes it would go in the complete opposite direction. Something is a problem here?
  8. Oliver Hope

    Animation unreliable

    No it is seemingly random when it works and doesnt work. storing original position is a bit annoying, cause these instruction is meant to work with multiple entities, is there another way around it? I will attach the logs?
  9. Oliver Hope

    Search bar for editor maps

    yeah been missing this feature
  10. Oliver Hope

    Rotating Objects

    Oh ok, however I remember reading somewhere that the wait block uses a time trigger so it still going to cause problems on MP
  11. Oliver Hope

    Rotating Objects

    Iv never had problems with time triggers, what have you encountered?
  12. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #82

    Wooo I thought we were only getting animator later
  13. Oliver Hope

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    @RedEagle_P1.what side must the drivers seat be? Probably left, as that is the most popular in the world
  14. Oliver Hope

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    on second thoughts im going to go for a bucket lift truck, the ones used for cable and street light mantenance
  15. Oliver Hope

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    Im in, going to see what I can do for a rubbish truck
  16. Oliver Hope

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    Are we allowed to include logic with are cars?
  17. Oliver Hope

    custom command arguments

    Yes, I got it to work thanks ages back, thanks?
  18. Oliver Hope

    custom command arguments

    what is the syntax for typing arguments into your custom command?
  19. When using the on pick event and getting the position propertes from the target entity it returns seemingly random values not related to where the entity was. In this particular instance: An event listener listening to a player picking up entities in an label. Add label ( spawn entity( get type (target object) , get pos(target object), get orintation ( target object))); so that any entity in the label that was picked up was replaced and given the label. I believe the type and orintation were correct but i can only be 100% sure about the position being wrong it was so wrong that the entity it spawned was nowhere in sight If you need the files then ask @Fompster_P1
  20. Oliver Hope

    Questions About Scripting

    Id like to suggest something for this, similar to how it works in other languages when you declare an array. One block, that you place your array in and then you can add more slots to add items, you could have a pop up box where you can change the number of items you want to add. Maybe this could work with push and unshift aswell, but even if it was just when declaring an array that would be awesome. As an added feature, seeing as arrays can only hold items of the same type, if you put a get position block into one of the slots it could place get position blocks into all the other slots or if you put a game logic in one it could make all the others a logic eye dropper. Hope that made sense?
  21. The instance would only be distroyed once the script has finished running Im just guessing though ?
  22. Maybe im wrong here but on collect works for something like a pineapple, when you collect it you dont collect a pineapple plant you just collect a pineapple, I think the entity that you are refrencing is the whole plant which doesnt go into your inventory
  23. Is it returning the position of the object in the players inventory in other words the position of the player or something else? Cause I checked where the co ordinates were that it was giving me and it was really far away from the place i was picking up items
  24. sometimes when dragging an argument from an event or custom instruction a random variable is created instead of the one you clicked, i think this might happen when control dragging by mistake but its unconsistant and uncommon
  25. I have a second scenario folder inside the first one with more scenarios, why is is this? could it cause problems?