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    Can't place blocks on large ship.

    I have tried all the current work arounds with no success. I also noticed ive been getting a different message than the people from those posts saying "The object must touch another object or terrain" in stead of the not enough space one. I was gonna try to bring the ship to my barrier but i unkowingly put the barrier all on land when i first started the game. Is there a way to get a new barrier or move the existing? If not ill probably just destroy the ship despite having a hand full of hours into it...
  2. I had to remove a misplaced block right before logging off, but when i relogged the next day i was no longer able to place the block at all, nor could it be placed in other random areas of the ship. I also tried a different block type which did work either. I have also broke and replaced the block that i am building off of. I'm playing in the experimental exploration as well. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt