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    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8022] Placing invisible items

    Also happen to me. It's because a ship (small and large) .But the solution is you must place an item but don't let this item gone in your inventory (must have at least one ea. in your inventory .) because it's started a bug .
  2. Here you go ,thank you for helping me . output_log.txt DxDiag.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Sorry if my English not quite good enough. It happen when we (about 4 players) build a ship not just a small ship , large ship too. And we all sail together.But it happen when other players log out and stay in a ship ,We sail back to home when they didn't log in to server and when they want to come in to server , it's alway Freeze and crash the game, also broke my direct3D (i don't know it happen because my pc or the game) So i must restart my pc and start the game over and over (about 10 times) , but it's in the same way "Crash" . I don't know what's a problem but i think it happen when player's model and player's that log out in last time position dosen't in a same position such as , Player A logout while he stay in a ship (in a location far away from home) . Then, Player B (host) sail back to home . When Player A log in back to server. Host go crash. Please fix this bug . i don't wanna create another server again T_T (It's happen only player who stay in a ship)