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  1. I'm still getting the blank names
  2. Thanks for your reply, it means a lot not only for me but for all I know it can't be done in one single update, but i'll be around to see what is still to come.
  3. Oh yeah. Now that map looks promising ?? In older versions, some ylands used to "look like that sometimes". Now they are round shaped. Please really consider my idea of give back those high cliffs/montains close to water, not in the middle of the yland. As a option or even a generic random map generation. Stay classy ?
  4. jchob

    the wiki

    That's right. Every programming language has a reference manual. And ylands scripting shouldn't be any different. In some "hard to understand" tiles i usually search C# or java reference manuals that have something close to that and try to figure out ?
  5. jchob

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    Not good, but it could be worst, i think. The governament declared new laws yesterday because people are acting as if nothing is going on... and because of those irresponsible people, everyone of us are forced to accept stupid laws. Governement is trying to avoid a new covid wave.
  6. @NaruTheHuman, maybe you? When I setup an Event Listener to listen game logic type Time Trigger, it doesn't show up the event ON TRIGGER. Why? Is that on purpose For example, I can listen to Trigger Zones in a label which takes an index as a reference. Then I use Event Listener to type trigger zone, and finally the event ON Entering Zone I want to do it automatically with Time Triggers. I need it because it's the way I script. I work a lot with instructions and variables as "global scope" to make my script independant of entities/logic picking icon, making it better to spot errors. It's like using C# Classes because I have many objects that is the same class. Because of that, my entire scripting lost it's point and I need to rework everything. I just needed that ON TRIGGER event listener. I can make it "manually", but I think that event listener ON trigger for time triggers should be availabe. That's the purpose of having a Event handler. Please? ? Makes sense?
  7. jchob

    Naru's Corner #4 - Sentry Turrets

    Cool, lets see how you did that. I have already one like that ?
  8. jchob

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    You need to open that map in the editor and place a cube. Then save the map. And voilá, go play it again
  9. jchob

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Thanks @Adam Snellgrove Sorry about the mobile thing, I really thought it was one of the reasons. But on the other hand, i'm certain making it happen took team's time to make other things ? (just playing) As I said, I'm not against it, and I'm very glad ylands was able to enter the mobile world.
  10. jchob

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Thank you @Deadeye_Rob. I was myself writing for some hours because i didnt want to be misundertood, i didnt want people to get offended, so i was writing it very carefully, but i deleted it. When I saw what you said here... i thought "oof glad Rob did it first". Anyway, grab yourself a beer pack, a bucket of coffe/soda abd some snacks, because this will be looong (altought im going to repeat everything thats is being said). As said here, yes, that main menu? Im totally sure their intents were good, but it doesnt fit. A game's main menu MUST be as much simple as it can. Go back to previous Main Menu, and this new one can be a sub-menu. The system to search games, etc is handy. So no need to get rid of, but instead rework menu again. Oh the exploration.. everything is being said over and over again. And i'm pretty sure team reads. If not, this is a lost cause. So, I see no point of repeating ourselves. I understand why you all and me are doing this because you all and me love the game and want to see it prosper. But i check forum everyday many times per day, when I'm bored or alone, and it makes me hangry that the new posts are about "complaining" (by this i mean ideas, good/bad criticism). I'm not here to offend anyone, dont misunderstand me, please. If so, my apologies. What I want to see when I check forums is see people's work, eitheir builds, screenshots, scripts, animations, you name it. We have a greate game where we can do alot. We should add more contents here, but instead this makes me feel we are spamming forums with "complainings". Many are good criticism, ideas, but ive seen many being rude (mabe is a strong word, but i dont have a better one). Again to all if you, don't feel offended, please. We are all trying to make help team get this game better and better. So, i'm writing again, but this time will be the last because I don't like to repeat myself. From my point of view, team tried to get into mobile platform as many other games. I have nothing against it, but I think that is the reason they changed the entire exploration. So, here follows what is urgent, in my opinion: - version for PC and version for mobile (if that caused the world changes) - as said above, rework main menu again - I'm pretty sure we have been told maps will be bigger again, as before. Those times lost in middle of the ocean in a heavy thunderstorm where i couldn't spot the birdies because of the rain? What good times, it's what I miss most. That being said, I dont want to know when that will be, I just want to know if that will happen. Bigger maps is what we miss the most. Please? - sharks, give them back to us, and in future more sea animals and a purpose to go down there. Again, I'm pretty sure we have been told they would come back. They were bugged, yes, but they did their job on water (altough they could be more aggressive) and their job out of water making me laugh a lot (nothing like logging in and see sharks on trees, etc etc) - cliffs close to water was what made all ylands look different and unique (despite the biome). Now they all look the same. Give us back those cliffs as a generic map generation. Better would have them with an option generate cliff on/off - maps performance. We really need maps to last around I'd say 3 months/more? Because there are people who can't play everyday. when they come back they realize map was wipped. This, in my opinion, is what is killing the exploration. Player limit should also be mentioned. Make it higher but ONLY when perfirmance is worked out. And it's pretty much that. I'm not asking anything, but I think many of us want that as the first things to be worked. We all had that before. I'm not saying it's easy to implement again, but at least you had/have a system that you could polish. Maybe team just don't want things to be as before. If thats the case, either we like it or not, we have to accept it. Developing a game is hard to match team's vision with community vison. And inside team and community, there are a lot of different visions. I see things from both sides. This being said, please stop saying "they don't listen to us". We know that is not true because they implemented some things we asked. Like many others have said, we feel that last updates were creators-driven (editor + scripting). Altough I love editor most, I have to agree with that abandon feeling. Maybe it was just put in stand-by. I'm going to be around praying and see where this goes. Another subject is the DLC. I totally agree with that because team need incoming wages. But honestly it should be the other way around. Free exploration. Once they try it and play, the soon they realize there is a paid editor mode to make their own stuff? I'm 100% sure they will buy it. At the moment, many who is paying for the DLC , gets disappointed. If it was the other way around, I don't believe they would get dissapointed. Afterall what not to like in editor? There are some other things that are worth to talk about, but that's not for now. (they already have been said around here). Without anymore thibgs to say, Stay classy ?
  11. jchob

