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  1. Today i managed to build a bote and went to another island when i returned to my island all my plantations and crops were full of trees and vegetation above them LOL http://imageshack.com/a/img923/2563/x6y3wa.jpg
  2. MisterPoop

    Crafting principle

    I would like to make a sugestion about crafting, don´t know if it was discussed already or not, but the principle of crafting in this game in my point of view is wrong. For you to craft something new you need the materials in your possession, for the item to be craft, to apear in crafting table. WHAT ? I would like search for an item even if there are no materials avaiable at the time for it. Then you could see what materials/items were missing. A simple example: A POLE You need sticks and a knife. If you don´t have a knife or sticks and if you search pole in crafting table it doesn´t show. WRONG. You should be able to see what materials/items were missing. The game is awesome make it better
  3. Nothing but the name of my character was a default one "yoko" . Hope we can get all the stuff back.
  4. It happened to me also. And i had a lot of stuff in the character. Everything gone. Even the hair of the poor guy was missing hehehe. And the crafting feature seems to have have bugged out. @magicturtle25 Seems a NullReferenceException in .cpp code. Btw log file is located in GAMES_FOLDER\Ylands\Game\Ylands_Data for anyone who reads this. output_log.txt Me lost hair :P EDIT: Now i was putting some dirt to fill a hole and went through the earth lol and im falling into to the abiss and void LOL