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Found 279 results

  1. I was playing in MP on a dedicated server, I played about 6 hours, the textures of the animals appeared in black, and when the resources were clicked, they did not appear until I started the game. if you throw objects from the inventory the same thing happens. I have to say that I had never had this happen to me. I restart game
  2. Left my home Island on my ship and started to head west then this happened.. does the same thing if I shut the game down and restart that particular world. Not sure what happened. output_log.zip output_log_clean.zip
  3. Spyler.X

    KNOWN ISSUE I am a ghost

    hi leave my server open and my character lying on the bed with the creator cube equipped when I returned this was the result, I was dead and alive at the time I let myself get out of bed and teleport to spawn but not move
  4. the divine one

    invisable friends

    I become invisable to my friends while playing multiplayer but I can still see them I am hosting the game
  5. Hey I just got new error report with crash.dmp and error.log in it (Maybe just new directory(?)). Its located in "C:\Users\..\AppData\LocalLow\Bohemia Interactive\Ylands\Crashes" Long story short, My character got propeller pack bug, I tried "/killme" command to kill myself and see if it will fix the propeller pack issue somehow, but nope. The result is game breaking. When /killme command executed, my screen become grey but my character is freeze, can't do anything or move and dead screen don't show up. So I decided to re-login to the server, after that dead screen show up, I clicked "New Character", create character menu show up, but after that menu, my screen just flickering, if I press alt+F4 the crash notification show up.. I tried twice so I have 2 crash report. Here: Crashes.rar [Update] Oh well technically the menu does something, but not like what I was expected..
  6. I've been playing this game for a while now and I've played many worlds, I've noticed that after a while of playing and I've unlocked a lot of recipes my game crashes when i try to use my crafting menu. As soon as i start a new world the game runs fine but then eventually it gets to the point where if i try searching in the crafting menu it freezes my game, while i was trying to craft a large mast if I hit the M key it would just freeze, but this happens if I scroll through the lists too. I also cant use the tabs in the crafting menu if they have a lot of recipes in, as soon as I click them the game freezes. In particular i have noticed that it freezes the most around the section where all the car parts are. All of my graphics settings are on low to try and improve performance of the game, I have an AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card, an AMD Athlon(tm) x4 750k Quad core processor, windows 10.
  7. Hi! After the update, making Craftsman's Potion doesn't seem to work anymore. I have 30 Quinoa and 5 Magic dust and more than one flask, plus Alchemy Table - everything there, but it always tells me Missing Required Material. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. nowhereville

    Left Trigger non responsive

    I loaded up the game for the first time since the cheerful characters update, and while the prompt still comes up to use the left trigger for gathering, etc.... actually using it does nothing. I checked with an outside app to make sure the controller is still functioning, and it is fine.
  9. Screen started going crazy. has never happened before to me. also, it had lines of yellow light shooting out, went for 2 mins before I closed my world. Very strange. this was right after getting a prop pack. Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Kaizjay

    Fatal login error

    I've just bought this game on steam. I also bought it for my brother and he can get onto it fine. As soon as i start up the game this error comes up. Can anyone please help me fix it? I'm sorry if this has been posted already but it's frustrating me haha!
  11. _SmallKuca_

    RESOLVED Black Screen

    after update....when I start the game I have a black screen but I see a menu. I tried reinstalling it all but did not help
  12. Im playing with friend on dedicted server he started(quake's world) and im expiriencing some problems. -sometimes i get bugged when i grab item from ground. Bugged in way- my avatar repeats grabing move, and its very hard to do anything else, i can walk(while still repeating the grab move) but i cannot use any items or grab anything, stops only after relog. For my friend looking at my avatar it appears like everything is okay. -when i enter crafting, or more commonly exit crafting into inventory, game crashes(this appears is known bug with old ATI radeon graphic cards, my computer is using one(HP pavilion dv6 3300se, ATI mobility radeon 6550)) -sometimes after game crashes its impossible to re-enter the world, game crashes when loading "raising oceans" hits 100% every time, the only way is to load last server world backup and run from that. This and more issues is going to report my friend who maintains the server. keep up great work, and if i missed some information key to resolve them bugs, let me know, I will do what i can to help. Ylands is great promissing game :-) Honza output_log_clean.txt error.log output_log.txt
  13. Odilthan

