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  1. On trigger enter For each item In inventory container Character Spawn entity type Item get item count Item position get position Character Despawn item Maybe this will work?
  2. jchob

    On death respawn to first island

    Yep, said by Houp I think. In a normal explore mode, if you die, you are re-spawned at the nearest yland (if you're in water) or in the actual yland you died. But for generated maps from editor, player will always be re-spawned to the spawn point logic. And that is an issue that should be fixed
  3. jchob

    Dev Diary #87

    Seems nice. Having new buttons in a UI pabel to perform actions seems more cool than using dialogue. Actually, I don't like the dialogue logic look, I think it was better before the GUI changed in 0.12 I think? Anyway, as mentioned, can we have a look at image library? It will contain all the items icons and such? Thanks ?
  4. jchob

    How to find other islands ?

    The birdies in sky are not always visible and I really believe it changes with game hour. So your best is at morning start to walk around the yland and look sky for birdies. With a map is easier to see where they are going and map will register where you go (make sure you place the map in a hot ar slot. So, try to have your ships ready (make sure you have food, warm clothes with you) for when you spot a bird. Have fun
  5. I have to agree. All maps I've played in P1 PVE I ways have a ship to go explore and visit friends at other ylands, or going help others. But we are kinda stuck with how they bahave now. Also, ship is like my home as I like to be a nomad and sail around all ylands.
  6. I wanted to make something like, having a platform and move it N-S-W-E. Actually I can have levers for diferrent directions. But as IgorQ said, input keys would be cool. I would just use WASD to move. I know I can make a custom command like //move north, etc but it doesn't feel "obvious". Anyway, lot of things to be fixed first for MP, but this would be awesome ?
  7. Hi. Currently, after the update, ships seem to have problems about building. You shouldn't loose all the work. Normally you can disassemble it and add or remove new construction and assemble again, as many times you want... But.. Sometimes it gets bugged. It is a bug that players are reporting About ship not turning, try to log out and login back to the server.
  8. jchob

    friend player and magical barrer

    I think that isn't implemented yet.
  9. jchob

    Hey guys, I'm back :)

    Hey man, welcome back. I might annoy you again with my noob questions ?
  10. jchob

    Always hungry

    Well, even before 0.12 and 0.13 if you eat berries or corn, you would be mostly of the time hungry. Cooked fish or meat would give more time.
  11. @ComR Yes its a big difference. And as they said "this update will open more doors for future updates" Yes some things are good, others not. You just NEED to understand that gane is still under development. You seem like a boss, always pointing a finger If I do something bad. But if I make something cool, I don't get a congratulation. Stop pointing all the bad, and tell me what good things this update brought. Just have fun.
  12. jchob

    Search bar for editor maps

    Do you all really remember editor map names? I keep forgetting names and I need to open each one which "I think is this one" ?? But yes, we need a search bar
  13. jchob

    I love this update so far, how about you?

    Awesome. The game was totally in need of a chat system. And the ANIMATOR... OMG is super cool ?
  14. jchob

    Is this a joke??

    I guess he/she didn't like the update. Anyway, being rude might not the best way to go
  15. jchob

    Fatal Login Error

    Well, I know that servers that are not Bohemia Interactive seems to be NOT WORKING
  16. jchob

    Ylands Clan List

    Sweet ?
  17. jchob

    Rotating Objects

    If devs are adding that "feature" I guess it's for game benefits. Aah, dealing with Unity colliders can be a pain. Maybe I'm one of the few who understands devs and players position. I know how game development can be hard, but I also know how players feel ? Let's wait and see what comes up, eheh We are still waiting for the "early next week update" ? Thanks
  18. jchob

    Rotating Objects

    Basically in programming, every movement of an object, depends on delta time. This means, "something in background" is checking everything every second. For example, in a game there is a "event handler", that is always listening if a player presses any button to move. That event is linked to another "listener" that calculates the movement (check its position and place it + vector_3 every second. Maybe this sounds confusing, but it's like how ylands handle it. It sure needs more improvement, tho
  19. jchob

    Rotating Objects

    @Spyler.X do you mean the new "move object? It won't be needed time trigger anymore and set position every second? You know how it will work? Thanks.
  20. Thanks @Houp I already saw it. When I checked that page it wasn't updated yet. Will someone add example for the object movement tile? Or is it "easy" to understand? Thanks
  21. If so, open that map on Editor. To make a composition, select all things you want, then on top-left menu, click it and then select Store Composition. Later on future maps, open the map you want on editor and on the right-top you see icons with colors. Select the one that is Called compositions. Then select your new composition and place it wherever you want. Hope this helps. It's very easy. Let me know if you need some pictures
  22. I'll wait for update then ? Any place where I can see the editor scripting new stuff? Like the wiki page with 0.11 and 0.12 stuff. Thanks
  23. jchob

    Crafting very unintuitive

    @Nick_Ylands@Nick_Ylands it could be more intuitive for sure Well, when you click on a craftable item, it shows the recipe (ingredients for that item). And if you click on any ingredient you are able to craft it (right click on it, or left click on it will show the Crafting window recipe for that ingredient) For the most important items, base items that will allow you to unlock more recipes, are shown on the category "suggested items" (or something similar, can't really remember the category name)
  24. jchob

    Dev Diary #81

    Not really new. They are available in editor (i think you can't craft in explore maps)
  25. jchob

    Stone Blocks and Glass

    @DW's Gaming N Animation well, then good luck with that roof ? If you play on P1 server, we help players with stuff. Search P1 in server list (join P1 NA server) and join us on discord: https://discord.gg/qMBvhY Hope to see you there