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    Bored and Explored?

    I usually run with my outfit without any armor, because i like my outfit (wish i could have armor defense from a armor set while I wear the outfit I want). I always have health potions with me instead of bandages, because bandages are more easy to craft. Of course I have bandafes too In case I run out of potions. Yep, I do the hard way. I avoid using thw peopeller to run away (because propeller will be nerfed in future). As the night comes, i switch to my armor to hunt mutated animals for dust and crystals. I usually avoid to go mining with a drill. Instead I craft some stuff and some baits from ylandum dust to use as exchange for traders. Whenever im exploring, i stop by them and buy stuff I need if they are selling. When ship is full, I go back to my home, craft what I cannot buy, I build some stuff around. Most of times I also craft some craftsman potions instead of using a bunch of worstations to craft faster. Then I gear up again and go to adventures again. That is how I have been playing. We need much much more encounters tho and much more findable items that cannot be traded
  2. jchob

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    Oh no, that is a sad new. It is always hard to see those we like leaving, but that's life. On the other hand, if you are tracing your own path to pursue your dreams, I must feel happy for you, but at same time an enourmous sadness takes over me seeing such an amazing, humble, funny person leaving the community. Whe you came, ylands was at a early stage, and facing us directly with complaints, suggestions, and everything else probably was a bit overwhelming for you, but you handled everything in a good way. I speak for myself and maybe for others saying you did an amazing job on your journey here, always ready to give guidance and assistance for those who were in need of. And thanks for that, really, I appreciate all you have done. I still remember your post presenting yourself to community Every one of us know the importance to have a communication channel between community to developer's team, and in my point of view that helped a lot to get where ylands is at the moment and you were important in that role. Thanks so much again. Don't worry, tell the new Community Manager nothing to be affraid of. He or she will be in good hands with us... or not ?? We will make sure the new person continues your legacy until she/he traces it's own legacy. May life keep smiling to you, and if not punch it in the face ? Farewell my good man
  3. jchob

    Ship repairing

    I want the repair system back! ?
  4. [ EDIT - I could connect to it after some time, and everything seems fine ] @Adam Snellgroveas you know I have server Locust. Well, i was playing and went for a smoke and closed the game. When i ran it again I was trying to connect to the server and I get the error shown in picture. I also took the logs. Now everytime I try to connect to it I get that error. Ylands_Data_JCSERVER.rar
  5. jchob

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    Awesome. Just to give my feedback on that: please please, with the new build mode, please add an option to make things unpickable. That would be the best thing ever. Many players still build in free place mode in exploration, because there are lot of cool items that cannot go into blueprints, and sometimes new additions around are better to place after the blueprint was placed and built. Not sure what you are going to do about the proppeller, but if it somehow is your idea to make it get 0 energy, please make the "fall down" invincible. For example, the Potion of Flight ables you yo fly for some seconds, but when the effect ends, you will die if you are to high above the ground. But this new building concerns me, because having to use the workstation will be a pain if we just want to place some bits here and there around several village places. But, let's see how it goes and with more info from you
  6. jchob

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    @IEuphe what spirit said is really true. Lochford is much fun, and when Adam streamed it we had fun playing it from outside helping with clues. You did a great job. So, shake off that pessimism and trust more on yourself ? You have a good thing in your favour: you have ideas. And from ideas, things can be done. I have some scripting knowledge but I lack ideas and building experience. I mean, you are in a good path to learn scripting, because you know what you really want to do, so it's just a matter to focus on that. Trust me as I speak from personal experience, learning scripting without any ideas of what to make, makes it harder to learn because it's just throwing random stuff down. and as Ocnog said, here and on discord there are some people who like to help. Just wave at me if you need anything Keep it up!
  7. jchob

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    whoa, congratulations for the winners and also all who entered the competition. Very cool stuff you all created. Let's see what you going to do for the next one ?
  8. jchob

    Need some help.

    keep looking, don't give up. I was able to find 3 times that encounter. Meanwhile.maybe you can find the encounter that has the samurai armour. Its like a oriental tower building, i dont have a picture of it, sorry.
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #158 - New Frosty Goodies

    I want to be able to have the same beard as the Jotunn in the first picture ?
  10. Wow, amazing. I don't know that building, but from the reference picture and ylands picture, you got it Keep updating some pictures, and I would love to visit it once you place it on your map
  11. jchob

    A less awkward message from a long term fan.

    Well said. It is good to see an old player is happy again ? There are still some bugs people have been discovering, but with reports we hope they will fix them. And because of infinite resources, i hope some of us can schedule something like making teams or so and raid others bases just for the fun ?? im not really a builder, i mean i dont mind i dont have all cool stuff like you all, so i dont really mind if someone comes for a fight ?
  12. jchob

    Editor: Font styles

    No, but i think "we" already asked for more fonts
  13. jchob

    big love

    @spiritchaser28 show it to @ocnoglittle she is our math brain ?
  14. jchob

    big love

    @Christal i might take some pictures and ost them. I aready visited some new lands ? And ive been finding some stuff scattered around the ocean
  15. jchob

    You devs have renewed my faith!

