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Found 279 results

  1. Hi, I was playing with my friend in multiplayer. I got kind of lost and when I found our ship, It was completely bugged (see screenshots). I tried to run on the ship and got stuck. When I tried to write the unstuck command, my game got frozen in chat and then crashed completely. It only happened to me, my friend (as the host) saw the ship normally. Thanks. 2017-12-29_194208.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. ParkerFrogg

    RESOLVED Can't Turn My Ship

    I started a discussion on Steam(link to the discussion: http://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/1620599015883685394/?tscn=1514257809 ) with the same title as this one and, after several people answered, came to the conclusion that after placing the computer on a ship it will glitch the boat and cause it to not turn left or right. I didn't create a backup save to go back to so now I am stuck with a boat that I worked on for hours that can only go forwards or backward. Is there a way I can remove the computer from my save, or remove it from the game entirely. If I could, I could remove the computer, go into the world and save it without the computer, create a backup, and reinstall the game so the computer is back. But, I don't know if that would break the game/save and cause an even bigger problem because there is an item missing. I can't just go and break it because it disappeared, but maybe there is a way to make it reappear. But I don't know it if there is. These are the only things I could think of with my limited computer skills. Is there any way I can fix this? If not that is okay, but I would love to know if there is.
  3. so I won today from a friend the ylands game, I went to play and I came across a pink image, I went in the settings and mechi in the video tab, I put everything in the lowest and everything was like this! then put everything on ultra and it continued like this. If you can not help me, I want a refund. I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator.
  4. When exiting game the mostly white game save screen does not terminate or seem to exit ever. Screen seems to be up indefinitely. Not sure if it is saving my hdd to the cloud here or what. This is the early access version on Steam: Build (countless colors)
  5. When crafting the inventory item shown for the work station is a random item and not the work station item so when looking for the workstation to construct it is difficult to find by image/icon Build (countless colors)
  6. gbkisses

