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    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    We have no choice other than have a better computer, Ocnog. I really want to see more bigger and jagged ylands. Gaming is always developing, so its mandatory to have the computer up-dated.
  2. jchob

    POSSIBLY Soo....lets talk about resources

    @bojo2736 (Passenger and some others I trust from old school) knows she is very welcomed at Locust maps. Never told them it because they are very addicted to creator cube ? which you cannot have in new exploration). Also, Flintlock is trying to make trading maps where we can share things and such, @ocnoglittle can explain it better ? After what bojo and Passenger (who doesnt know, she is known as bbcakes in discord and a very old player) did for me, helping and explaining the game and "personal touch" it is at least what i can do for them. Sorry I cannot remember everyone, but Ocnog, spirit, mello, jrock, etc etc please welcome them and help if they ever show up. actually i miss watching them build while I was sat in my confy chair eh eh bojo, they are hungry for resources because they are good builders and they always have something new to place in maps. So, getting resources should not be a real problem. But yes feel free to build around and im sure many of us will show up to party on. Mainly spirit, that guy loves to build. We had the Asgard which consumed a lot of resources and we all finished to feed it in like 10 min or less. You should have seen it, so pleasing to see several players working for the same objective. Sorry about the off-topic spirit, but i just followed the conversation ?
  3. Not sure if this is entirely ylands fault. That seems to be a rendering problem, it can be some kind of data that gets lost between player computer-ylands
  4. jchob

    Day off Challenge- Caliga Hall

    How you made the curtains?
  5. jchob

    Character NPC clone

    I think it would be interesting if we could spawn a npc which is the clone of the player's character (genre and physical aspect)that is going to play the game. So yiu can make short story videos. Hope that makes sense. Tell me what you think ?
  6. jchob

    Experimental Build for Update 1.6

    this is awesome, cannot wait to test it ?
  7. jchob

    [YLD-30882] Remove array from array

    hey @Cernu you can totally remove an array from an array. I missed this question from December 2020. This is how I do it: Hope that helps (if you still need it :P)
  8. As far as I know, after they fixed the barrier problem, now when you delete your progress you get a warning saying you won't get a new barrier. You might have missed the warning. Yes I still have my barrier (i didnt get a new one because my barrier was always in my inventory). If you really want and need I dont mind giving it to you. I can wait for update 1.6 where all barrier will ve removed from the game and we will have more control over the map. So, if you need my barrier, just wave at me ?
  9. jchob

    Slice sprites

    Oh didnt know that. Awesome. Thanks ?
  10. jchob

    Slice sprites

    Hi, I thought editor could have something like Unity Sprite Editor. As known, storing textures/images in different files or just a big file has impact on performance. Just an idea, havent worked much with custom images, but a map that has a lot of custom images mayve will improve with a system like that. Just a quick search https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/7069/2d-graphics-why-use-spritesheets
  11. @Houp oh no no, not that the array class was just an example (nothing to do with how it works or the functions they both have). You answered it when you said "arrays, string, date, math" should work
  12. jchob

    The Lands of Evanar

    This is a must. Thank you man let's take a look how others use scripting I'm also curious how the non-visual scripting will work. I also agree with you, visual blocks are intuitive and more pleasant to use. But non-visual are better for big projects for sure. And in an IDE is easier to search specific things in the whole project. Besides what works best for you, you should work on it again for sure
  13. jchob

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    ok, just a few words... i knew i couldnt stay quiet, you are all killing me! ok, we bought the game because of survival and just some time after i noticed there was a thing called editor. I never seen a promise or anything that states "ylands is just a survival game" and "expect only survival to get updates'. Exploration had fixings, as fast as everyone wanted? Everything everyone wanted? No, but it got updates. Many updates ago, we noticed they took the Editor way, but they never broke any survival promise because BI HAS NEVER PROMISED YLANDS IS JUST A SURVIVAL GAME. that being said, all must accept the fact they went for Editor. AND THAT'S IT. STOP THIS FUCKING NON SENSE POSTS about exploration this, exploration that, bug this, bug that, competiton this, competion that. For the God sake! If i was a moderator i would not allow this situation. Think whatever you want about me. Thats rigth, im criticizing the forum whole community, inclding me, because you took me to a way that i cannot stand beein around anymore. This stupid topic(s) has been around for enough time. This is just not anymore fun. This is not anymore a "give opinion". This is just so irritating that people start fights beteween people I like from both sides. You all are taking down ylands unconsiously. Please let it go, for me and ylands. Erase everything and lets go back to the point where forum was fun to come by. I know i cannot no longer erase those words after this is said. Sadly, i had to say this. Im sorry all.
  14. jchob

