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  1. 5 hours ago, bb cakes_P1 said:


    Totally agree. But I would say terrain modification in general.

    Currently I try avoid digging or levelling ground around my base as much as possible since you can't smooth terrain (in SP). If you want to cover up a hole you dug you can never make it look normal again. Proper terraforrming tools would be great. Maybe a tool to smooth terrain and another to flatten ground at an angle.

    Also I would also love it if "grass" would grow on dirt. By grass I just mean the green texture on the dirt. If the colour of the dirt would slowly change to an even green (with a smooth fade) it would be great.

    Anyway, I cant wait for the 0.11 update.

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  2. That looks amazing! I wish I was that good. :)

    Also, have you placed the blueprint of that house down in Energritz_'s server? If so could you please disable the protective barrier (if you aren't going back on to finish it) so that we could clear the area (dig away the mound and cut down trees) and finish it. It would look awesome on the island completed!

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  3. I was playing happily on a public server (Energritz_'s AU/NZ server) when I encountered this "Docteur" character.
    At first he seemed fine. He came to my place and I gave a bit of food and grass clothes.

    However, shortly later he began ramming my ship anchored near the shore with a ship I later discovered was stolen. Luckily, their was no damage and he quickly left after I started shooting at him. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't so lucky. Docteur rammed his ship and placed dirt (causing chaos and lagg on the server) and got his ship stuck. After a couple of server crashes/resets we managed to free the ships. Docteur meanwhile left (hopefully not destroying stuff elsewhere).

    It was very annoying and the water is now mucked up. I think Doctuer should be banned for a while as he clearly was aiming to be annoying and has affected a few servers now.

    Anyway, just remember him and if you see him, kill him. :D

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  4. I know this is a old post but I encountered this same bug just recently. Clearly it hasn't been fixed :D

    When I equip seeds that are in the seed box (the seeds go on the hotbar thing all the way on the right), the number of seeds does not change in the hotbar (but still goes down in the box) meaning that you don't realize how many seeds you have until the planting "fails". (You have no more seeds but it still shows seeds in the hotbar)

    It's not a particularly annoying bug but I thought I should make sure it wasn't forgotten.

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  5. I am really looking forward to this update. Proper editor scripting will be amazing :).

    Also, I was looking at the roadmap and noticed something. Technically, 0.10 has already been released back in 2016. And the update was called "Extended Editor". It's very fitting that the 'new' 0.10 update will be focused on the editor as well xD.

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  6. 6 hours ago, RedEagle_P1. said:

    Ok, bit of news for everyone! 

    At the suggestion of @WijkagentAdrie we are going to have a drive together this Sunday in our cars just for fun and then vote on a winner. 

    Join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA

    I will put up a server where we can take a drive :)

    Time: GMT -6 (1 hour before this countdown hits 0: http://www.p1gaming.net/synergy-time/)

    Polls will open at the end of the drive and remain open the rest of that day *until I go to sleep*. 


    I would love to be there but according to your clock thing it will be about 6 in the morning for me xD.

    Also when I tried driving my truck the suspension lifted heaps and so it looks kinda weird... (I'm not sure if that's a bug or not but I think it should stay how it looks in the editor)

  7. I am IN!


    Here is my submission. A 1930's Ford Truck (kind of).
    This was my first time using the editor for me. I don't normally create fancy structures but I thoroughly enjoyed making this truck.

    The truck houses one small ylandium engine under the hood on a large car chassis so it's not the fastest vehicle on the road. Also, the only way to charge it is by using the remote charging thingy because you can't access the engine. You can also put anything on the back, including another engine if we do have a race ^_^.

    I noticed the same bugs in the editor as WijkAgentAdrie and lunz pointed out. However, I also found that when placing shells (or at least the red/orange/cyan shells) they are always placed facing down even if you rotate them before placing them.

    Workshop link: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/481

    Screenshots of my truck. (It doesn't really look like a Ford):

    I used a clay bowl, steel rod and cyan shells to create the wing mirrors. The bull bar was created using the steel rods too.


    I got a bit carried away and tried to create a garage too :D

    From the editor (without the added distractions):

    Thanks for creating the competition :). I really enjoyed creating the truck.

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  8. I agree the PB needs updating. It should protect the land completely. Luckily in the next update, the PB will prevent others from making terrain modifications which is a step in the right direction. My house has been covered in dirt too many times...
    Also, I think that items dropped on the ground (not by the player) should despawn after a while. For example, wooden pieces, resin, etc... from cut down trees. When I walk around my yland its always filled with junk left on the ground.

  9. I love Ylands. Its a great game. However the multiplayer needs serious fixing.

    Firstly, at the moment we have protective barriers which are great however they need to also stop others placing dirt, digging, planting etc... I started a new multiplayer map and spent a while making a nice house inside the protective barrier. Although people can't directly destroy the house, they can place dirt and plant trees. When I returned to my house it was covered in dirt which was obviously very annoying. The protective barriers need to stop others from also placing and removing the earth.

    Second. I locked the door to my house and also locked two of the important chests just in case. No one should be able to take my stuff inside the locked house. However, when I returned the chests which weren't locked were all looted. I believe this is because people can look through the windows (and maybe walls) in first person and interact with things inside the house even though they are outside. This also must be fixed.
    Lastly, I don't mind people attacking others since that is kinda part of the game but the combat mechanics in multiplayer make it very hard to hit others. When you click to attack, most times you end up hitting the ground even though they are right next to you. This means its very hard to defend your base as people can just run around you, and then cover your house with dirt ;). Which brings me to another point. When you do finally kill someone there needs to be a penalty of some kind. It's impossible to stop someone if they can forever respawn and keep coming back.

    These are my suggestions. Feel free to give feedback,


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