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  1. No matter how much I play and get to know the game, it's very hard to decide which item I want to craft from the crafting menu. That's because the only information the crafting menu gives you is what it looks like and how many it crafts. The problem is that it's hard to tell the difference between each item in the crafting menu. 

    I'm sure you can come up with better ideas but here are some ideas that I have:

    - You could be able to click on each building block (before you craft it) and spin it to see exactly what it looks like

    - From the crafting menu, it would help if there were an indicator on each block to show if you've got any in your inventory. Maybe it shows the count in your inventory?

    - It would also be helpful to show the size of each item before you craft it.

    - From your inventory you should be able to click on a building block and there could be a "Craft More" button so you don't even have to go to the crafting screen