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  1. 16 minutes ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    You can hold the coal basket to fuel engines. I do it all the time.

    I meant  when you are in a kiln, foundry, or furnace, etc. It says "feed" and then "ignite" but if you dont have the coal in your inventory (and not in a coal basket) it doesn't work when you press "feed"

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  2. A button in your inventory (or containers) that automatically sorts all items in it in alphabetical order. It would be really useful for when you die and have to sort your inventory again (for those who do)


    Also just a quick overlook: if you have a coal basket on you, you can use the coal in it to craft but you can't fuel stations with it unless its not in the coal asket

  3. Just now, spiritchaser28 said:

    Good question....just made me think of another. Will ships take damage if they hit land?

    I believe so

    8 hours ago, Nikki Severin said:

    At the same time, if you steer your ship to shallow waters, the edge of an yland or another ship, your ship will take damage and you will have to fix it up if you wish to continue on your journey without worries.


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  4. I actually just discovered that the room I am building in is on a different grid from the rest of my ship, and that I couldn't place blocks because they were placing on the right grid. So I had it backwards, but that still means that the whole room I built was on a different grid than it should have been.

    I would still really like this to get the attention of the devs though since it is still an issue. (And only fixed temporarily)

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  5. 3 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    Well in truth you should only place blocks when the ship is in construction mode


    I meant that this seems to happen when we assemble the ship and the disassemble (put it into construction mode again) but we aren't completely sure since it doesn't consistently cause the problem or fix it.

    3 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    You can still freeplace certain objects when it is assembled, but not blocks, doors, furniture, etc.  If you are trying to place a block next to a freeplaced block while it is in construction mode it will not align with the freeplaced block and will show red.

    Yeah none of my ship is free placed, it is all locked to a grid.


    3 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    If you are having a block that is stubborn to place, always try freeplacing by pressing V. This also allows the blocks to intersect/ merge with each other and it can be tedious, but with practice it's easy. Hold right mouse button in freeplacing mode and use WASD, U and jJto move the block around into position. If you press V again it snaps back into grid mode. By default the block always starts in grid mode when you are placing. I use the V key a lot in the game

    Another handy tip for placing a block if you want it to stay in grid but it seems obstructed is hold the right mouse button before you push V (while it is red) It will stay in the  grid placement until you move it. (which is quite easy to do accidentally) It takes a lot of practice.

    This is what I tried to do and it worked for the most part but it isn't just one or two blocks. My entire ship that has already been built is on a different grid than the blocks I am trying to place now.

    I tried it from here:

    11 hours ago, NoNoNumGum said:

     I had to use a solution from ocnog on this post to solve the "not enough space" issue. 



  6. 1 hour ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    Was part of the ship made in editor and then converted into a blueprint? 

    No, it wasn’t.

    This issue is also happening to my friend. We still have yet to figure out when it happens but we think it may have to do with dissembling and assembling the ship. But that doesn’t fix or consistently cause the issue. 🤷‍♂️

  7. 14 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    .I think the main idea of this entire post though is to allow the players the freedom to choose the options so we can all play how we like to play. So basically have a few options in the menu as to how we can view the map, or even the option to have no map like we have in editor now.

    Yes exactly. I believe the developers are really trying to do what everyone wants, but not everyone plays the same. We need more optional things like: The island indicators, friend indicators, island level indicators, etc.

    And a system to choose if you wanna have to craft and use a map or just press M would be absolutely amazing.


    Thank you all for adding on to my suggestions 😁

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  8. Every once in a while I will build on my boat and for some reason the blocks I place are slightly under or above the ones I already placed. 

    In this photo you can see that on a part of my ship, the tiles are below the others.



    This photo shows those same tiles on the other side and you can see that they are slightly lowered for some reason.



    This is just a very slight bug, but when you're building you can't help but notice it.

    Edit: it went from a slight bug to not being able to build parts of my ship

  9. Another thought I had is: 

    I personally liked when we had to hold out maps and pull them up every time we wanted to use them since I would hold out my map and tell my friend which direction we needed to go. But incase some people might think it is tedious, I think a good system would be: You have to craft a map and then you can press M to open it, but if you lose it then you can't press M to open it anymore (since you don't have it).

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  10. 1 hour ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    The idea has been tossed around. I think they are waiting to do this when they are certain that it works seamlessly. Sort of like the idea of flying machines....they won't introduce those sort of things until they have airborne dangers to keep the game balanced.

    Ah I see. We'll see what happens.

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  11. 12 hours ago, BinarySemaphore said:

    I do think having a map at spawn is a bit too easy, but having a hidden progression path to obtaining a map and requiring the player to keep it on them/in their hot bar is a bit burdensome and unnecessary (think - they have know and then google how to create a map and create it - what's the point other than cost time and some resources - not something really earned just a time sink). 

    To be fair, this is the way it used to be and everyone got by fine. Maybe the player does want to look up how to get a map, then that's completely fine. But if a player wants to figure it out on their own, then they can do that too. 