    Player Invisible in boat

    Goodday, Today me and a friend experienced this weird bug, and i didn't find a post about it.. so i'll try to explain it the best i can with my poor Englandish We are playing in a private online multiplayer world. We have Person A, and person B to make it a bit easier. Person A is the host of the server.. Person A has built two boats.. for both person A and B to explore more Ylands. After Exploring a Yland, person A and B return to their boats. Person B sees a blacked out boat, and is not able to control it.. Person A sees both boats perfectly fine and can control both of them. When person A controls the 'blacked out' boat, person B will see just the boat sailing along, without a person in it. Person B will see person A at the last place before he entered the boat. Person B will permanently see person A in that position, even if person A leaves the boat. (only re-joining will solve this) Both persons can still hit eachother, only person B doesn't see he hit someone. I hope this is somewhat clear, if not.. just ask me, and i'll try to explain it a little better. Kind regard,
  14. Items in bold are in my opinion, the most critical issues. GENERAL BUGS When destroying a ship, the sails, ladders, anchor switch, and helm control should also destroy. (Currently they float in the air where the ship once was) Sometimes items in inventory will vanish but still occupy the space. So users will see a warning message about there not being enough space, even though there is at least one empty slot. When dropping a miners hat on the ground it will sometimes sink showing just a tiny bit of the upper portion of the hat that is too small to interact with. When placed on blocks, it will pass through the blocks to rest on the terrain below it. EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MULTIPLAYER It takes too long for the server to register that a user has logged off, thus they can be killed long after they have logged off, even behind a BP. Locks for helms are useless outside of a PB, this means any ship can be stolen easily; it only takes a few wacks with a stone hammer against a locked helm to destroy it, then a new helm can be added and the user can run off with the ship. Griefers like to point them away from the island, open the sails, then jump off and swim back to the island letting the ship sail away. Lag gets worse as the server gets older, so any new server has a limited life span, often very short. Unless the server owner spends a lot of time removing trash from the ground that has been left all over the island. Dead bodies from murdered and starving offline players does not help either, esp since they cannot be removed in-game. Junk items should auto despawn after x number of minutes, this includes wood chunks, bark, sticks, unplanted seeds, sap, broken grass, etc... Basically, anything that can be easily regenerated. Limited items such as stones, iron, and clay should not despawn. The size of the save file also seems to contribute to lag, or the size of the file is an indicator of things happening in-game that contribute to lag. Dead bodies cannot be removed if the player never logs in again. So anyone killed within a PB gets to remain a perm structure for the plot owner to stare at. Even the admin remove tool will not get rid of them. Dead bodies are also blamed for excess lag. In short, a corpse should disappear within minutes. Followup: We now know that player data is tied to a player body. So if you delete a corpse using the editor, you delete all player data and when that player returns, s/he has to restart. We need an option to remove a corpse without removing player data AND a choice to remove both the corpse and the data. We need to be able to see the latency to servers when browsing the list of servers. By default, the servers should be ordered according to latency. Currently the default is by game name I think. Ordering the list of servers by the number of players does not seem to work. It's possible that it is ordering by the total number of players that have ever joined the server rather than the current number of players logged in. BUG: In MP, items placed using free-placement-mode on the ship sometimes instantly vanish rather than being placed. BUG: Hitting a bird with a ship results in all kinds of madness, somehow a tiny bird is able to create chaos on a ship. BUG: Maps reset with a relog. This is a non-issue atm because map data gets saved for each user in the game save file and a lot of map data in that file can drastically effect the performance of a DS. Ideally, the issue of map data storage should be addressed before stabilizing the map in MP game. BUG: Ships can sometimes be turned on their side by jumping down on them from a fair distance. This seems related to the seagull bug - essentially, if something hits the ship hard enough, it can be pushed into a position that renders it useless. I don't know if this is an editor issue or a DS issue. If I create a trigger in the editor to display a message, it works fine in single player. But when I pull that map into a DS, that message will no longer appear. Other triggers will work, for example: spawn entity. THE EDITOR Key mapping in the editor should be 100% independent from keymapping in the game. With my custom key mapping I use my mouse buttons for movement but this interferes with the editor so I have to constantly change key mapping when going back and forth between the editor and testing the map in-game. There is an editor section of the keymap, but it alone should be used when in the editor, instead it *and* the other controls are used. In the editor, add the ability to include the broken protection barrier to a player inventory. (This is very important for creating custom MP players) BUG: In the editor, there is an option to edit the HP of items placed in the world. However this does not seem to function in-game. No matter what value I enter for HP, the default HP is registered in-game. You can test this on the lantern which can be broken with just a few bare hands hits, even if you give it 15000 HP which is the same HP as a ship, it will still break right away. I would love to see a trigger option for "remove entity". MY WISH LIST An option to exit a game without saving progress (this can help alot if a bug is encountered during a play session). Custom key mapping should be 100% reflected in the displayed tool tips. So if the tool tip normally showed left click but custom key mapping is left-shift, then the tool tip would correct to show left-shift too. Edit: This seems to work as expected for keys, but it does not work when customizing the mouse. Pots don't work as expected. I should be able to plant a seed *in* the pot. Currently, planted seeds touch a pot but are not *connected* to it mechanically. You can see this if you try to plant a seed on a pot that is on a boat, the boat and the pot will move, but the planted seed will remain there floating. I Would like to see an option to "pin" tool bar items in the top row of my inventory so that my tool bar items are not scattered around my inventory. Please add borderless window option (forever requested, in any game ever made). I'd like to see an option to disable the incredibly annoying screen flashing when freezing. Edit: This has been addressed by the devs, looks like they are planning for a fix I would like to see the water level even out to a default level when editing the stuff below the surface. Any removal of dirt or sand changes the water level locally. If I swim out 30 feet from shore, drop a couple of dirt, then dig the same dirt, there is now a large perimeter around that spot in which you can see that the water level is lower than the rest. In most cases there are multiple layers of water. This makes it difficult to build oceanic bases unless those base builders are okay with things looking odd or make it a point to never remove dirt or sand from the ocean. But in most sandbox games, players want their areas to look nice and the option to dig anywhere. I would like to see two additional support forums on the community site, one for servers and one for editors. Editors can work together to help troubleshoot editor issues and ask/answer questions. The server section can be used for the owners of servers to promote and discuss their public and private servers. The workshop site should allow for textual content by the author when posting a scenario and commenting by scenario subscribers. Some scenarios might need a guide but there is no room for text beyond a tiny 250 character description. Feedback would be nice too, especially for improving the scenario. Rating the scenario is nice but it doesn't offer insight on how to improve it and for this subscribers should be able to comment. I wish we had the option to map our keyboard for emotes. The radial is nice for controllers, but I should be able to map a key to my keyboard too for a one-press function. It takes way too long to pull up the radial and select an emote. Some new commands for DS admins: /setborder to set a limit on how far players and objects like ships can pass - can help with performance issues. /removeall <item> to quickly remove every type of a discarded (not placed) items, like debri from mining and tree chopping. /removeallhere <item> same as the former but removes all of an item currently loaded within a preset distance from admin. FIXED: OPC Starvation. (OPC = offline player character) Issue with players hiding behind fluid names to grief servers. This was fixed by adding the ability to ban a user by Bohemia ID. Ladder teleports users to other random locations. Within a BP, accidentally using a hammer on a container will cause all items in the container to vanish. Items in the container should return to player inventory or drop to the ground. I'm repealing this suggestion because it's the only way to get rid of stuff en-masse. For example, if you have a stack of 1000 sand in your inventory, have fun clicking 1000 times to destroy it, or place it in a basket protected by an orb and then hit it with a hammer. Forced new character when old character is still alive and well. WISH: I wish the helm and anchor switch could be *centered* on ships. - I'm repealing this because this is already possible by going into first person to use absolute positioning. Limited resources are fine for single player, but in MP, anyone that has not joined a new server early on, will not get clay or cloth unless at the mercy of other players. This is not "fixed" but I removed it from the list because I'm convinced that the Explore map was not designed for MP and this issue can be resolved with a custom world made with the editor. Boats cannot be protected with a lock. Finally fixed! Yay! The Protective Barrier (PB) does not prevent editing the land, thus any base can be griefed. A nice looking base that took hours or days to create, can be ruined in a matter of minutes. If the base is on water, or on a shore, the water can also be glitched by simply digging in the water. Fixed in 0.7. In the editor, add an option next to the "pickable" option for "can't be destroyed". This means lanterns can be protected too (An issue with glass items in 0.63). Added in 0.7.
  15. vengz


