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  1. 4 hours ago, zarwil said:

    I'm jelaus that you caught the thunder on the first pic! I tried the same last week but had to give up after a while xD 

    Thanks! To be fair, it took a while. Kept on spamming the screenshot key till I got the perfect shot and luckily there was a lightning strike right in the middle of the scene.

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  2. It's been awaile since I posted anything on this forum. Haven't started Ylands up in a long time and a lot has changed.
    Tought I post some screenshots from a singlepayer survival scenario I was building around the time the editor got its first update. Never finished it, but maybe i'll start working on it again as soon as I can figure out this new editor.

    The scenario would go a little like this:
    You awake aboard a crashed airplane on top of a blizzardy mountain without gear. You'll have to loot trough the debris and scattered luggage for gear, as resources are hard to find on this harsh map. Eventually you will find clues on what caused the crash and stumble upon the deeper secrets this icy Yland holds.


    The crashsite and first spawnpoint on the map.


    This tourist wan't as lucky as you. Maybe you'll find something usefull on his remains.


    A functional, yet deserted facility. Where did everybody go?


    Finding a roof above your head is crucial for surviving in a snowstorm. Multiple natural and man-made shelters are scattered around the map for you to find.



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  3. Hi fellow Ylanders

    Stranded on a hostile Yland in the middle of nowhere?
    Nasty critters keeping you awake at night?
    Are you aiming a little higher for a place to rest your head?

    Look no further, find your new home, high up in the trees!


    This playerhome has :

    • Multiple floors lifted up in rainforest trees; 
    • Cleaned up interior for decorating anyway you see fit;
    • A (purely cosmetic) cranelift to transport your supplies to the higher floor;
    • A watchtower, to spot your enemies between the jungle branches.


    Took me a couple of days to find a acceptable compostion with the amount of trees and space between them. 

    I left the interior empty so I could focus on the exterior look of the building.


    I got my inspiration for the lift from pictures of Potbot83's crane on the workshop. 
    It's 3 wagon wheels and some steel tubes + a lot of patience with the editor to make it look like something credible.
    Would be awesome if one day in the future we can add real ropes and hanging objects. But for now you'll just have to pretend it's a real working lift.




    To download this compostion, go to the following workshop link:


    Feel free to post any toughts, critiques, etc.!
    I would love to know what you guys think.





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  4. On 21/7/2018 at 3:45 PM, spyler.1989 said:

    Same thing happened to me. The Ylands team solved it on the same day, be patient, surely on Monday you will have solved.

    Thanks Spyler, I allready feared the only option would be to remove a previous composition. I'll try again tomorrow :)

    And thanks for the kind words! Will post a new topic with the workshop link as soon as I get it uploaded!

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  5. Hi fellow Ylanders

    I wanted the post my new treehouse composition on the workshop but I can't seem to upload anymore creations on my page... 
    It keeps gving me the  Upload of creationfile.ycp failed: User exceeded space quota -error.

    Is there some kind of memory-cap on uploadable content?
    The composition file i'm trying to upload is only 26kb btw.. 


    Anyone else experiencing this error?







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  6. Hi guys,

    Here's my attempt at a 1930 car. I made two versions of the same car; One with a roof and one without.

    I noticed 2 bugs with this build:

    • Same as WijkAgentAdrie pointed out: After placing and then moving blocks, it becomes impossible to snap them to the same exact grid as the car chasis. I keep getting small gaps between my blocks.
      Only when placing the blocks directly on the connected car chasis they snap in the right position.
    • When saving a car composition in the editor, the colours get screwed over when placing the saved composition in the worldspace.

    I'm also using the steamengine for this car, so I don't think this one will win any races :P 








    I'm guessing I have to pick just one for the competition?


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  7. On 6/4/2018 at 9:51 AM, suporman_kretin said:

    Looks nice, good job, but can you tell me RGB of bricks? It looks dope af. Thanks.

    Thankyou, nice to hear you like it. I can tell you the RGB of the bricks as soon as I'm back on my other computer, wich is only in weekends. You can also download the composition and check for yourself in the editor offcourse ;)

  8. A very familiar looking gas station.

    With 76 coming closer, I tought I'd bring ode to the first reststop you come across in the 4th Fallout game.

    This build was kind of a pain in the ass.
    Building the roof, the pillars and the house in different groups and trying to allign them perfectly wasn't as easy as i first tought.
    I still think some of the proportions don't feel right, but after 10hours spend on this thing I couldn't be bothered anymore.

    Hopefully the editor gets an update soon, making my life a lot easier.

    Comes with interior:

    • Garage with energy worksbench and locksmithstation
    • kitchen with stove and storage
    • backroom with bed and computer

    There is a ladder on the backside of the building connected to the roof.

    Dog also part of the composition. Hopefully when pets are a thing in the game I can change some AI settings for it to be non-aggresive.


    Feel free to download the composition in your game.
    Some feedback would be very appreciated!

    Composition download: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/447






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  9. A Playerhome build around scavenged airplane parts.

    I started making this design with the idea of using the plane parts so they are actual shelter. I tried to make it look like it was put togheter from different materials, although I mainly used steelbeams and blocks for the construction around the plane parts.
    This time I left the interior empty and free to decorate. So no integrated workstations, apart from a tanning rack outside.

    The hull of the airplane is accesible and also made in a way that it's possible to build/decorate it inside.

    Feel free to download this composition in your game and post any feedback!

    Composition download: https://ylands.net/asset/425









    Composition download: https://ylands.net/asset/425








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  10. Decided to upload my playerhome to the workshop.

    2 and a half store building with a tower. Preferably mid to lategame playtrough. Comes with added interior.

    • Kitchen/entrance room
    • Workshack with blacksmithstation, 2 forges,and a locksmithtable
    • Small Yard with tanning rack, furnace
    • Bedroom with lab, alchemytable and dyeing stand
    • Tower

    Composition download : https://ylands.net/asset/422

    Feel free to post any feedback!







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  11. 4 hours ago, Froggy5 said:

    Hey everyone i just experienced this issue and a fix for it (for me atleast) was to just place any object (like a log) one that you can place on grid then pick it back up and you should be fine.


    unsure what the cause is as i have only ever come across this about 5 mins ago. (was looking for ship creations and saw this image, followed the link and here i am posting ^.^)

    one thing I found out about this is if you have the anchor down the ships height will keep changing (either float or sink) but if you raise the anchor it will regain is buoyancy and return to its correct height.

    I can also confirm that this fix works. Thanks and good find!