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    Sugestion: Naming chests

    Yes, you can write text some signs. Look for signs with "blank" on it's name. In this example I'm using "Blank Wooden Sign" Use a writing tool, either a knife or pencil. In this example i'm using a stone knife, it's easy to craft.
  2. jchob

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 3

    Ahah that actually made me laugh. I can imagine her panic face ??
  3. I guess that is exactly what they meant. But in previous update, whoever started the sleeping could cancel it if no one wanted to sleep. But having to force close ylands is not very practical now ?
  4. jchob

    Sugestion: Naming chests

    If you ever tried using Editor and Visual Scripting, you can make that easily. But yes, they could add that feature because not everyone works with scripting things.
  5. jchob

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    That is why I said "I understand the BI side" and I know that game development is hard. I was not attacking devs, I was just trying to make them see that a multiplayer map can work for just 2-3 friends. But for a server map like NA and EUgene it dies pretty fast. And in my opinion that is what needs to be fixed in order to make game more playable, unless their focus is editor + scripting. But I'll keep quiet from now on, as I don't want to sound rude or misunderstood.
  6. jchob

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    Red Seagull started this, any blames go to him, right? Speaking for myself (and surely I should had firstly say this to some players that I consider my Ylands family): I joined the game because I suddenly found this forum and I saw a post saying there were an active community on Discord and playing ylands multi-player. So I joined, why not? ? I've been around only for like 6 months? Myself gave up on multi-player, and game itself, and know what? Honestly I'm still here because of some nice players I've met during my journey here. So, back to the topic: when I joined, there were a lot of players coming at NA servers, and let's be real, P1 is the most community that puts a lot of effort on this game. Concerning P1 NA servers: many of you just don't know HOW MUCH EFFORT bbcakes and MyPa553ng3r put into new maps trying to make them last more time and giving new players a long life on their survival experience. As mentioned above, servers need a totally new map at maximum of, say? 3 weeks? (or LESS) and in my opinion is that it made players gave up on playing it. Ylands just doesn't support (yet?) a big multi-player game running for a long time. First issue, you may ask? Re-generating resources. Iron and clay can be digged all very fast from a player. And another player that comes by will not have any resources to start it's survival journey. Having to start all over your survival experience every 2 weeks? That's a pain for myself because I'm not a good builder, even though I know I can use blueprints. As the time passed by, people would join just to see what was new after an update, but yet the same old bugs still kept showing up. The truth is: many good players i've seen joining the game, had totally left multiplayer experience. I'm a person that loves the Editor Scripting, but I also must say: this game should be about multiplayer based. There is no point of improving the Editor and Scripting stuff if we can't get them to a server map that lasts 2 weeks. I like programming and game development overall (though i'm just a hobbist person that likes to kill brain cells :D), and I understand the side of BI developers that is hard to put a game working, but I also must look to the player's side. I totally understand that the game is still under development, but others might not. And the lack of bug-fixings can lead player to feel like they are being ignored. The players that have been around from start or for a long time, they need to feel that they are listened, that their effort is being helpful for developers. In my opinion that is what can get us together of seperate. A good communication between community and Ylands Staff is crucial. I feel like the multiplayer is beeing put aside, though I love the Editor scripting Show us what you're planning. Even things that might not happen, but show us Show us the new buttons for UI panels, for example Because, we need to see it and how it will change the current version. Many player put a lot of love in here, but updates have been killing their work. Any blames go to Red, aka The mighty Seagull And Adam, keep it up, run with community. You might don't realize, but you just woke up us all Sorry if I am wrong or if I sounded rude. (maybe I will regret of saying this, but oh well) See ya around
  7. jchob

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    @Adam Snellgrove oof, I'm late Anyway, either I'm late or if it looks bad, those were my shots
  8. jchob

    RESOLVED Remove the energy streams completely.

    Yes, it is a pain to hide the green stream line. I agree. Most of times, even hidden, there is a single spot you can see ??
  9. jchob

    RESOLVED Remove the energy streams completely.

    MyPa553ng3r tought me how to hide them underground. It is surely a lot of work. It would be better if they could hide themself when you're not holding the linker, as said above from other players.
  10. jchob

    ship stuff by zarwil

    I'm gonna steal it ?
  11. jchob

    Hey guys, I made a thing! C.A.G.E.

    Blueprints already work on standard multi-player explore maps. They don't work on editor generated explore maps tho. Or did I misunderstand?
  12. If you set damage multiier to 0.001 the cannon will damage from 1 - 6 o think. Would cool if we could just set damage to 1 hit point or 2 or 3...
  13. jchob

    Game Suggestions and feedback

    In some point you can use editor script to make your custom explore maps. There are some stuff that needs to be implemented and get support over the Editor maps. But in general you can make some cool things for your map.
  14. jchob

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Relaxing situations Adam? This game streses me out that makes me want to smash computer ? Nice topic. Forbid them all to join the contest, so I can win ?
  15. jchob

    Dev Diary #91

    Oh you plan to add community mini-games made by us every week? How far in the future? ? Well, maybe wait for some more updates and then start working on some.
  16. jchob

    Contest Screenshot Contest + Guidelines

    Ahah I was tempted to enter... First I saw yours, then Spyler and Christalle came up too. You shouldn't be able to join these contests ?☺️
  17. jchob

    A new way of life

    Yeah, I love the thundra climate. The snow looking is cool
  18. jchob

    Contest Screenshot Contest + Guidelines

    No, as far as I understood, you can place them here too
  19. Yes, it was part of an update few months ago. Also, if you are going to make car using the chassis, you have to make the same, place a driver seat and go to it and hold E to enter/exit build mode.
  20. jchob

    Dev Diary #90

    Welcome @Adam Snellgrove. You don't even imagine where you are getting into.. hehehe just kidding with you. Nice to hear you will be active and listen to the community. You look like me staring at editor scripting, I feel your pain ? Also, looking forward for those "how to" videos. See you around
  21. jchob

    I made an Ender Chest

    I actually I have a "portable" chest. A special coin in inventory, that when is placed at ground, it spawns the chest. You can remove or add items to it. When you close it, the chest is despawned and items are saved. Then, use the coin wherever you want.
  22. jchob

    I made an Ender Chest

    @Indomitus that's cool. Never tought about making a central chest. It's like a chest that can be placed in every yland and have access to certain items. I might steal this idea
  23. I never used enter key, I just click at a empty space and it stores the value
  24. jchob

    #BoostYlands Initiative

    I am with #boostylands! Lets do this ?
  25. jchob

    Dev Diary #88

    When you talk about aspects of Exploring and mechanics that plays role in custom maps, are you saying you are going to add the random buildings and make us able to take blueprints in custom explore maps generated via Editor? That would be awesome.