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    Shark Bug

    It seems Eu server is having issues. The admins already know about it (MyPa553ng3r and bbcakes, also I think Red was informed about that)
  2. jchob

    Shark Bug

    That one "shark on land" was already "implemented" before the update. Sharks seem to like to be outside water ??
  3. I also dropped items on the ground and waited for like 1 hour to see if they despawn. No results, after 1 hour they are still there. I tried this on explore maps, shared games/maps, testing maps from editor. You can't destroy items anymore...
  4. I realized that if you drop a creator cube, it is despawned from the game/map. Something went wrong on the update.
  5. It's the issue I have. All "raw" items can't be destroyed anymore. You can break down the item to the "raw materials" but you can't destroy them after. Like seeds, rags, whatever. Tried some items, and doesn't destroy.
  6. That option is disabled for me. Have you tried destroy seeds?
  7. Can you destroy items from inventory? I can't anymore
  8. jchob

    Let us disable passive lighting

    @Igor Q. You mean you want a black screen? That way, players might think your game is bugged. That halo light simulates the "moon light" I guess.
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #71

    Yeah, the veins can end quite soon as a new map is launched. some veins have just a few ores and just one player can need it all. I guess I can have the task to replace the P1 server veins with terraformer. Also, MyPa553ng3r usually makes that if it's really needed.
  10. jchob

    Multiplayer issues

    Yes, it happens a lot on P1 servers. And also, sometimes when we place a block (wood block stone block, etc etc) they are placed invisible. Sometimes, a player re-log will fix (block is visible again) other times I'm pretty sure an admin needed to restart the server.
  11. jchob

    Multiplayer issues

    The complete reset he refers here, seems exactly the post I replied to you @Ane.
  12. I can try to simulate the situation, leaving game online and see if it happens again. Don't know if they slept
  13. jchob

    Map lost after death or kick

    @Ane This seems exactly what bbcakes and I posted before
  14. @Ane It happened to me once or twice aswell (I'm a P1 server player). I forgot to disconnect from server (I was outside my barrier) and when I came back to the game I was disconnected from the server and a message error "Disconnected from server due to inactivity". Then, when I logged back again into the server, I had lost all my things. I found later that my stuff was dropped as it happens when a character dies, but MAP AND KEYS vanished and I lost control over my barrier and my locked chests. I also received a new broken protection barrier (it's like I was logging to the server for the first time). I hope this helps (didn't know I could have picked the error log)
  15. jchob

    Dev Diary #68

    Nice to hear you are still working on improvements. I think I haven't read anything concerning the blueprints fix. It's disappointing when it fails and totally "destroys" the building plan. We don't want you to rush the update, but we are getting waaaay anxious about it ? Thanks
  16. jchob

    Dev Diary #65

    Good to hear that we will have new biomes, armors, and the like. As player who like to play explore (multi-player, my case I play on P1 server), I would be happy if you make blueprints system for ships. As I'm not a good builder yet, and how the actual game state is, multi-player maps on P1 server doesn't last many days and gets a bit boring and annoying to build a ship everytime, as it is the best way to travel between ylands. Please, give us the ability to make blueprints for ships as soon as you can. Another thing is, give the proper construction blocks pictures on Crafting window, as I have to waste time and materials to see which one is (I still don't know from memory which blocks are available). Without a creator cube in explore mode, we can't spawn animals. I would like to have a place on farm for boars and such animals, but I can't get them to get inside the fences. Thanks and I appreciate you are actually making improvements on the game.
  17. jchob


    This is far beyond a perfect job. He's has talent to make maps for "game development". @bb cakes_P1 if he doesn't make a carthography for Welcome server, spawn him some bears ?
  18. P1 is totally unplayable. Not even a new map works, the inventory bug still annoys us. Just when I got addicted to this game. I guess I have to wait for new update? I tried enough trees, so i can say this is also broken. Any tree I try to pick wood from, shows "invalid target". I'm so angry right now. Please help us here
  19. I'm experiencing same issues. Placed blocks/objets/anything become invisible. Items got from crafting would not be visible in inventory either. Picking resources, nothing shows up. Map has logic system (teleporters/levers) that were working for few hours. Those issues starting to happen from nothing. I was introducing a new player to the game and server, and he couldn't pick any grass or food. I asked if his inventory was full. I was not understanding why he couldnt get items and neither he did. He left the game dissapointed. It took me a while to realize these bugs which i'm reporting were causing that. We lost a player. That being said, only a re-log on the server would make things show up, but again the "bug starts" again. Thus - as a survival player - the map is totally unplayable. Hope, you can dig into the issues. I only play on P1 Everyone Welcome server. Thanks.
  20. jchob

    Weekly sneaky WiP #4

    From what I see, that weapon will able to perform attacks under water?
  21. jchob

    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    No I'm still on survival, just trying new things. One day i might be helpful for you
  22. jchob

    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    Hi. Some of you might recognize me from in-game and discord. It felt wrong to me if I didn't give some feedback on this. I bought the game from Bohemia - it was not on steam back on the days. I played it for like 1 week or less. It was fun and all, but I felt incomplete playing this amazing game alone. Tried to join some servers. All were toxic and I gave up from the game. One month or so, ago, I ran the game again and had to Google some information. The result ended up me on this forum on a post where I saw Red_Eagle talking about some PVE server and discord chat with active players... Wait whaaaat? A free PVE server where I can talk directly with players on a chat room? I'm so in". And here I am. I'm mostly a explorer survival player on P1 welcome server. Maybe first player I've met was MyPa553ng3r. He always got my back and always showed available to explain things. And he still does. Few days later I met some other players - bbcakes, kimbuck, Red_Eagle, and a lot more. I'm just enjoying playing on P1. I'm now starting exploring the editor with their help. This being said, this is a perfect server where you find good players, fun and mature. Another important aspect is every server needs maintenance in various ways, and they make sure everything flows how it should. So, what players are waiting to join P1?
  23. jchob


    well, try make a west cowboy city, for example. If you have friends, just make a city project and make it happen. You can do this easily in editor mode, but as you have friends to help you out, would be fun to construct a city together.
  24. jchob


    Hi, I know I'm "spamming" with new posts, but that's because I'm a new player and searched for answers that I didn't find. Multiplayer - yeah, i read in the forum that something is about to change at next update. When I try to play the dedicated server (hosted by a player called Jonh if I am correct), it's normal to don't find players at the yland at all? When I join the yland, I see 2 "players" but they don't respond or move. It is for developers testing or something related? I also had times that I was disconnected from the server. Will there be an option to choose multiplayer PVP or PVE? As you must know; PVP option is where you can kill any player PVE option is where you are unable to attack/kill a player Any previsions when the multiplayer will be crowded? I can only find 3 games under multiplayer, and 2 of them are password protected. Yes, the game is a lot of fun and interesting to play singleplayer. It's amazing! So, how multiplayer will work exactly? the ylands are "small" for 1 player. Let's talk about 5 players - the resources like iron, clay, copper, coal, salt, etc are limited. So, there will be a limited time for that "map"? I mean, that map only is playable during a 1 month).
  25. jchob

    Translation of Ylands

    Hi, I could give a try helping to translate to portuguese (as it covers portuguese from portugal and portuguese from Brasil). Could you inform me other portuguese players working on it? Portuguese is my mother language, although I prefer using english for everything, I don't mind help to translate it so other players can enjoy the game with it translated to whatever language they like (in this case - portuguese). Just reply what should I do to start with it.