    Chat integration

    What would me more cool is if the dataset game logic file's permission ables us to open/rewrite it. So i could directly integrate discord to actual stuff in ylands. I still havent tried to use the dataset, but that would be awesome
  12. jchob

    Update 1.4: Creators Club

    I think i also remember something about that, but im glad they added one.
  13. jchob

    Enable/Disable drops

    I know, but i dont want a custom drop. I want to completly remove the drops for specific entities types (rabbits, boars, wolves, tiger, etc etc). I can make it, but i need to know all drops for that entity. Then with event listener on spawn (meat, board hide, etc etc), despawn entity. But we need a faster way. You know that coding is all about speed and easy work ?
  14. jchob

    Enable/Disable drops

    if you haven't found this option yet, there is a screeshot showing it. Anyway, here goes my suggestion Can team make it so we can change this via scripting, and for example only for labeled entities, or specific type?
  15. From time to time, this happens to some tiles. Editor restart doesn't fix. Restarting ylands seems to fix it.
  16. jchob

    Enable/Disable drops

    Yes, we can make something like that, but we need to know exactly, which are the entity drops (and i dont know all of them) For us, scripters, that is not practical, because we'd need to write the code over and over again. Even if we make a composition, we still need to know all tge drops from the entity we are going to use. We need a way to stop drops specific/labeled entites. So, with that, i can still have generic drops, but i could stop them as i need.
  17. @Houpbank safe does not show all of the spawn tiles. Here is a picture if it (screenshot that @bojo2736 sent to me, and i also don't see them. You can also see the "group 3" is selected.
  18. What she means is there are tiles that are not shown (even from searching filed or from the left-side menu) in some items/objects/entities and I'm pretty sure they did before 1.4
  19. jchob

    Ylands Barrier, Ylands Chair

    Great ideas ??
  20. i just messed up myself. @Adam Snellgrove please remove this.
  21. it seems fixed now. Thanks @Adam Snellgrove ?
  22. jchob

    Naru's Corner #3 - Progress bars and counters

    Oh that's cool ?? I have already created something like that. I think showing these kind of things is useful for everyone. New scripters can learn something practical. And any other scripters can always learn something new too. There is always something new to be learnt ? I have some tutorials in mind, but I don't make tutorials because my spoken English is very rudimentar comparing to my writing skills ?
  23. jchob

    Dev Diary #142 - Experimental Build (and Ales)

    Good news As said before from me and a lot of other players here (and many many others on discord), exploration needs to be back again as it was - BIG WORLD. Also, bring back those cliffs and mountains close to water. Ylands look like all the same now (besides the biome). The cliff and mountains made ylands all different and unique. Those things were what players didn't like. Players seem to like the other stuff that has been added to exploration. As apart, we need birdies and a map for the world's created in editor with scripting. I'm aware of the hard part for the map because people can create "new ylands" with sculpting tool, but I have faith team can make it work ?? I might understand you made those all changes because of the mobile version, but the team should think about it and make "different versions" for either mobile and PC. I will gladly help with the testing. Stay classy ??
  24. jchob

    Dev Diary #142 - Experimental Build (and Ales)

    Dude, we don't need that childish comments here. It was better if you stayed quite.