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  1. I've been trying to join the [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32 server every day to play with my friends that play on that server, but it is still the same.. I know this is early access and problems are expected to happen, and that is how it is.. I just hope that this problem will be looked into, so it can get fixed for the future, and if possible it would be nice to be able join the server with my friends any time soon Had it just been a reset or something like that, then it wouldn't be a problem, but not being able to join a particular server, tends to hit harder, and kinda takes a bit of the fun out of it. Even if it is early release it would be nice to know that people are looking into these showstopper bugs, and are working on fixing it.. but short term and long term.
  2. I've just verified that I still can't join the server [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32 and it is still the same problem. I have attached the files below, I hope they are of any help to you - But I still believe it is a server-side issue. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  3. After playing for a few days on the [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32 I can now no longer join the server. Single player works with no problem, and I can join other Official servers, like the [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 30 with no problems. It's the same from two different computers, on different internet connections, and with different hardware. What happens: I check the box to only show servers where I have played on. Click the [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32, and then a box comes up saying something like "Establishing Connection" and after a moment it changes to the Skyscreen with various text messages in the top, and the spinning "circle" at the bottom. I would normally expect some loading progress text messages in the bottom.. but no text shows up at all. It just keeps spinning.. even if I leave it for 5 min, 10 min, 20 min or 30 min.. nothing changes except the circle keeps spinning, and I can only do a ALT-F4 to end the game. If I try to join ie. [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 30 instead, it shows the skyscreen and progress messages as it should, and within a few mins I'm in the game and able to play I've checked my log files, and they are both empty.. so no use in including them. Been trying to join the [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32 a few times over the last two hours, and again yesterday and the day before that.. so just look in the server logs from the last hours from the time this post. My guess at what is the cause of this problem is that for some reason serverside player profile has been corrupted, and that prevents me from joining that server. But that can only be solved by going through the server log files to see what goes on, or delete/clear my user profile on [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32.