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    Protective Barriers, online multiplayer

    I understand the desire to have the barrier become a respawn point (we've experimented with it actually, and with the right logic in place you can do this in a non-explore map). I think, however, that risk management is a part of the explorer game and would be diminished by the safety of having a quick respawn to your base. As it stands now, respawn is done to the closest island's respawn point but there are some exceptions - I've noticed that you sometimes end up on the respawn for the server itself. I think this happens when you aren't associated to any island (like falling through the world), or perhaps if the island you're on is not hospitable and has no resources (polar desert perhaps). I think that's a reasonable setup assuming no bugs and you respawn randomly to an island halfway across the world. You can still mitigate risk by bringing some backup gear with you, locking it up on a ship, and knowing how to get to it in the event of death on that island. That said, if we could have some way of teleporting to a barrier/base but at a cost (maybe gold coins or can only be done once a day or something), I'd be open to exploring that further.
  2. Yeah, I've done the ladder challenge, the swimming over the deck, and falling off as I read the map, eat, or try to move while the ship is moving. But being bounced around on your boat while it is stationary? That's a new one that I haven't seen. The closest I've come to that is have a bridge room around my helm with a lockable door. I'd unlock the door, open it, walk out, close the door, lock it, then walk away. A second later I'm teleported back through the locked door and back into the bridge.
  3. Terrain manipulation within a barrier was fixed. That doesn't mean your griefer didn't find an exploitable way to get through the barrier, but this specific problem was addressed. If anyone has any new exploits to report, I recommend they create appropriate bug reports so the team can handle them.
  4. Baz Foobar

    ladder theft

    Was that done through a protection barrier? Either way, I gotta give them credit for their resourcefulness! However, it would still result in a ban on my server lol.
  5. Does the bouncing around in the glass helm station happen while you are at the controls? I've yet to experience any movement as long as I am at the helm or in a seat. Definitely if I'm moving around while the boat is in motion, but I think that's been that way forever and a known problem. Also even if it's not in motion, if you have a room with a door on a boat, sometimes you get teleported back into a room you just left.
  6. Thanks Berzeger! Is it definitely caused by sleeping or are there any other events that trigger it?
  7. Baz Foobar

    What Happen To PA 4 Explore Server ?

    Ane, How long do you usually keep the official servers running? I restart mine at least once a day and I've only seen it go down once since 0.8.
  8. Definitely more griefers since the last refresh - likely a combination of people coming back to see if 0.8 improved their experience, students home for spring break, and maybe some new people who purchased the game. In any event, I figure they're doing me (and other server non-griefing server admins) a favor. Prove you're a griefer while you're still on spawn island and give us a chance to ban you early on before we have to deal with you later. Thanks for speeding up the process! Note - I'm not on some power hungry admin trip here, we make it very clear that we are a non-griefing server via the server name, rules published on our Discord welcome channel, and in-game server-wide broadcasts every 5 minutes to remind players. If they still manage to grief others after all of that and I have clear evidence of it (I cut a backup every few minutes so I can see what's going on throughout the day even if I'm not there to witness it), they get banned, no questions asked. I simply don't have the time to deal with these guys trying to justify what they did or make excuses, and with all of the warnings provided up front, I don't see how there could be a viable excuse anyway. There are plenty of no-holds barred servers out there, so it's not like I'm depriving them of the experience. To other non-griefing server admins, if you're interested in sharing ban lists and the rules you use to ban said players, contact me - I've already shared with some of you. No expectation of reciprocating bans, but feel free to use the information that suits you best - maybe you just scan your LAP lists to see if some of my bans are on your server and you keep an eye out. As always, I would recommend performing your own investigations, but if this information is helpful, I'm happy to provide it.
  9. Baz Foobar

    Day / Night not working

    Ane, I think it's the same issue - the time seems to get stuck after someone sleeps such that it only advances maybe 6minutes of game time, then it goes back. After a long enough interval, it eventually advances one, but the same repeat window of ~6 minutes. If you wait long enough, you'll eventually make it through the day/night, but it takes a really long time. A server restart fixes it until someone sleeps again.
  10. Baz Foobar

    Invincible in MP

    Had this happen to a few people on my server since 0.6 - can't figure out how to reproduce it, but if you ever do manage to die (falling under the world or some other crazy unexplained death), you can expect to be a ghost that doesn't reincarnate, but then you might be able to try /killme /unstuck or some combination thereof to finally get yourself sorted, and you'll respawn with nothing in your inventory, and possibly a clone of yourself at the world respawn point that is holding all your stuff. Good news is you should be able to kill him and get most of your stuff back, bad news is you lost your map, key chain, and barrier generator (if you didn't place it yet), and if you did place the generator already, you no longer own it.
  11. Search for Foobar - you are welcome and encouraged to join our Discord server as well. We use it to communicate since the game lacks a global chat system.
  12. Ane - for the server log, please refer to the file I sent you this morning.
  13. Baz Foobar

    The Ylands community is dying...

    I think it would be fantastic if BI would provide some community support in the methods described above. Maybe we don't need to give out compensation, but certainly some kind of recognition would go a long way. That all said, I think I would draw the line at idea #4 - even though Red called me out personally as an example (Thanks Red, I appreciate it!) I don't think I deserve that kind of recognition. My server is made up of the players who inhabit it - I merely provide the opportunity for their ideas to foster and community to flourish while keeping an eye on tidying things up. I also am not sure I would want a game developer to be singling out servers in that regard, as it could lead to some belief of favoritism or unfair advantage being provided. Instead, I would suggest that we, the Ylands Gaming Community, should take on that responsibility of recognizing the servers that have helped make the community strive the best. That kind of recognition would go a long way and mean a lot more coming from that audience (no offense intended, BI!) In any event, I welcome the notion of enhancing the Ylands Community. Ane has a huge opportunity here, and I think we can all help her out in this regard. After all, the community is ultimately ours.
  14. Baz Foobar

    chopped trees falling through the ground

    My problems were mostly unchoppable trees, I saw one tree fall halfway through the ground but it was still an unchoppable situation. PeteMoss was the player who saw three trees in a row fall below the world upon cutting down.
  15. Sounds like the Philadelphia Experiment...
  16. Baz Foobar

    0.8: Meaningful Music (28/03/2018)

    Server log from last night sent! Anyone else noticing constant log spam similar to this? [IN] [17:27:45.35] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdInterrupt seq=745 [IN] [17:27:45.47] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdUseItem seq=746 [IN] [17:27:45.63] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdInterrupt seq=747 [IN] [17:27:45.73] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdUseItem seq=748 [IN] [17:27:45.91] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdInterrupt seq=749 [IN] [17:27:45.99] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdUseItem seq=750 [IN] [17:27:46.16] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdInterrupt seq=751 [IN] [17:27:46.24] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdUseItem seq=752 [IN] [17:27:46.43] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdInterrupt seq=753 [IN] [17:27:46.49] Executing sequenced command type=ylands.CmdUseItem seq=754
  17. Baz Foobar

    0.8: Meaningful Music (28/03/2018)

    Quick observation - login times are much improved, kudos to the programmer who cleaned that up. Trees are still crazy - sometimes they become unchoppable until you log out and back in. Overall performance seems good, but we started with a new map for 0.8 so we haven't uncovered all of the Ylands yet - will report back once the map is all discovered. One problem that is new though - the entire server (5-6 of us) would get booted every once in a while (it happened at least 3 times within a span of 2 hours) where we'd all get connection time outs and we'd have to log back in again (good job on the queue, we get in real quick without clobbering each other like in previous versions). Not sure if the timeouts were because of the server or what, so I'll give the system a clean recycle tomorrow morning and see how tomorrow plays out. If it continues to get timeouts with server-wide disconnects, I'll provide client and server logs.
  18. Baz Foobar

    Mp: can i switch from survival to creative?

    You need to take the server offline, bring the savegame into the editor, and drop a Creator Cube near your avatar. Then start the game up with the new savegame, pick up the creator cube and have at it. The creator cube grants you unlimited crafting and invulnerability. Alternatively, just make all your edits to the world and the environment using the editor, but then your server has to be down for that entire duration.
  19. Baz Foobar

    Planting trees in base

    Agreed, there was a post in the dedicated server forum asking for feedback on what we would like to see - teleporting to players was something I had on my list. It is definitely needed. In the meantime, build walls just inside of your barrier and lock your doors. Don't place anything right inside of the wall unless you double-wall. And don't rely on terrain as a border if you excavate right up to the barrier (griefers will find touchpoints along the dirt and dig through it). Finally - make extensive use of the ban command. I have over 10 ID's that are banned on my server. I have signage at spawn that tell people what the rules are, and how to contact me on Discord for the rest of the policies, news, and chat. If they still choose to cause grief, they can't use the excuse that they didn't know. First offense - banned. I don't have time to deal with it, so that's the route I go with. If you don't have signs up at spawn to make your policies clear, on the other hand, you'll probably want to warn, then monitor - if you can afford the time.
  20. Baz Foobar

    Planting trees in base

    Barrier doesn't stop players from placing or planting things, or picking up placed things or harvesting plants. It prevents breaking of constructed items (that have had a chance to harden in place) as well as terrain.
  21. Baz Foobar

    Dev Diary #31

    Will players have the ability to bring the save file into their editor, make changes, and push it back out to the cloud save so that the next person who hosts it will get that same version? Also, I presume these worlds are not eligible for the monetization parameters described previously for Official Servers?
  22. Baz Foobar

    From My Viewpoint Opinions

    Good luck buddy - your input here was always insightful and I enjoyed reading your contributions. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to play in the same world. Ylands has some development left. Hopefully when you return, you'll see a much improved experience. If not, well, hopefully you got your $15 worth of fun
  23. Did you set your in-game day to longer than the default 48 minutes? If so, that's the cause of that. It seems they accelerated the sleep-based clock with the context of a 48 minute in-game day, but neglected to account for the additional time for games defined with longer day durations.
  24. Baz Foobar

    Dev Diary #31

    Honestly at this point, fix MP and make sure it works, then release it. You're losing interested players otherwise. MP can be a very frustrating experience for some people, I've seen it firsthand both as a player and as a dedicated server admin. As it stands, I'm keeping my DS down until 0.8 - I look forward to seeing improvements.
  25. Baz Foobar

    Dev Diary #31

    Since they've already stated that dedicated servers will be rentable, it would make sense that additional cloud save storage beyond some free amount would be feasible using Coyn currency. I think the notion of free storage sufficient for a save or two with additional demand covered by Coyn to be a reasonable model. Up until the cost of said storage starting to encroach upon the cost of renting a dedicated server, of course.