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    Toxic gossip

    I understand, but it's sad to see a post like this
  2. jchob

    Toxic gossip

    I've just quick read the first lines and i dont need to keep reading. It is a non sense to make this public. I have my own life problems and work to stress me out. I dont need it in ylands. It does seem i'm in real life. If this is the path you are going, i will gladly step out and just leave So, for the god sake, any Admin just delete all this thread and go discuss in private. What a disappointment...
  3. jchob


    you are crazy man. That's a lot of working you have been put into it. It is relevant to say that this man is creating the game alone and still has time to help players on their questions. You have my full respect ? The cinematics you create with custom cameras and also with effects are amazing. I would buy myself one Mr.R for christmas. Did you teach him to go freezer and grab beers to the master? ? Can't wait to play the final version. Keep up the good job
  4. interesting idea I will grab the beer first, and some snacks ? If you are new at Editor, you can ask some questions on Editor Help subforum. Some players swing by there and they try to help. Also, you can join communities in discord. You can find really helpful people on those communities.
  5. jchob

    create our own classes

    oh cool. Well, for them to implement it they would have to change the game core programming on their classes itself, and I think they won't do it, but we never know what can happen ? Good suggestion ?
  6. jchob

    create our own classes

    well, you can make it via scripting, but you would need to make everything by hand. For example If get active item type = sword_1 OR sword_2 OR sword 3.... variable playerEquipDoubleEdge = true If get type = kife_1 OR knife_2 OR.... variable playerEquipSingleEdge = true Then, listen for melee attack and check which variable is true and then perform the damage you want. On melee attack If playerEquipDoubleEdge = true damage target 200 If playerEquipSingleEdge = true damage player 100 This is just an idea you can try
  7. jchob

    create our own classes

    What do you mean by classes? Warrior, Ninja, etc etc? If so, you can use skills like Shadow said, or you can use entity storage. For storage, Set up all possible things as variables inside the entity storage (str, vit, dex...). Create a variable called "class". This will be a string Then create something to set which class player has choosen For that, on entity storage make some instructions called Warrior, Ninja, etc and then you can change specific attributes according to the Class
  8. jchob

    The Great building(YLANDS)

    @Adam Snellgrove i guess you can delete this one. There is other thread with pictures.
  9. jchob

    Apologize letter to ylands.

    @knightwar that is a good thing to hear. I'm glad you learnt ? As I said before to you, if you are cool with people they will be cool with you. In some posts I saw you have good ideas, but the problem is that you were demanding them to make them and talking like a *jerk* (sorry for the bad word, but it was true) Just give your suggestions in a good manner. Also, some ideas you have, you can make them in editor if you learn scripting, and you will see it is fun. There are some communities in ylands, but here on forums we are all one community to make the game pleasant for everyone. Have fun ?
  10. jchob

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @NaruTheHuman sorry to tag you, but you are tha man ? first question: I have a script that blinks "labeled entities" every "1" second (time trigger). In that "each tick" it runs through an array of colors (around 10 colors). [ By the way I couldn't figure out how color lerp in ylands work even after i researched about color lerping. It just goes straight to the "last color". ] That being said, are you saying it is better to get rid of time triggers and make a recursive function with a delay inside, instead? Second question: Would you have a trigger zone spawning at target's position to perform actions and despawn it after (so i can see which players are inside the area) or would you use overlap tiles? Let's say, turret shoots at the player and a trigger zone is spawned at that "target position" and make "bullet MOVE TO target's position". Inside "bullet ON Movement end" I despawn each trigger zone respectivly. I think trigger zones can get confused if "On Enter and On exit" occurs at same time especially if you place delays inside (yes, I know I can make some scripting tweaks to avoid that). The question is: would you get rid of trigger zones (thus less logics in the map) and instead use the tiles Overlap for this? Because on "bullet movement end" I can call a circle overlap for example, get an array of overlaped entities and check if there are any players inside that overlap array? Because this is not for only 1 enemy shooting, so it will end up with like 10 enemoes and let's say 2-3 bullets moving for each enemy. Hope this last question makes sense. This was an mazing video. We know about limitations but we also want to make a lot of cool stuff work together. Many times the culprit is the script and work flow itself but also the ylands limitations. So, I leave the suggestion to make ylands process animations/effects more effectivly. You know we need a better performance. As you've seen, players are getting better and better at building and scripting because Editor+scripting is so awesomwe that we are trying to make more than ylands let and it's a shame sometimes we cannot put all together. This was all while I stopped video at 14 minutes. So, expect more questions ? Thanks crazy hair man ?
  11. why? What are you affraid off? If any entry is a noticeable copy/steal of any other entry, it will be disqualified. Furthermore, i'm pretty sure P1 is going to submit more than one. That being said, I see no reason to keep secret ? It's pleasing to see what people is making and their progress. I joined last ylands official stream and it was fun to see games working. Also, it was fun to play some games along Adam (for example, if my memory is correct, a game called "Lockford")
  12. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-26947] "/hidechat" in editor

    but it disappears after some seconds (~3 seconds). Why you need a /hidechat? I'm confused ?‍♂️
  13. jchob


    very cool. I see you also like the pixel cube ?
  14. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-26947] "/hidechat" in editor

    If you press enter you should be able to open/close the chat, no?
  15. @Shadow72would the literal NULL work? It is supposed to mean "nothing/empty" value
  16. i'm having that same problem at this moment
  17. yes, it happens to me a lot. On the other hand, i usually turn a big script line into small "pieces" by using variables. I realized that finding errors in big script lines can be messy. Variables are your friend ?
  18. jchob

    New script - terrain check

    That would be great ?
  19. jchob

    find script line

    If i understand correctly, you have an index out of bounds related to something with the id #2684 (maybe its a label?). And the problem is spotted at the achivement storage. I woukd start look in the storage for a problem with arrays (or labels)
  20. jchob

    Referencing the Player in scripts.

    Also,you can make instructions inside the gloval storage and call them from anywhere like global variables.
  21. jchob


    I'm exited to play it. You are an inspiration for all of us ??
  22. jchob

    Dev Diary #149 - Script Module

    oh nice. I already love the modules without testing it ?
  23. jchob

    [completed} A little fun on Halloween

    wooow that is superb ? That makes me think "how can I compete agains this"? I can't build.
  24. jchob

    El mejor tiempo posible

    cool, can't wait to see it in action ?
  25. jchob

    Naru's Corner #6 - Scoreboard

    cool one ? I have one like that but its not a score board, its a leader board. It was also developed with my mini game word hunting in mind.