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    Dev Dairy #144 - New Direction for Exploration

    This is probably the best summary of what they have done before this announcment
  2. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Dairy #144 - New Direction for Exploration

    I don't care how long it takes you, just make this the best exploration update you've ever released. If you guys play your cards right, your game will burst with positive reviews and new players.
  3. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Dairy #144 - New Direction for Exploration

    Thank you thank you thank you. Please keep this promise. I am so excited!!!! You guys are understanding what we are talking about !!!! That map looks awesome!!!!!! I can't wait for the coming updates!!!!!!!! Stay classy!!!
  4. We (the community) miss Alpha Ylands gameplay. Please consider these suggestions. 1. Add the old music back. Go back and listen to the alpha ylands music track and tell me that it isn't better than the new music.2. Make the map bigger. Make a chunk system like minecraft or something so you can have a big map. I miss getting lost in the ocean, not seeing the exact island i need to progress in the game.3. ADD FIRST PERSON BACK. What stupid reasoning it is to remove first person because the animation didn't correspond with first person. At least in alpha gameplay i could mine a wall out with in 15 minutes and be able to actually see stuff.4. Listen to your community. Don't get me wrong, I loved ylands when it first game out, it was my dream game, and I thought it was amazing. Then 1.7 came out and I remember thinking "Well this is alright but not all that good" and then 1.8+ just completely ruined the game.There is no exploration in exploration mode. Instead of making an exploration game you guys made a chinese rip-off of roblox.If you did this the smart way of making a game, you would've released the map making and creator features AFTER you released the exploration features.5. this "tip" is so important i have to say it again. Make the map bigger!!!!! I shouldn't be able to see the other island from the beginner island!!!6. Keep adding more stuff to exploration, and don't make excuses about your updates. You promise stuff every update when people are disappointed with it and then the next update never receives the hype you were hoping it would. I understand this is probably a difficult game to work on and to release updates. But I would rather you release big updates after long times that are filled with content about exploration.7. Again. Please please please just listen to your community. Just starting connecting with them more!!8. Don't get mad at suggestions like this or else you'll be denying the truth of what you guys have done to your game. 9. If it pleases you, add back the old faces. Stay classy
  5. NoNoNumGum

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Yeah i am fine with them making an editor platform. But I also want them to work on exploration and add some old features back. (EDIT) I don't mean to be rude to the devs but just thinking about old times just gets me fed up with the new ylands
  6. NoNoNumGum

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    So you're telling me that you advertised an exploration game (Alpha trailer) and then turned it into a creative platform?? Now I really feel scammed. (EDIT) Ylands 2017 Trailer Steam store page. As you can see, they remove the adventure part.
  7. NoNoNumGum

    I used to love this game.

    Good times....Good times... Very sad with the newer updates. Please fix devs. I am the second one in these photos. I just want to have fun like this with my friends. I genuinely love this game, but at this point its not going in the right direction. Please keep your word and fix exploration.
  8. NoNoNumGum

    Ylands, this just feels too much...

    I really wanna believe that but it feels like you guys say that for every single update. Please keep to your word and do this. Not only add onto exploration but fix it please. Add first person back. Make it so we can't see the islands next to us. Just fix the issues before you start updating it. stay classy
  9. NoNoNumGum

    Ylands, this just feels too much...

    How about you guys not make another roblox and make your own game. Now you may argue that this game has exploration. What exploration? I don't see any exploration anywhere? I take that back. I see it. In fact I see too much. I can see islands that should be farther away. I can explore the whole ylands map in 2 minutes. You guys must look at what your community is saying. One of your most respected players in the community is even trying to tell you guys to listen. And what do you guys do? You make excuses. Please don't make excuses. Please make your own game that has exploration and creator features. But as I have said before, you guys have tried to mix Minecraft, Roblox, and Ark Survival Evolved into one game. Now tell me please. What happens when you mix too many colors? You get brown. At this rate that you guys are making this game, you have made poop. You have mixed too many games and are on the brim of your last few supporters urging you to step it up and listen to your community. I don't know what else to say than to listen to your community. Stay classy and good luck
  10. NoNoNumGum

    Consider turning this ship around

    If only they would just listen to their community. We bought the game for exploration. Not for some Chinese ripoff of Roblox. There are cool puzzles and dungeons in the trailer. But in the real game?? No where to be found. They keep making excuses that the next update will be better, and they keep hyping their updates up just to release a update that focuses on creator features and map making. I miss old ylands soooo much.
  11. NoNoNumGum

    RESOLVED [YLD-15083] Background flashes

    This has happened to me before, basically what he means, is that, random everything besides your hotbar and character will just flash white for like 0.2 seconds. I don't know what the cause.
  12. NoNoNumGum

    Add first person back

    I can hardly do anything in the game now since first person gone, i cant do most things i use to do, and look around is much harder (especially in buildings), also, please update the game for survival and not just the editor, the game isnt hardly about survival anymore, its cool that theres an editor and stuff, and some people can code, BUT some people like to actually play the game and play survival so please update the survival aspect of the game. please and thank you
  13. NoNoNumGum

    What is this game becoming?

    Finally someone who realizes what their doing to their game, they made poop, literally, they are mixing minecraft, ark, and roblox, and when you mix too many colors together....you get brown....how bout you take out that roblox part? Or atleast decrease how much of that roblox part your putting into it...Listen to your community and maybe your future for the game will be better.
  14. Sure, I'll make it a little later
  15. Ok sorry that you couldnt remake it
  16. We did it by lighting a placed stick on the ground, if that doesn't work then, if your on a multiplayer game, thats 'Explore' I don't know. It also may have to be a public server and not a private multiplayer server.
  17. Hmm, idk, did you place a stick down? Or did you just craft a campfire via crafting menu?
  18. Did you have the stick and grass down first? You can't light it and then put the grass on, the grass has to be on it before you light it.
  19. NoNoNumGum

    Some suggestions

    In the trailer for this game (2017 trailer) they are in a structure and completing what looks like a puzzle, this may be a map, but why not in like desert biomes, add Egyptian ruins that have like puzzles and booby traps? That would be so much fun! Also will you add equiping things while on a horse/car? It would just be convenient. These are my only suggestions thanks for reading them!
  20. make sure you do it on a multiplayer server thats on "Explore", it doesnt work on creative or in singleplayer, me and my friend tested it
  21. Oh and one more thing, if you manage to break it by sacrificing yourself or your friend, then you get 200 wood back, so it is also a duplicating glitch, and if you walk into it after it dies down you fall through the world
  22. I know right, if you put down like 20 pieces of grass and light a stick under it, I crashed an entire server, and my computer crashed too, I had to shut my pc down
  23. UPDATE: So it is confirmed after many tests that it only happens on 'Explore' public servers, does not work on singeplayer, or on creative