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  1. Hello. I'm trying to make a breakout game (aka the old known arkanoid game). After the update, my map got somewhat broken and i'm trying to fix it because I can't launch the ball from paddle anymore (maybe it's something wrong with the custom controls). I had it working before update 1.2, and I also have a video showing it. But my question is not that. So, I have the ball bouncing on walls because I scripted the maths to bounce. But how would I go for each brick? Should I do the same maths with a "trigger zone to detect the collision between the ball and the brick"? That means, for exemple, the player collides with objects because"ylands system" recognizes the colliders. It would be cool if we could have something like that but between other objects like the Unity 3d Bouncy physics Another thing: I think I remember an option about colliders in ylands. Am I crazy? (I am probably ehehe) @NaruTheHumani'm tagging you because I think you can help me out I know this game might not sound fun in ylands, but i'm doing it just for the fun of scripting ?
  2. jchob

    Smarter NPC

    Really? I just want range attack, then I can make a castle siege game
  3. jchob

    48 Cannon Battlecruiser

    It's not really very hard to script cannons to auto shoot. You can also make a key bind to shoot them.
  4. jchob

    AI behavior questions

    No, NPC's doesn't attack each other. And as far as I know, they can only melee attack the player. It would be cool if they could range shoot a player. I want to believe that developers have it planned, but we will have to wait for it for long months. But it will be worth the waiting. @Adam Snellgrove?
  5. jchob

    Kids learning

    Thank you for your answer. I really believe ylands editor is a good platform to introduce kids into programming world and scripters should try to teach kids with this amazing game. I have a notebook on shelf collecting dust. I will try to revive it and then try to teach my nephew. Starting at explore mode and then move him into scripting. Programming is required lot in real life, not only to make games, but to make anything. I think this is a good skill for him to learn. He already beats me up on some card games and board games. Again, thank you @Bob Salvador
  6. jchob

    Kids learning

    Hello all. Has anyone tried to get their kids into visual scripting editor? As we know, our ylands is very fun and VS can bring "quick" results they can play. I'm a fan of programming and game development, but I've never got serious into it (stupid life choices). The only problem is we are Portuguese and my nephew is still learning the basics of English. He is 9 years old and I think his brain is ready to take this step. So, I thought I could try adventuring him into English learning + game making. I don't really have too much patient to teach someone, but sometimes we need to make life sacrifices prior to the others If anyone has tried getting their kids or any professor that can point me how to go from here, not overwhelming the kid with to much information. See y'all around.
  7. jchob

    Smarter NPC

    I agree with this. Range atack for NPC and attacking other NPCs
  8. jchob

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    Oh man, I need to start sleeping. I didn't see it jumping before. Next month will be worst, I don't need to go to work, so no sleep for me ?? be patient with me ?? By the way, will a trigger zone be activated by the animal/character?
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    if I could ride a golem on his shoulder to show them who's the boss For now, ostrich for sure Eventually the team can add all animals and monsters. Suggestion: make them jump. I see a jumping platform racing game here. I know it requires making new animations and a lot to implement them, but I can wait even I consider myself very unpatient ? Suggestion 2: range shooting
  10. jchob

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    Ooooh, rideable animals with different speeds? THAAAAANK you. Now making a race with animals will make sense. Horses was kinda boring because they all run at same max speed. So, a mini game where you earn money depending on the first 3 positions and being able to purchase new animals. Will we be able to "control" the actual speed? So I can make speed powers ups in the race track? Oooh the ideas we can make. I'm going to stay closed at home for 1 month. We all want that now, please ???
  11. Hello there. I think I'm not the only one who is thinking about this. Can we know what is the reason why we can't make compositions with global storages and/or entity storages? In my view of playing around with programming languages, a Global Storage acts like the void main() function of any game/software, etc etc, where you set up your game. I develop my scripts independent of any objects with instructions, so I can call them from whatever I want. Compositions works fine with other game logics. Example: I have compositions with game logics and instructions, no matter what map I place them, they will work. But the storages are "eliminated" and I have to rewrite all storages script tiles. And this makes my work harder. Another example: someone asks me for help to make something, and of course I need to use global/entity storages. But then I can't send them the composition for them to implement on their map, because storages will be lost and my work is thrown down. Why labels, templates, etc works but not storages? Able us to composite with storages would make a team work flow even better. Hope it makes sense
  12. I know I can make compositions with storages, but if I place them in a map with a global storage already, the global storage from composition goes away. But maybe I'm wrong again? Oof, don't tell me it's the second time I make a mistake.. Last time I tried it wasn't working.. I think.. Having my nephew and niece at home Is driving me nuts and I can't sleep. I work at night and during day I have them making noise. But one thing I'm sure, when when try to copy pieces of code with storages tiles like add entity storage it says "cannot copy scripts with storages" I will double check again. Sorry for the inconvenience ?
  13. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-23452] Can't load old save game