    pls fix these bugs... players can put dirt in protective barier area... they can put full of dirt infront of your door... they can come near to your walls and Use 'C' to see in your base and use your storages,Chestsss and pick your items... THEY CAN STOLE YOUR ITEMS OUT OF YOUR BASE ,, THEY CAN USE YOUR STORAGES , CHESTS OUT OF YOUR BASEEE...
  16. I got this game 2 days ago and im loving it ive got 33 hours put in to this world so far but I cannot find any structures ive sailed to 5 islands and found none... I have watched videos of people finding heaps of Structures on one island. (I really dont want to restart this world)
  17. Hi, So, well, once again I travelled to my Vulture Yland to see if bug I've found is real. This time I had rifles, crossbows, war axes and so on. I tried all methods and all the time results were the same except one situation, so: 1) I realised this first time when I managed to hunt Vulture in the sky: nothing was left by it. I tried many times to be sure, I also tried to hunt seagulls. I tried all weapons and both animals. Also: I tried it when animals were on land, in the air, below water (yes, birds can be found flying below water) and all variations possible: birds walking under water, bird glitching/spawned into the slopes (under and above water) and so on. I wasn't hunting pinguins and I do not like hunting at all for well, for my sensitivity/humanly reasons, I feel it's wrong (and yes, I'm the same guy who tries to convince you to give us back killing animations/gutting and bones). So, results are always the same: a) If a bird (any bird) is on the ground (with the exceptions of animals being trapped in high slopes) - it will leave you meat and feathers. For example - if you set baits - it will work. b) If you hit bird in the air, but close to you and ground between you and the bird is flat - you will seemeat and feathers landing - with "boom!". And it will be mostly there. c) If you hit any bird above water - in most cases (95%) - there will be nothing left. d) If you hit any bird above ground, but terrain is'nt flat or there is an obstacle between you and the hunted bird - bird will leave nothing. The only way to hunt Vultures and Seagulls alike is to set a trap and hunt them on the ground or to use propeller and fly almost directly above them, above ground or very shallow waters, so you can clearly see when the meat should land. And only then you will find meat there. I hope it will help to find a bug? Thank you for the great game! BTW. I started my idea to make it possible to play Yland in cheapest VR possible. If I succeed - I'll contact you, so you could add another FREE option to your great game! Bartosz
  18. hello can any dev help my problem? i lose all my item and i lose my current character after i logout.. when i try to login its required i must create new character and after i made a character i cant find any my item (i was logout in my home building) and in my new character i didnt get letter (usually get one after died) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  19. the large ship still cant have things placed on it. it doesnt move around as much with the latest update when you try build on it, but it always claims location too far
  20. Ylands is a great game, although because of early access, it can have some phenomenal game breaking bugs. As the title says - my brother and I were playing in a ylands world, He had entered a raft, and then all controls were locked. he sailed into the distant ocean, unable to control it. I opened the world in the editor and found him and his raft. I deleted the raft moved him to our island and repositioned my boat because it hit a rock. I saved and joined the world. Upon entry I noticed 2 things. one, my boat was in its original position, no changes. My brother tried to walk, and all his controls were locked. I then went back into the editor, and spawned in a large boat to test. When I saved and entered the world, the boat had not spawned in, and my brother was stuck. Sorry for the long post, I hope to see this bug get squashed! Ylands is a great game, I honestly think its worth 20$ With much more content at a early release im exited to see what comes! Thanks - Crow
  21. Hello, So i managed to find a sufficient amount of Ylandium, and i have enough to build a charging station, unfortunately, wherever i try to place it, it shows with a RED grid all around, no matter where i go, outside, in my house, on top of my house, on my ship (even worse this makes my ship rock and roll like it s going to sink), on a mountain... You name it i tried it all, and when finally, even with the RED grid i try to click to place it,i get either "Location Too Far" even if i try to build just under my nose, or, "There Is Not Enough Space" even if i try to place it in the open... That is all in solo game because as some of you may know by now, MP is a NO NO for me as it is.
  22. I love this game and love the exploration side of it most. But this last time I was in the process of building up a large ship. I was about 2/3 finished when I was launched into the air. I was walking up stairs, wanted to jump one, and was launched into the air. When I came back down onto the ship I had lost three hearts and the ship leaned and shimmied to the side. I hit something else and died, plunging to the bottom of the water. That wasn't the awful part. My ship was completely turned onto its side. There is no way I can think of to fix this. I don't mind dying because I have become a pro at recovering from it. But I can't rebuild yet another ship. Can you please help me? Can you at least tell me what the heck happened that makes sense? My character has never been launched like that before today. Attached are the files requested output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  23. Hello, so after the game updated, I decide to try MP server, everything was fine at the beginning (I'm playing on Official Server Explore PA 17). And just about 10 mins ago, I decide to explore a bit futher to polar biome. Planning to go to the cave, I put unnecessary stuff on my ship. I tried to put down the herbs bag, it placed just fine. Then when I put my seed box on my ship with V, it instantly gone poof. At that moment is at night, and my character feels freezing, so I decide to make fireplace on top of my ship under platfrom. Then same thing happen like seed box, the fireplaces I made is instantly gone poof. So I'm quickly decide to relog, everything works fine until loading. Now I'm stuck at Raising Ocean 0.0%. Here is Output logs Output logs after item gone poof.rar Output logs after loading stuck - raising ocean 0%.rar
  24. His character didn't die or anything but he was forced to create a new character and was spawned on some distant island we had not discovered yet and when I list account privelages(/lap) it lists me and two other people both by the same name but with different ids. Is there anything we can do to make it so he has his old character file, id or to get him back home or at the very least make sure this doesn't happen again?