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  1. No, I've never seen that before. But after this new update 1.2, Editor UI was updated and totally changed. Maybe is because of that. @Adam Snellgrove @TomasGestinger can you check this?
  2. jchob

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Feel free to understand as you want. I personally don't like complaining people. People must learn to also be greatful for the great things, but humans decided to just point and complain about what is bad and forget to thank about the good things. Imagine if we all decide to drop down here screaming and complaining... When you find a bug don't complain. Help developers team by let them know what is going wrong. That is the way to help. With all respect, no he/she doesn't have the same right as me to be here, if the purpose is to scream nonsense things. By the way, this update looks good corcerning exploration stuff. Yes, it's true he/she found something that doesn't work. And so? The step is inform what the problem is, not start a "screaming baby mode". This is a community, and as a community you need to know how to behave inside of it. You don't like? Step away then. I'm not going to keep with this conversation. With respect, have fun.
  3. jchob

    Update 1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    I haven't played much after update, but... HEEEELLL YEEEEEAAAAH thanks team ??? P. S - why you changed my F5 to F9 in editor, that is probably what I use most on ylands ??
  4. jchob

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    Yeah @bojo2736they did it. But I guess we will miss the graveyard full of corpses ?
  5. jchob

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    @HoremvoreI'm with BobSalvador: why are you complaining about such a tiny detail? Instead of complaining, you should be doing a bug issue post and be greatful about all other stuff that the update brought. Another thing is, I haven't seen your name actively in forums, and you come here to complain? I'm here about for 1.3 years and I still see stuff to be fixed and I don't complain. Me and others try to help with spotting bugs. They have testers, but whoever plays a game is the best person to spot issues, troubles, bugs. I don't like everything in the game but I also don't dislike everything. Instead of complaining to them, I show my position and why I like/don't like. I just don't come here screaming at them. With all respect, best regards.
  6. Oh right, that was the thing that was turned off. My bad, sorry ?
  7. Hmmm, I think I read somewhere on forum that sewing kit would be consumed after some specific crafts. It was an update/or some kind of hotfix.. Or am I dreaming?
  8. jchob

    How did you make the Biomes?

    Not sure how ylands system works, but in general, to crate a open world, to generate maps, there is a technique called procedural generation. Just Google or YouTube for unity procedural generation map. You will get a lot of tutorials. I sometimes like to play with Unity but I just make very simple stuff. Hope that helps on your path ?
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #120 - Roadmap 2020

    Water edit and taming and riding animals? Are you fooling us? ? I hope I can ride an ostrich or a boar. Maybe now a real animal racing will be "possible" (I know I know it's possible with horses, but don't feel much fun) And I hope they have different velocity Can't wait ? ?
  10. jchob

    Working Water Taps

    Water tank? Make it beer tank ?? They look cool
  11. jchob

    The Website Uses Cookies

    Adam, I think you don't have to ask on every page. I think you only need to ask for the first page the person enters. But I'm not sure how law is actually. For example, maybe a timer that seeks the person if person is idle (30 min or so) on the website, then show the notification. If the person keeps active in the website, I think you don't need to notificate every page.
  12. jchob

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    How billion blocks does it have? ??
  13. jchob

    Wacky Painters (in need of testers!)

    That is nice idea
  14. jchob

    In Game Mailboxes

    Yeah, that can be easily made with scripting. Altough, I also think that could be a feature to implement on standard exploration. Red, scripting exploration and stand exploration are very different, and you know that
  15. jchob

    Annoying visual scripting problem

    You can't simply fire what it not meant to be fired. Although, with some scripting knowledge, you can make something like a bullet coming from it.
  16. jchob

    Remixed movie posters

    ahaha awesome ??
  17. jchob

    How To Get This To Work?

    Be warned, that if the object is set to "Indestructible" at properties window, the ON DAMAGE event will not be triggered
  18. jchob

    Counting killed players

    True, I would go with the storage. As he doesn't know how to make a script, that was just a basic idea ?
  19. jchob

    Counting killed players

    You need to consider first, if the kills is only shown to that player, or if each player can also see the other players kills. Is the target destructible or it just get hits for scoring? Etc etc Anyway, a solution would be having an array in which you store all kills, remembering that array.Index[0] is for player 1, array.Index[1] is for player 2, and so on.
  20. jchob

    Labyrinth help

    If you want, write down your ideas or "problems", and some of us will try to help you on your path. I believe Tomas already answered some of your questions, but any further question, dont hesitate to ask. Good luck on both laser game and dungeon crawl (we are waiting for update 1.2, there will be new monsters and other stuff like runes that I think they are perfect for a dungeon crawl... "and suddenly you hear a enormous sound and you can't even imagine which feracious enimal awaits you on the other side of the door. Will dare you?" ?
  21. jchob

    Skins gone

    I think I've read somewhere on forum that weapons skins were removed. I'm not sure about it, tho and can't remember where did I saw it. @Adam Snellgrove
  22. jchob

    Text in editor too small

    My problem is the font size of scripting tiles. Also some color schemes makes harder for me. But that it's me, I'm not getting new eyes, sadly ??
  23. jchob

    Change terrain keep logic

    I may up vote this one too. I always try to make my scripts independent of the map. So, I use a lot of functions and they able be more free movement when I place my Logic compositions on new maps. Altough, any global storage in a comp is always replaced, that is why I play with instructions. Hope it makes sense ?
  24. But that would disable custom interaction. For example, i might not want the tree to be cut, but I want to "inspect" it But yeah, makes sense
  25. Oof, I made a post many months ago about that. If you make a tree indestructible, you can chop down the tree with saw, but the stump will remain indestructible. Haven't tried it again, tho.