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    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    No I'm still on survival, just trying new things. One day i might be helpful for you
  2. jchob

    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    Hi. Some of you might recognize me from in-game and discord. It felt wrong to me if I didn't give some feedback on this. I bought the game from Bohemia - it was not on steam back on the days. I played it for like 1 week or less. It was fun and all, but I felt incomplete playing this amazing game alone. Tried to join some servers. All were toxic and I gave up from the game. One month or so, ago, I ran the game again and had to Google some information. The result ended up me on this forum on a post where I saw Red_Eagle talking about some PVE server and discord chat with active players... Wait whaaaat? A free PVE server where I can talk directly with players on a chat room? I'm so in". And here I am. I'm mostly a explorer survival player on P1 welcome server. Maybe first player I've met was MyPa553ng3r. He always got my back and always showed available to explain things. And he still does. Few days later I met some other players - bbcakes, kimbuck, Red_Eagle, and a lot more. I'm just enjoying playing on P1. I'm now starting exploring the editor with their help. This being said, this is a perfect server where you find good players, fun and mature. Another important aspect is every server needs maintenance in various ways, and they make sure everything flows how it should. So, what players are waiting to join P1?
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    well, try make a west cowboy city, for example. If you have friends, just make a city project and make it happen. You can do this easily in editor mode, but as you have friends to help you out, would be fun to construct a city together.
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    Hi, I know I'm "spamming" with new posts, but that's because I'm a new player and searched for answers that I didn't find. Multiplayer - yeah, i read in the forum that something is about to change at next update. When I try to play the dedicated server (hosted by a player called Jonh if I am correct), it's normal to don't find players at the yland at all? When I join the yland, I see 2 "players" but they don't respond or move. It is for developers testing or something related? I also had times that I was disconnected from the server. Will there be an option to choose multiplayer PVP or PVE? As you must know; PVP option is where you can kill any player PVE option is where you are unable to attack/kill a player Any previsions when the multiplayer will be crowded? I can only find 3 games under multiplayer, and 2 of them are password protected. Yes, the game is a lot of fun and interesting to play singleplayer. It's amazing! So, how multiplayer will work exactly? the ylands are "small" for 1 player. Let's talk about 5 players - the resources like iron, clay, copper, coal, salt, etc are limited. So, there will be a limited time for that "map"? I mean, that map only is playable during a 1 month).
  5. jchob

    Translation of Ylands

    Hi, I could give a try helping to translate to portuguese (as it covers portuguese from portugal and portuguese from Brasil). Could you inform me other portuguese players working on it? Portuguese is my mother language, although I prefer using english for everything, I don't mind help to translate it so other players can enjoy the game with it translated to whatever language they like (in this case - portuguese). Just reply what should I do to start with it.
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    Thanks for the response. You surelly answered my questions. I don't really know how that compositions work. You say, if I build a house in explore mode I can save it and then I can place it in another new game? I don't have to build it again?
  7. jchob

    First Look Cars (GIF)

    That look amazing. Will we be able to build it in exploration mode? Maybe I place some dirt from one yland to another and travel with my car
  8. jchob

    Mutant Leopard help?

    Hi, i'm new here. What do I get from killing mutant leopards? Those ones with light-glowing eyes, right? Beucause I started a new map and those animals are everywhere outside the yland and I'm not strong enough to kill them for now. It is worth trying to survive (I keep trying to run away from them constantly) with those leopards? Will I get something valuable from them?
  9. jchob

    Mutant Leopard help?

    Thanks for the info and the tips on killing them. I tried to kill them with the "circle" method but like 2 hits and I get killed (maybe not much practice). Didn't thought about that bow, it's a good idea, beause I can hit them and I don't get hurt. Anyway, I was tired to die, and not being "able to pick anything - the map yland was fulled of panthers/leopards and mutated ones. So I started again a new map. Should have stayed with this as you refered about a lot of yandum dust as it seems it's rare to find. I will keep my adventure and learning and learning more.