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  1. Hi Nikki, This happens again even after I update my system and logged into Microsoft store. Here is the logs: log_userscripts.txt UnityPlayer.log UnityPlayer_clean.log
  2. Thank you NIkki, will try that the next time I run into this problem
  3. Hi Nikki, Just after I finished my previous post, the problem happened again. I couldn't find the files you're mentioning though. Inside TempState folder there are only these three files (attached) log_userscripts.txt UnityPlayer.log UnityPlayer_clean.log
  4. Hi Nikki, I finally do 'reset' and via Windows app settings, and moved the app from C to local storage (D) about 48 hrs ago. Since then there hasn't been any trouble apart from the progress that was missing after the reset. I will send those files when this happen again. Thanks!
  5. Hi Igor, Yes, it happened on the same day where there was a server maintenance notification. Do you know how to solve this without reinstalling? I'd hate to keep reinstalling everytime there's a server update/maintenance
  6. Hi, I bought the game from Microsoft Store and play on Windows pc. It run smoothly for a few days, and then it just won't open. After the loading screen (attached) the game just closed. It happened before and solved it by uninstal-reinstal but the progress on Explorer is missing. I still have the items that I bring with me along with pets and boat, but I can not access the starting island and one island I had explored before the issue. The game went good for a few days and the same thing happen again now. Could anyone help? Thank you!