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  1. Hey there. I'm trying some turrets aiming players. So, I have a "group" with dart shooters that uses the AIM TO tile. Well, if the dart shooter is static (Animated NOT checked), it fires at right place. When I set the group with the dart shooter to ANIMATED it fires at wrong place. Is there something else I need to do to have it firing from it's own position, or is this a bug? Here follows a video that shows better. @Adam Snellgrove@Igor Q. @Indomitus By the way, the idea is having my "custom laser bullet" instead of the dart shooter, which I guess I won't have problems because I will set the position & rotation FROM where it should be fired.
  2. jchob

    Dev Diary #110

    @Igor Q. "make a fun encounter with an NPC" Man, your Ice Lord doesn't count, it's from last year ?
  3. jchob

    Import Array Points into Path Logic

    @Igor Q. Can you make NPC or animals following a AI path? I can only set a entity/group/weld linked to a position/rotation animator
  4. jchob

    Making Blueprints

    Yes, blueprints have been a thing for many months. Nowadays you can also make blueprints of buildings, cars and ships. Note: only items that are considered "building blocks" can be blueprinted. By building blocks I mean, for example: wooden blocks, stone blocks, marble blocks, etc etc. Items like furniture, plants, lanterns, benches, tables, etc etc will NOT be taken by the blueprint. So, you can make whatever you want in editor and then turn them into blueprints. At the moment I'm at work, but send me a message if you want me to teach you how to make a blueprint.
  5. Hello. Maybe this was asked already, but we need a way to track where arrows, bullets musket balls, etc land. Or what item they hit. We can't get a ON damage for players. Actually I can make a work around with spawning a trigger zone and enabling/disabling it to follow a player. But only throwing grenades will trigger it. Idea is, one example: shooting a "poison arrow" to damage a player over time. I can make it work with NPCs because they have a ON damage event. I then check what active weapon is active on the player that is shooting. That kinda check if it is a template bow and then I can script the poison HP. Hope I make sense. ??
  6. @Igor Q. @Indomitus I'm testing the poison "thing" that once a NPC is damaged it will loose HP over time. I use a time trigger over 10 seconds and it "takes HP" from the NPC. The problem is, NPC doesn't die. It keeps walking at same spot. Yes... walking at same spot, i'm not crazy Although if I hit NPC again it dies this time. Anyway, for what i'm doing that wouldn't be a problem because I don't want players to die. Instead of, when their HP is bellow a certain amount, I'm going to set their position to the "starting point". Well, take a look:
  7. @Adam Snellgrove would it be better to move this to the Editor Help subforum, I think.I have a new question/problem/bug?
  8. It's like I always overthink on things. For example, some time ago I wanted to make a "driver" for cars. So only certain players could drive the car. Thus, I made all engines on/off depending on the players I wanted.... 2 days after I realized there was a tile called SET vehicle driver ? ahaha
  9. Omg, I feel so dumb now.. Yeah between 2 entities. I've used it many times before. Maybe I should put down the smokes. Lol Lets pretend I didnt ask it ?
  10. I didnt find anything on event listener that handles that. It might not be the easy way then... If you can show me some pics ?
  11. jchob

    NPC traders

    NPC used to accept gold pebbles as the "normal" payment method.
  12. First the flying sharks, and now a land boat ? now you can shortcut through the middle of ylands instead of turning them ehehe
  13. jchob

    Item's I would love seen

    They would have to add a "weight variable" to each item/object, or at least those items which could be transported. I don't see them making it happen. What about using some chests in the wagon and make them specific for some types? It would take a big list for the items that you can transport, but that way you can limit the "ammount" each chest gets and thus limit how much you can place at wagon. As from what I get from resources, you mean: logs, ores. It's a "tiny" list
  14. jchob

    Editor Request - Entity/Logic Storage

    Hm, that would be a lot easier. Why don''t you use a label with your objects along with a Storage? Then you can get the variables from Storage that are "connected" to the label inside of entity. I'm pretty sure you know that, or I don't understand what are you really saying
  15. jchob

    Item's I would love seen

    Yeah, hidding energy steam green lines is quite a work. Although, in some circunstances it can look cool for a energy barrier thing if we could change the color. So, what I mean is, having it showing up or not and also change the color. For example, on the generator properties we would check "visible" like you do with Logics and the color.
  16. jchob

    Energy Stove

    Hmm, really? Maybe it's bugged now? I will try it and let you now
  17. @Indomituswhy are you making that to us? ? We all have our shelves fulfilled with incomplete games ? Just when I started one game myself, and you come with new ideas? darn you ???
  18. jchob

    New Community: 3HT designs

    Thanks. For you all too ?
  19. jchob

    Energy Stove

    For cooking it will only work if connected to a energy source. You can always use it as decoration or use it creatively. I connect it to energy and use it as "lamps" on walls
  20. Yes, please remove the "change role" upon death, or at least let us CB oose whether we want it enable or disable. Currently I'm working on a game, and I'm forced to make my own role system with custom UI, because I don't want player to change role during a match.
  21. I think you still have to break groups and make items unpickable first.
  22. jchob

    Today I Uninstalled Ylands

    Many things happened, but you know you love the game. Nice kitchen btw
  23. Well, it's a bit of work but you have to dig them. Try to aim at them pressing the C (first person mode) and use the pickaxe. It will be easier of you have a propeller pack as you can fly over these tiny little remainings. If you have a terraformer gun, with practice you will be able to delete them, but be careful because a terraformer can literally destroy the ground ? Patient and good luck
  24. jchob

    Dev Diary #97

    Uh oh, these are cool new items. New window glass type, and the other one I believe is a window frame? The desk lamp looks amazing. The actual looks cool for some things, but doesn't look as cool as the new one. Will it work with the energy system? I hope so. Thanks, and get better @Adam Snellgrove Also, is there a way to someone contribute with new 3D models? For example, new doors? Maybe the team don't have the time to create new models as they are focusing on developing game. Community could make 3d models and send you them? (I'm talking about making a 3d model in Blender 3D and make a working .fbx to implement into Unity). Just curious ?
  25. jchob

    UI Tools Suggestions

    Can't you get the widget child order for that? It would be like what is called a "matrix array", "matrice" or just "multidimensional array". Mustidimensional arrays works in a way, that you check the *line* and also the *row* (it's like a table where you have rows and lines)