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  1. 14 hours ago, Indomitus said:

    The first thing I notice is the Pirate Chests at the rear of the ship.  Were those meant to be placed on the deck?  This might be the same issue we have seen, with objects being placed in the World grid rather than the Boat's grid.  If that is the case, your ship might be pushed down because it is colliding with those chests.  Since the chests won't move, the ship gets pushed under the water.

    The only fix I know of for that (if that is the problem) is to destroy the chests, OR open the map in the Editor and place the chests manually.

    Wow you solve my problem. Thanks

    It's so sad to see that the game is getting worst. So now I cannot use the boat as a floating base or transport resources.
    Or there is a way to build stations and chess in the boat grid.


  2. I was really anxious about this game.
    The game went very well for a couple of hours.
    I decide to go to dinner and close the game, when Ireturned I load the game I had all my inventory but everything that I built was not there. My house, my ship,my crafting stations. , WTF?
    Is this a common bug or a weird one.
    I know that the game is in alpha, but man this sucks