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    I'm not commenting, arguing, discussing same again. Red, you have some good points and others meh. But as I said Im not going through this again. I barely read your post and I did not read any abswer. This kind of posts are not healthy for any one of us and ylands.... My mental health comes first. Back then, i started to play ylands again because of P1... if I understood correctly P1 is leaving ylands, and if so, i just want to leave a thanks for those Ive met and helped me, and also for those who Ive helped also a thanks because I like to help. It was really fun times, but sometimes life doesnt go as we expect. That said, bye and thanks.
  15. Will it be possible to import ylands specific tiles as a package so we have them recognized into IDE and have a auto-complete? That helps a lot avoiding mistyping and in consequence no compile errors Another question: for example, will I be able to use JS array class functions to manupulate an array or i still need to manipulate it with ylands specific Array functions?
  16. Whooa, this was promised long time ago. Im very happy team is going to fullfill it ? You just gave me a reason for me to get back into "normal" programming. Thanks So, then we just import the script files? If so, will they get updated each time we make changes? If not, will be a pain to re-import them. Oooh man, im so exited about this ?
  17. holy moly, this is interesting ? No sleep for the team, we want that now eh eh ?
  18. jchob

    Weird stacking.

    Nah, that happens with ruth too (with raw glass at least). I think its a generic bug. When i figured out i was loosing those stacks, i might have lost 2000 raw glass
  19. jchob

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    i think i've seen chocolate blocks on a trader. Not 100% sure, but yeah, I think i saw it (or was it cheese? ?)
  20. jchob

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    woa Ales, that is awesome. Thanks for the response, by the way ? New features for traders? Please, please make them sell the uncraftable items. Many people probably wants everything to be craftable, but in my opinion having them to be found in encounters and/or buy from traders is a better way for "survival playability". Please, we really need all items avaible in exploration, no matter the way we get them, we just need them. So many cool items that we cannot have
  21. jchob

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    hmm, sounds interesting. Maybe we will have to place the build station close to and then we can deconstruct things? For example, my exploration play style is having all biomes and as many traders as I can, because i mostly buy things from them. Example: i mostly buy ores/ingots, because i dont feel like going down to drill and i dont like to have lots of stations to use. Would be cool i could set my campsites in every biome with a new "barrier", so i could use the demo hammer to fast deconstruct plus to get materials back. With new explorarion i dont see a real use for barriers in your local map. It just makes sense if you are in a open multiplayer map.where you will expect griefers. Then barrier os usefull, but still the "pickable" stuff can be stolen. We need a way to protect our free placed stuf. We need more info Ales ? If needed, some of us (from the head, me, Ocnog, Spirit, JohnFMSteel, Rob, and many others) we can "show the house's corners to the new Community Manager. Im pretty sure Adam will leave a good basis transition, but we still have many things in mind for suggestions and bug reports (whatsoever?).
  22. jchob

    Tencent becomes minority investor

    hmmph.. that doesn't smell good man. But lets wait until is cooked ?
  23. when maintenances occur, is normal to loose some progress made just before it. Everyone got a new barrier with this mini-update.
  24. jchob

    Goodbye for now!

    oof, really? You have been into ylands since ever, i wouldnt ever imagine you taking a break from it. I also know sometimes you get sick, so I hope everything is good with you. See you soon man
  25. jchob

    Edit your home island

    You still missed some spots ? But yes, some terraforming options would be cool for local maps