    Yeah, afyer 1 year or so, i got back into exploration. I will write some ideas that will come to my mind as I play it. Im will not expect them to be implemented for 1.6 or 1.7... but we can gather more ideas and give them time to implement ?
  16. It happened to me, when flattening soil, 2 shrubs were in the way. I went to remove them with an axe and they had lost collisions. I also tried to destroy them with other tools/weapons an nothing worked. Then i looked for more same shrub type and i could destroy them. I didnt try yet after a re-login, tho.
  17. jchob

    big love

    oh nice to know, but be careful saving your loot on the ship. If you ever see a viking ship run away, its me ?
  18. jchob

    Dev Diary #157

    (maybe this can be moved to a new topic) hey there ylanders ? [ please, don't start a fight here. You will understand my point. Like it or not, be polite if you are going to give your opinion ] We need protection barrier system for friends.... you know that @Aleš Ulm and @Adam Snellgrove which is our man to get to the team listening to the good and bad things we have been saying lately (he needs a raise btw ? Adam you owe me a beer for this) but we give time for the team to make it real "without flaws" (I believe team is making it, so don't disappoint us ?) Now, even more seriously: I haven't play explore for like 1 year. And I must be honest with all of you now: it's not only because I didn't like the changes. Let me explain: Suddenly i found myself spending more time in editor and falled in love with it. Why you may ask? It is just amazing how this game have a "survival" and a "creator" mode. Both modes are far from perfect. But you know what? Having 2 modes makes this game perfect for me. I love both systems and i cannot split myself into 2. And I ended up using editor for Visual Scripting rather than Exploration. I'm not saying I prefer one over the other... it's just my personal taste. When i started I had to learn about the game (with help of my friends @bojo2736 and @MyPa553ng3r and among other players which could be a long list ?) I forgot about exploration experience, like I said about 1 year ago, but I've always followed the news about it as best I could. Now that I am back into exploration, I see what I have missed. Knowing about what's new it's not the same exctasty feeling as playing it. I did not like when team made smaller maps, took away the sea-side montains, etc etc.. but now I see their point. (and not to mention the sharks ) But i did like the way they took both systems working. Oh, c'mon, you gotta like the whole game. Thus, I just want to say thank you team
  19. jchob

    pre Tým ylands...

    Red STOP IT. For a grown man you are acting like child. You already attacked other players. And about constructive criticism? You have been doing exactly the reverse. And then you come here and make yourself a victim and start downvoting everyone. You used to be fun abd humble. I thibk you take ylands too serious and we are here to have fun. If you dont know, i will tell you: people are leving the game (including me) not by games fault but becuse your attitude. Every bad post about ylands came from your mouth. Just stay quite for the god sake. We dont have patient for this.. geeez....
  20. jchob

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    @RedEagle_P1. personal attacks started when you downvoted people who didnt deserve it. Not to mention other topic posts that were downvoted without any reason. In Ales answer i understand he said they made a "mistake" on rules and your maps would be disqualifed. Its just to say you made a suspence concerning what P1 was working on until the last day and you ebded up submiting somethin old and against the rules. But if BI team allows it, i have to accept it even i didnt enter the competition. I just was expecting a new cool stuff from P1. I rest my case.
  21. jchob

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    @RedEagle_P1. why are you (and others P1) downvoting? P1 is creating toxic environment in the community, and you state "P1 is a non toxic community". Open your eyes... people is right, you (your team) published a game that is already on Tencent. That city map is almost 2 years old and the game itself with pursuit is around 1 year old. You are using a map which other contestestants helped you out. You are playin VERY VERY LOW. What a shame and disappointment. Go ahead and downvote me aswell, i dont care. To be honest im tired of your bad posts about the game. Stop it! Rules say "original content", which is not the case with this map. What a shame!
  22. jchob

    The State of Ylands

    Another thing: we know since some months ago that they are working on 1.5 and 1.6 abd the focus is exploration. Instead of waiting, you (and others) are repeating the same. Im totally sure they have got our suggestions and bug reports into consideration. Lets just wait for 1.5 and then we can start all over again. But for now lets us have a break ?
  23. jchob

    The State of Ylands

    To be honest i like they have editor priority #1, im mainly a scripter, not an explorer. So, i respect you all want exploration, but i dont understand why some people is saying the same for over a year. So, respect the fact they went for editor, which they won a prize for it. You all should be happy for that fact, but instead you all keep complaining and crticising dev team!
  24. jchob

    25 days of... snowmen and decorated trees

    The last one with the tongue is the winner ?
  25. jchob

    25 days of... snowmen and decorated trees

    You have enough snowman to add them to your snowball shooting, make them enemies ??