    12 hours ago, BinarySemaphore said:

    When sailing to the edge of the map and going to a harsher biomes or if a seed gives higher level or large/unique islands, maybe add an event which puts the player(s) and their ship in a transitional all water map (no islands just a temporary challenge map).

    The player must sail across the water world to "complete" their journey to the next map.

    Chances for storms (rain or snow) could be higher, so just calm seas for the voyage are relatively rare.  However, there could be an increase in shipwrecks/underwater discoveries (especially since more underwater biomes and discoveries are in a planned future release).

    The voyage can abandoned at any time to allow players to return to their previous map (say they run out of power and don't have a backup sail).  The map would be long left to right and player must sail left to right to complete the trip.  If they can't stay the course and end up too north or south, then the voyage is failed.  Incentivizing larger ships and that upgraded navigation for sea travel mentioned earlier.

    I think this would be a great addition. 

    2 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    Ales has mentioned a few times on livestreams that he would like to implement occasional random encounters when traversing between maps. With unique challenges that would integrate into the game. So basically they are working on this plan.

    If I remember correctly, didn't they mention adding pirate attacks/random encounters?

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  12. A few days ago I played Ylands once again just to see how it is now. I was also looking through old screenshots of the game and one thing stuck out to me that I miss dearly.


    I was playing with a friend a few years ago and I decided to go sailing without a map. I took off from the island and was staring at my screen trying to find birds that would signal land. I saw birds and went towards them to find a not so peaceful desert island. I then tried to sail back to the spawn island but found my self lost at sea. I had to keep sailing in one direction till I saw more birds and find land. Once I finally found land, it still wasn't the spawn island, so I ended up progressing on another island and making a map to eventually find my way home to that spawn island. It was an amazing adventure. (I tried killing my character but you would respawn on the closest island, idk if its still like this or not)



    This story brings me to my main point/suggestions: This type of adventure will never happen again since you can now just press M to pull up a map you spawn with. You can also see islands next to you. This causes sailing to feel bland and just like walking. You no longer have to venture out to sea and into the unknown since you constantly know where you are. 



    Now, I have been playing since 2017 so I know this game inside and out. But that doesn't mean I should be able to beat the game in 2 days. I've played Minecraft for years and it still takes months to get consistent ores and materials. The progression in Ylands is too quick. All you do is go to two islands and you can beat the game pretty much. You also come to learn what biomes are what levels and what levels have what ores. So for the "normal" exploration mode you just have to go to the edge of the map and then teleport to the biome you want depending on what ores you want.

    I have suggested these things over and over, but I haven't lost faith in you guys. This game used to be a blast but I feel you guys have made it way too easy. I understand that its mostly a building game, but so is Minecraft yet it still presents a challenge.


    Here are some ways I feel you could implement my suggestions:

    Maps: Simply just re-add the need to make maps instead of having one on you by default.

    Sailing: I understand that the few distance was increased and that is why islands are visible that are next to you. I don't know how it works or anything but decreasing the view distance and making it so you have to search for birds to find islands would be amazing.

    Progression: I feel that if you simply removed the indicators that point out what level islands are, the game would be so much more fun instantly. To my understanding, certain ores only spawn on certain level islands.  If I land on an island and know what level the island is instantly, then I just have to search a little and find the ores that are specific to that level of island. But if it didn't have a level indicator, then I would have to search the entire island hoping that its the level I need. That instantly adds more time to play and explore.  The AI for most monsters is really easy to best in combat, simply by standing a rock and shooting it. So there is little to no challenge getting what you need to progress. This makes progression super fast and you don't get to soak in all the fun features the game has. 


    I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


    tl;dr: Add maps back, possibly make the sailing experience better, and try to slow down the progression in the game.

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  13. On 7/26/2021 at 7:49 PM, bojo2736 said:

    Adam was awesome.  No shade to Nikki, she's doing a good job, but Adam paid a lot of attention to the group. He was available and approachable.  He even played with us occasionally.  Not sure why you felt the need to take a comment about how we are having a nice civil discussion to insult a guy who did a great job, and who is not here to defend himself.  

    I was not trying to offend anybody I simply think that Nikki pays more attention and answers more. Or maybe Adam just didn't like me ?‍♂️

    On 7/26/2021 at 11:36 PM, spiritchaser28 said:

    @NoNoNumGum Adam was great and so is Nikki. They both have different styles but I think they were both great choices as Community managers (or warlocks hehe) Adam was pretty good at answering my questions and listening to my suggestions and so is Nikki. Plus I got to know a bit about Adam as a person as well as Nikki. Bottom line for me is they are both good people and have satisfied my expectations. At the end of the day we are all only human, and we all have different tastes. Adam decided to move on to another job, but I still see him occasionally hanging out on discord. I personally thought when Adam left it would be difficult to fill his shoes, but Nikki is doing a great job. Sorry to hear that Adam didn't pay as much attention to you as Nikki does, but I can honestly say that wasn't the case for everyone that knows Adam. 

