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    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-23452] Can't load old save

    The save isn't as important as just wanting to get the things I built, Thank you for having a look at it though
  2. Hi there, I have a game that was created long ago. I have not touched it for a while but it was my latest play-through. When I now try to load it I'll just see the loading screen. The same thing happens both when I try to load it in editor mode and explore mode. I have an even older play-through that opens fine. gamesave.rar
  3. ivanganchev93

    Old save save my builds

    Hey everyone, I haven't been playing Ylands for a while and have a really old save on which I've had quite a few builds. I would wish to save my items there and start a new exploration playthrough, however I cannot open those saves whatsoever even in editor. Is there a way to save my builds from there?
  4. ivanganchev93

    First Ship

    Hey guys, I thought I might share my first ship starting this game. Its still unfinished, as I thought I would build a ship before anything else. There is still space for cannons once I get there, but It already has a captain's quarters, a treasury room and a jail cell. Let me know what you think. I got inspiration from https://imgur.com/r/Ylands/94kKS so I thought this might inspire your creations.