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  1. jchob

    On ranged event

    It used to work. I have "poisoning bow" script. Is it broken, now? I will take a look later.
  2. jchob

    Competition Rules

    Awesome ? but i guess I'm not entering. Anyway, can teams ve matched up or it is individual?
  3. jchob


    You really finished it. Im so jealous, I'm half way to finish my robot arm. That means I will give up ? Crazy genious, good work ?
  4. jchob

    A few suggestions.

    Every item should be craftable, not some only in editor. Of course the creator cube shall not be craftable. Bones and skull. I want them back ?
  5. jchob

    Is it possible to create a prototype

    Groups or welded objects can't be pickable
  6. jchob

    scaling entities

    I guess that would mess up with textures.
  7. jchob

    "machines" rework part 1

    Great job, as always ?
  8. jchob

    The clothing racks....what's the mystery?

    In-game press V to enable the free placing mode and place clothes on rack. In editor, just move the clothes into the rack
  9. If i remember correctly, you can fuel those stations with sticks, wooden pieces, coal and charcoal (and bark?). For steam engines, you can fuel with wooden pieces, coal and charcoal
  10. jchob

    Random Builds

    @bojo2736 hmmm, isn't it HOME? ?
  11. jchob

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Just wow ?
  12. jchob

    My town

    That looks amazing. I would like a ticket to visit it too ?
  13. jchob

    Who here does scripting in Ylands?

    I do, or I try to ?
  14. That's it. Nice you did it by yourself ?
  15. jchob

    Dev Dairy #146 - New Workshop Games

    That platformer game... the person managed to create a "new player"... that's crazy. Also the tank game is cool too.
  16. that also happened to me maybe 3 times or so, but I couldn't reproduce why it happened
  17. The editor is behaving weird. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. Maybe someone else can try this too and see if that happens aswell.
  18. I'm still getting the blank names
  19. Thanks for your reply, it means a lot not only for me but for all I know it can't be done in one single update, but i'll be around to see what is still to come.
  20. Oh yeah. Now that map looks promising ?? In older versions, some ylands used to "look like that sometimes". Now they are round shaped. Please really consider my idea of give back those high cliffs/montains close to water, not in the middle of the yland. As a option or even a generic random map generation. Stay classy ?
  21. jchob

    the wiki

    That's right. Every programming language has a reference manual. And ylands scripting shouldn't be any different. In some "hard to understand" tiles i usually search C# or java reference manuals that have something close to that and try to figure out ?
  22. jchob

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    Not good, but it could be worst, i think. The governament declared new laws yesterday because people are acting as if nothing is going on... and because of those irresponsible people, everyone of us are forced to accept stupid laws. Governement is trying to avoid a new covid wave.
  23. @NaruTheHuman, maybe you? When I setup an Event Listener to listen game logic type Time Trigger, it doesn't show up the event ON TRIGGER. Why? Is that on purpose For example, I can listen to Trigger Zones in a label which takes an index as a reference. Then I use Event Listener to type trigger zone, and finally the event ON Entering Zone I want to do it automatically with Time Triggers. I need it because it's the way I script. I work a lot with instructions and variables as "global scope" to make my script independant of entities/logic picking icon, making it better to spot errors. It's like using C# Classes because I have many objects that is the same class. Because of that, my entire scripting lost it's point and I need to rework everything. I just needed that ON TRIGGER event listener. I can make it "manually", but I think that event listener ON trigger for time triggers should be availabe. That's the purpose of having a Event handler. Please? ? Makes sense?
  24. jchob

    Naru's Corner #4 - Sentry Turrets

    Cool, lets see how you did that. I have already one like that ?