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    Stone Blocks and Glass

    Well, if is on a multiplayer map, you can ask if someone has a creator cube to give you the glass. If it is for your own map, you can just make it inside editor
  2. At spawn, it is getting the coords of item that is inside on inventory already (so it has no really coords). So, bellow the ON pick at event trigger, store the position of target entity at a variable. Then inside Spawn block, use the variable. ON PICK Local Variable variable_item_coord Get entity position(target position) Spawn entity.... Etc etc That should work. I had I working
  3. Can do do something similar to ON SAW at event listener? I can't stop player from using the saw on trees. I want to have a role that only that role is able to chop down trees (i can stop them from cutting with weapons, axes) but not for the iron saw because it's 2 different things, and on saw is only triggered before the player uses the saw (tge event is triggered, but the scripting will only act before the tree is down)
  4. jchob


    Yep, you can stop player to use weapons or axe on trees (setting them to indestructible, and if player belong to a label, then he can destroy the tree). In the other hand, you cannot stop player for using the saw to "saw down"... Because the ON SAW event trigger, is triggered after the tree is down. Also for "ON Plant". We need it to trigger before player starts using the saw
  5. jchob

    custom command arguments

    We already spoke about this. Have you ever made it work? I can send you the comp
  6. jchob

    Dev Diary #81

    Was this removed from game after 0.12? I'm not really sure, but is was present before update - bear trap https://ylands.gamepedia.com/Bear_Trap Or are you talking about other kind of traps? Others that I know about are wooden and iron spikes traps
  7. I had the same when using a dialogue that show when game loads. It opens on a "layer" at back of equipment slots, and is very hard to click the "leave" button. As IgorQ said, after close it and re-open, it show ls normally. Well, maybe a delay will "fix" it.
  8. jchob

    Dev Diary #75

    Nice to see a friend list. Actually, we need an improvement on how chat works. It's to fast, I mean, non native English players take longer to read and suddenly text is gone. When helping people, explaining how things works takes long time because they miss the text. Please make a chat history. I have the idea that I've read somewhere about this friend list coming along with the possibility to share our protection barrier with friends? Anything about it? Thanks
  9. This problem already been reported by another player. Hope they will look into this issue
  10. After this little hotfix, I can't still join the servers...
  11. They say that they are launching a hotfix today. Let's wait
  12. i guess it's not "where are you" that is causing the problem. I'm from Europe - Portugal, and i'm having same problems. I just can't connect to the server. It's stays forever on the last progress bar loading 100%.
  13. I was playing the new update and I realized that I can't destroy items from my inventory anymore. I don't want to keep the items, but I also don't want to drop "my garbage" onto the floor. Or am I missing something?
  14. @Ane can you say something, please? This is very important in survival. I had to ask for an anniihilator to desintegrate whatever I don't need. But "casual" players won't have it unless they craft one, which is hard for newcomers. So... In order to have a clean map, some of us have do keep looking at garbage left over the floor, which takes out our playing time. I know it shows "under review" but a single word would give me hope ?
  15. jchob

    stuck at sea

    Maybe try to type this command in-game - - - > /unstuck 1 This command generally takes you to a specific position of a near yland.
  16. jchob

    Shark Bug

    It seems Eu server is having issues. The admins already know about it (MyPa553ng3r and bbcakes, also I think Red was informed about that)
  17. jchob

    Shark Bug

    That one "shark on land" was already "implemented" before the update. Sharks seem to like to be outside water ??
  18. I also dropped items on the ground and waited for like 1 hour to see if they despawn. No results, after 1 hour they are still there. I tried this on explore maps, shared games/maps, testing maps from editor. You can't destroy items anymore...
  19. I realized that if you drop a creator cube, it is despawned from the game/map. Something went wrong on the update.
  20. It's the issue I have. All "raw" items can't be destroyed anymore. You can break down the item to the "raw materials" but you can't destroy them after. Like seeds, rags, whatever. Tried some items, and doesn't destroy.
  21. That option is disabled for me. Have you tried destroy seeds?
  22. Can you destroy items from inventory? I can't anymore
  23. jchob

    Let us disable passive lighting

    @Igor Q. You mean you want a black screen? That way, players might think your game is bugged. That halo light simulates the "moon light" I guess.
  24. jchob

    Dev Diary #71

    Yeah, the veins can end quite soon as a new map is launched. some veins have just a few ores and just one player can need it all. I guess I can have the task to replace the P1 server veins with terraformer. Also, MyPa553ng3r usually makes that if it's really needed.