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    The State of Ylands

    I just want to say we have to live with the choices team is making, either we like it or not. No point browsing tons of topics and read the same from different players... They went for editor first and then mobile. That's it. We need to get over it. People stopped to help with ideas and suggestions and started to only complain. And dont tell me again "they dont listen", because thats not true. Im so disappointed with the community. Im sorry to say that, but its how I feel. Meanwhile many things were fixed in exploration and other kept unfixed. That also happened to editor. Its just my personal taste, but i dont even know how MC got so popular. It looked cool when it was launched, but with all those new survival games, MC would be my last option. And its not comparable to ylands, imo. I like how ylands was some updates ago, but im really loving how its coming along. All your posts complaining is taking the amusment out of me. I dont wven have will to open ylands. This being said, there are people who dont like the path ylands is taking, but there are people who likes it. So, consider you are making those people sad when they only see complains about the game they love.
  2. Oooooooh look. Finally i see someone with Bones. Do you have them in any map? Please tell me you have them. If so, would you mind to make a composition and share it? ?
  3. jchob

    The State of Ylands

    I would say you are wrong: most people i know plays on editor rather than exploration. Even many updates ago, where maps were old style ot comes a time you get bored. That also happens in most survival games because it comes to a point you "have everything". When it comes to exploration, im tired of reading the same iver and over again. You people need to get used that they went for editor and mobile first. If you all want to wait, just wait to see what comes next. All those repetitive topics in forum complaining about this and that in getting toxic. Please kust stop it. There is no point repeating the same. We need to understand that devs will not make everything each person wants.... this kind of topics are making the game worse rather than better and they are keeping me away of playing it. Just thinking wheb 1.5 comes out, people will make ALL THE SAME COMPLAINS again and again. In my opinion, you people are stuck on that idea and you forgot how to have fun with the game. I remember when i was excited to open forums to read/see cool things, many times per day. Nowadays, just because of topics like this, i dont come here so often. Whats the poibt to come by to read the same said by different people? This is... sad.
  4. jchob

    Game design questions

    I think you can disable building using the disable actions tile? I would need my computer to try it, but i think i saw something for that. To avoid endless heals, you can trick it by scripting. When player dies it will respawn at spawn point. So, use the event ON respawn and set the hitpoints to like half (or 10 for example). Even they try to cheat by diying to get healed, they will start with 10 HP abd they will be forced to heal by themselves. Scrap mechanic game uses a system like that: player spawn at bed but with half HP and food bar, making players to eat and drink to restore HP and food)
  5. jchob

    Dev Diary #155 - Experimental Build

    Update 1.5 will be realeased after competition. That is why i didnt bother to much about this competition because many things seems to be changing including for editor.
  6. Hi I think it woukd be cool if we have scrolling text area fields, drop down boxes. Allow the "mouse hover" for text and not only for buttons. Side scrolling values (same as you do to rise/reduce volume)
  7. Adam I know, but team could embed them into the game itself and save us work ?
  8. It seems you are playing a map created with editor. If so, you can place a Role Logic and enable drops when players die.
  9. jchob

    BYE BYE ylands.

    You are a lost cause. We tried and gave many opportunities. So, what is left is being agressive and rude to you. I would be ashamed if you were my son. If you don't have anything else to do, just go to sleep or whatever. Just don't come here annoying people. Make yourself a man. If you keep long beeing stupid, that stupidity will keep with you all your life and then don't blame others because they don't like you. Everyone has their own virtues and flaws. But generally people dont like stupidity and annoyance. Another thing: vengeance is not a good way to go. If you are still a kid, its time to change. Of you already a grown man, YOU ARE TOTALLY A LOST CAUSE. So, make me a big favor please: go to sleep, or just go play outside.
  10. jchob

    Way to remove tombstones on death

    That suggestion already took among other posts, but nice to have it own topic. Actually you can workaroubd it via scripting but its not really easy and user-friendly. Another suggestion would be to not to have a tombstone at all or an option to have another object such as a bag, chest or whatever to replace that embeded tombstone. So i vote for that ?
  11. jchob

    custom fonts ?

    That would be great too ? Character sheets could be used to make a 2d platformer or the like. Not sure how laggy will images load ?
  12. yeah, i asked for those images many times in other posts. Maybe they didnt see. But now woth custom images we could make them smaller
  13. jchob

    return impact point on terrain

    @Adam Snellgrove please read above ☝️
  14. jchob

    return impact point on terrain

    Yeah i would wait for it to ve implemented, as we dont know what really is coming up. My idea sounded good when written. But now i'm thinking about it, perhaps its not an easy script ?
  15. We can join forces and make icons of every item. Scipters are using a lot of custom windows and HUD. We need items icons. Let me know ?
  16. jchob

    return impact point on terrain

    Well, you cannot return a arrow that was missed and ended up on terrain. Altough, maybe vua scrioting you can fake that. So, using a raycast, on groubd hit, you can spawn a new arrow at that position and therefore make it pickable.
  17. jchob

    Dev Diary #154 - Custom Images

    wooooooooooooooooah FINALLY what else to say? Thank you so much team PS - if team are not going to give us all the icons to use in windows/HUD, then with this we can now make those icons
  18. jchob

    Dev Diary #153 - Bows and Grenades

    Grenades havent been used because people are affraid to use them. I dont really think they are that innacurate. Lets see how those improvements will work ? I have a map with custom electric fences (gates made out of impassable barriers) which can only be destroyed by greanades. Also, in the mini-game im making im trying to make use of them, but using the throw tile is giving me wrong aiming/distance, maybe due to my system. (I'm not using the normal hand throw). On the other hand, bows needed those improvements. Great to hear it ?
  19. @MizzShadowCat llke Adam said, no. But if you both play on your own map you dont really need a barrier. For multiplayer maps, you can turn off the barrier and you can help each other. Keep in mind that anyone will be able to build too. And before you leave, remember to turn the barrier ON.
  20. jchob

    highlight the search results

    searching tiles needs a lot of work. Im pretty sure the search has been modified with 1.4 update. The way I used to search some tiles, are not shown anymore. For example, i search for "template" and it would only show the tiles with "template" word. Now, i have to search for "spawn" and it shows all spawn tiles with "template", "entity" and "logic". That makes me loose some seconds to spot the tiles that I want (spawn templates). That being said, for that specific, i would want to be able to search "spawn entity" or "spawn template".
  21. jchob

    Dev Diary #152 - Ylands Streaming

    i would like they bring back steeper montains and idented sea-coast. It doesnt need to be automatically, would be cool if the map creator could have an option choose to generate them or not. I already gave this suggestion.
  22. jchob

    Dev Diary #152 - Ylands Streaming

    Hey Adam, some days ago i found a video from earlier 2018 i think that was called Q&A. That video is from some months ago before i started playing ylands and join the forum. I'm glad that many stuff BI team said was going to implement it is actually in-game. So, my suggestion is to do the same. Look around community questions and they could answer to the most pertinent questions/suggestions. I know this is a hard time due this situation, but would be cool to see a office tour while they are working and what they are doing (of course without spoilers).
  23. jchob

    Complex Custom Window Buttons

    just to add to this suggestion: we need an event or at options window for buttons (custom windows) to control "on mouse hover button" like CSS has. This way, instead of changing the buttor color "on hover" i could just change color of texts
  24. That seems a ylands bug because you shouldnt be able to use the buttons. So, a solution could be using a event listener "On light" then use the tile Extinguish Entity. That way even they light the torch it will be automatically extinguished. @Adam Snellgrovecould you look up on this? ?