    Yeah sorry to offend anybody. 

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  14. 10 hours ago, leo_chaos said:

    It's very different I agree, what I meant though was with music the worst case is turn it off and play without or play your own music. It's not the same and I WOULD rather a game has music I'm happy with but unless it's a music orientated game I'm not going to stop playing due to it.
    Perhaps the old music should be in the old style exploration I saw on the menu to essentially just give access to the old game (I assume it's just the few ylands spawned at random how they used to be)

    I like the new music too but I just still don't understand the point in removing the old music too. And it's not that people stopped playing because of the music alone, there were many things that added up, including the music, that ruined the game for a lot of people.


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  15. 2 hours ago, spiritchaser28 said:

    Hmm usually only takes me a couple hours to get one from starting with nothing. Never saw it as an endgame tool because I never saw the game as having any real ending.

    Yes exactly. It should be buffed again and then made harder to get. And my apologies for referring to it as a "endgame" item, what I mean is: A powerful item like zirconium. I called netherite armor in minecraft endgame stuff even though it doesn't end either. My bad.


    45 minutes ago, kimbuck said:

    Players  want  what they want...and  complain if they do not get it. The issue is  not all players want the same and the Devs  have to add and  subtract  to  keep  everyone happy, 

    But as they say,  a  camel is a horse  designed  by a committee, and  as  players   scream  for    Boss monsters,  flying  things,  more  combat,  less combat, whatever etc   we get an uglier  camel!

    But  Camels  are useful  in the proper  environment ... :)  .. they  no good in the arctic  or tropics....... ( and harder to  like  than horses...)

    So perhaps  the players  should  stop pestering the  devs  to add  things that will make  Ylands the  same as all the other  games of this  genre, and let them  follow their   roadmap and  get what's here working properly  first

    To be  honest ...if   the  games changes to require  fighting  monsters and  Boss monsters  to proceed... then  its  just like the plethora of  other   teen/anime  based  kill everything games ... and   people like me   wont be  bothered.

    To  the  devs...    you cannot  please everyone  all the time.   Look at the  original  game  and its initial success...and  work  from there.   :)


    Half of the stuff I suggested used to be in the game. The old GUI, First person, and the old propeller pack, the physical map, alpha music, and more.

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  16. 20 minutes ago, leo_chaos said:

    Yup, I think the Playlands and making the game free but with exploration as a "DLC" was supposed to get more people to try the game and end up buying, which IMO backfired quite drastically.
    The issue was adding Playlands and so much focus on anything BUT exploration meant the players that WERE playing got bored and stopped, so anyone trying out the free stuff had a multiplayer part of the game which wants you to spend money for minigames but there's no other players there and there's no word of mouth since the early players were mainly complaining that there was no progression on exploration fixes.

    The issue now is getting the attention back, I've kept my eye on the changelogs and updates even when I wasn't playing and so have a few others I know, but most of them are so "meh"
    The music change for example, seemed a nice idea but who cares how a game sounds if you don't play it?
    Adding a couple of new enemies you see once in a blue moon... so ?
    NPC's were a nice thought but even now they're like zombies, they wander around their building pointlessly till they vanish at night with no schedule of daily actions or anything and their wares are helpful at best.
    It's basically polishing a turd, the base gameplay needs improving before worrying about this kind of thing

    The world map and Ylands which can be reset so you don't finish exploring your whole game in a few hours - yes ! finally something which actually adds and is likely to get some old attention back. It needs a lot more stuff before it will keep anyone back though, what's the point of exploring the same looking places over and over for ... nothing new ?  (still seeing old frustrations REALLY doesn't help keep anyone who comes back either... still no damn pause)

    Yes I 100% agree. I used to say that they tried to mix roblox, minecraft, and ark into one game which makes poop because when you mix too many colors you get brown.


    11 minutes ago, leo_chaos said:

    The combat is AWFUL in Ylands, it also forces combat on those who don't want to.

    That's true.


    13 minutes ago, leo_chaos said:

    Apart from how you get them, adding new mats just for something like this or needing more seems very tedious to me, perhaps needing Ylandium or Zirconium and them not being so abundant could help. Ylandium used to feel like a massive achievement and effort to get, yet now I have too much.


    The issue is fun and tedious are individual tastes. If I was stuck fighting bosses in how the game currently is I dunno if I'd bother coming back at all, I got it for an exploring orientated game, not combat.
    I like exploring new area types to see things I haven't seen before and solving puzzles. I would rather scrub my bathroom than play a game like FIFA yet millions of people love it.

    Yes true. I feel that their biggest mistake was trying to mix 2 types of communities together, with the editor and the exploration in one game. 

    I still don't even know if I would come back to play if they added my 6 suggestions. I just feel like ylands isnt what it used to be, but i cant seem to put a pin on what exactly is wrong with it. I just miss the old ylands.