    You can send it right here. But if you don't want others to see/download your map, send it in private message to @Adam Snellgrove
  14. jchob

    Wacky Painters (in need of testers!)

    @IndomitusI found a android game called Ins and Outs, and I realized that maybe your system could be implemented to create it. I think I have an idea how you Made your system that is why I giving you that idea. You don't loose nothing looking into it. And from 1 idea, you get the wacky painters Ins and outs. Maybe it doesn't sounds fun, but that's me that I have fun with boring games(the android game). ?
  15. jchob

    editor bug

    I also have problems like that. But i always though it was my fault, but maybe it's the controls. Anyway, I started to really hit the tip of the arrows and it works better. But i'm not really a builder, So I thought the fault was mine, and probably is
  16. jchob

    Custom Key Binds

    Hello again. @Hunter-Over-Fire, @Bob Salvador, @belrathius the vídeo is ready and you can find it at Community Tutorials. Here is the link: https://ylands.com/community/topic/27583-how-to-create-and-use-your-own-custom-keybinds-editor-scripting-custom-controls/ I hope it helps you
  17. Hello fellow ylanders out there and devs As the title says, when creating a new map, there is an option called "enable Punch Attack". I know there is a little ? where you "click" to get information about what this option does. But, in my honest opinion the option TEXT is contraditory. It's says Enable punch attack, but what it really does is disabling the generic character punch replacing it with the Wave Emote. This can mislead to people to click it because it says "ENABLE PUNCH ATTACK". In my view, this means "players can use punch melee attack", but what it does is disabling the punch action. This might not seem important, but, It can mislead people. Maybe replace the option text with "Replace punch attack", or something else? (i'm not vey creative for names :D) Sorry, I have to say this, BE SAFE OUT THERE, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOURS. Dark times are upon on us.
  18. jchob


    @Adam Snellgrovechecked it again and I apologize, my brain was really tired yesterday and i ended up confusing myself. Yeah, it works like it should. I check the box and yes, it enables the punch attack. Again, i'm sorry. Was just to try to help ? Feel free to delete the post.
  19. jchob


    Hmm, maybe my brain was already to tired and I'm confused? I will double check it again. Shame on me ?
  20. jchob

    Custom Key Binds

    You will need to use custom controls with some scripting. I'm not at computer right now and I can't remember things from the head. When I get home I can look into it and maybe make a video for it. But will take at least 7 hours until I can get home (I need to work). Be patient ?
  21. jchob

    Particle effects on thrown entities?

    There is the particles effect template logic after this new update 1.2. Honestly I haven't tested it yet because I am working on something that else. But from what was announced by the developers, yes it is possible. It's a new feature, so try it out.
  22. jchob

    Workstation Bug

    Hello, that problem was already reported by others, and @Adam Snellgrove (he belongs to the game developer's team) is already noticed about that. Hopefully they will fix that. here is one link for the same problema you are getting:
  23. I think NPC'S are not meant to be on templates. I never used templates with npcs, I will try it out when I get to computer and I will try to see if I get the same problem. Well, if Tomas is already looking into this, he will help you out ?
  24. That was reported by someone else already. I think ?
  25. jchob

    Update 1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Indomitus said it on his comment. It seems the command is /dui