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  1. I was allready aware of the First Person wonkiness on ships, just figured i wouldn't use it since i flipped 2 boats the first time I tried. That was in the weeks after the first release of the game. But since the last update I now have the same problem in 3th person aswell when i'm building a new ship.. This one is new in my experience, so i'm not sure if this has anything to do with that. Extremely frustrating, cause I started a fresh playtrough and it's impossible to build my characters first ship Edit: Found a fix for the 3th person issue by placing a log first, so all other objects can use the grid from this object. No more wonkiness in 3th or 1st person building/moving on ship!
  2. lunz

    RESOLVED Ladders gets confused

    It's a known issue, to bad it still isn't fixed
  3. lunz

    Armor and extreme cold

    Bear armor is my favorite. The shoes even make you walk around 25% faster.
  4. lunz

    Better Zoom Out

    I would suggest making it possible to zoom out a lot more then we currently can do. Being able to see your whole ship when commanding it would be a whole lot more practical and visualy appealing. . At the moment it isn't possible to see the top of the mast, and your ship never fits the screen. I would also strongly suggest that a further zoom should be applied to the map, as of now you have to drag your mouse several times to find a previous visted yland, losing your orientation in the process. A better scale in my opinion would be if you could at least see the border of neighbouring yland when fully zoomed out in the mapscreen. 30+hrs in this game and as of yet don't regret a single dime I spend on it. Keep up the great work you devs are doing.
  5. lunz

    Better Zoom Out

    Haven't noticed that one, i'm going to try this out in a second and I'll see if i can confirm this in my game. Edit: Yep, can confirm. In commanding ship mode: 3th person > 1th person > 3th person limits the camera scale to the same scale the camera uses when the character is walking.
  6. Yeah same, It kinda sucks because I stopped bothering to tame horses in my playthroughs. Also, if you want to tuck in for the night, the horse will deny you any sleep because right now the game doesn't register a tamed animal as 'NOT dangerous'. Hopefully in future updates there will be a difference in wild and tamed animals, and maybe some commands were you can tell the horse to wait and/or follow you from a certain distance (close, medium, far).
  7. lunz

    RESOLVED Rope ladder bug

    Had the same bug happening to me. Got rid of the standard ropeladder on the ship and managed to get a new one on the side. As soon as I used the new one it flipped me into oblivion, I fell through the ground and died. After that I respawned again on a completely different Yland with al my gear intact, including my map. So I managed to track back to my OG Yland, placed the rope ladder again and didn't have the same bug reapear again since... There seems to be some issues with the fysics on the ships, especially in first person mode. So till there are some fixes I'll be extremely carefull building on them
  8. Same here, First Person makes the fysics on the ship extremely wonky. I started building my ship 30ft from the coastline and ended up rocking it on the beach just by placing and replacing building blocks on my ship. Also, low flying birds indeed collide with your ship, to the point it almost flipped my boat upside down in the water.