    RESOLVED Iron ladders

    Hi Bohemia, Congrats for the game I find it awesome. I'm coming here regarding an issue I have with iron ladders. (at least one !). Im playing SP only atm and the (pre built) house I'm using IG got an iron ladder. I've experienced weird teleports sometimes when using it. it TPs me on the top of a flying air tesla cube. So i die electrified or I just have the time to jump to death on the groung (just to avoid loosing my items). I've experienced this bug several time just by trying... I just wanna be sure it's a bug, and would like to know if it's ossible to correct this issue. I've attached the request files and remain at your disposal for further information (screenshots of my beautifull deaths available). Cheers you all ! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hello, here are some bug saw in game (with *). As well as what ideas for Dev. (with -): * When cutting a large tree, the cutout pattern passes over the character. - Add a backpack for exploration. - Change the animation with the axe, the one with the hammer is more like. - To be sick when you eat bad berries. - Be burned when passing by a fire. - Too much food can make us sick. - To tame a wolf like a dog as well as a horse.
  8. Hi, I played third time in Exploring Mode and in every game, after exploring big part of the Ylands, map suddenly stop to be updated. Map shows where you are and what are you looking at, but it's not drawed. It's not showing new places, not removing fog of war. I discovered that it revealed part of the map is always a square... So, map is working properly, you can see your map and then suddenly map "ends". Sometimes you can move explore something to the left West from you, but you cannot do the same on the Eastern part of the map. It looks like half of the map is possible to explore, but everything to the East ofcertain point isn't. Also, I realise that map is cut into tiles. If you are in the same cell, you can reveal some teritory to the West of you, but if you leave that "working" tile" - map isn't revealing at all - nowhere. Another problem with map appears when you die. In most cases map is incomplete and even my own Yland is covered in fog of war again. Additionally sometimes maps shows wrong tiles - I can see fragment of the sea and land of some other yland in the millde of my yland. Tile is square, rougthly 1/3 lenght of middle size Yland (64-128 ground tiles wide?).
  9. Hi, I just realised that invisible trunks are in fact visible from a distance. If you are close enought you can't see these, but you can stamp on 'em and cut them off. Invisible trunks were reason for me when I couldn't build structures in some places and I had no idea why. The trunks appeared after I again updated my Win 7 Pro. I've read somewhere that Ylands needs DirectX 11.1. Is this true? I do not want to move to sh... Win 10 yet, so, is there any other way? I've read that I could launch "ylands.exe -dx11". Can it help? What does it do and... are there any other launch command lines I could use to change video/audio/memory/mist settings and try if my game eventually will work? Constant, non warning, random crashes are more that frustrating. Whole atmosphere is gone and everything I think of is - will it crash? Any second now?! Regards, output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Hi again, After last 0.6 update flintlock works, but there is no shooting sound anymore. Also I have found some more bugs, mostly minor and some.. hmm.. proposals?: -I had three or four horses on my starting Yland. I hunted down all predators and tamed one horse, but after few days I realised that there is no horses at all on my island anymore. There was no holes or terrain traps for them too. -There is a problem sometimes with massive animal respawns (however It wasn't my problem - pity), but now animals seem not to respawn at all. Usually crabs, wolves and bears were respawing after few ingame weeks (hienas and pumas are respawing in desert bioms in my case, sharks are respawing often too) - I liked that, I wasn't alone. Now, there are only seagulls and pigs on my Yland, even horses dissappeared (with no reason). -In most cases (everytime??) Vultures killed in the air leave nothing. Or drop something below the ground? Also other animals hunted on high slopes usually drop things below the ground (you cannot dig them out - I'm guessing they fell into Earth). -Sometimes digging out chests/coffins/founded items do not help - items are falling deeper and deeper until they dissappear at all (I've lost many revolvers this way...). -I'm not sure if it works this way, but I think that wild plants and occassionally trees should grow spontanously on Ylands (if they are from the same bioms). I understand replanting trees and plants manually to help them to grow, but it would be horrible to plant simple grass or bushes everywhere, just to make my Ylands alive again. And talking about planting: -Planting takes around 3 seconds - it seems reasonable for trees and bushes, but it's much too long for small plants... Maybe you could make possible planting small plants but just throwing these on the ground, without stopping, just walking slowly? Or maybe seeds lying on the ground for few days should "plant themselves" as it is in real world? Planting Flax or Grain is a pain. Usually I need whole 2-3 days and nights to plant enought Flax for my purposes. -Additionally earlier versions of Ylands had one morefunny mechanics - animals were eating plants and predators were hunting other animals. Yes, maybe you could be angry on boars eating your crops, but... you can make fences, right? That was really nice feature, please, think about it once again. -Roasted fruits are consuming all fruits - this is a problem if I want to save medical berries - yes, I can drop these for a while, but maybe it could work like making leather? BTW.: Baked potatoes are also treated as raw vegetables and if you do not drop these before roasting - these will be roasted again. -I understand that in FPP you are closer to chests, trees and so on, but sound is so much louder, so I have to constantly change sound volume everytime I need to change perspective. I know, it's a giant letter, but I have to add something about building yet: For me the funniest part of the game is landing "naked" on strange island and try to be warm, full and alive. It would be great to play without metal at all too. You can make logs, you can use bamboo, you can make straw huts, you can use sticks, so why I cannot make things that are in use for thousands of years all over the World?: -Simple fences made of sticks and ropes? - they can be weak, stop bunnies or crabs, but not bears or boars? -Very simple stick or log doors for log cabins made from tied logs? After all we can make rafts, right? -Doors and windows made of hide/leather/cloth curtains? -Simple Walls made of loose sticks tied with grass (not holding heat as logs, but always something). -Simple walls made of clay and hay, reinforced with sticks. -Roof "planks" made of hide/leather. I know I can make such things by "free placing" - this is very nice feature, but free placed items only "look", doesn't work, right? And now I have a question: -"I cannot sleep outside withing these conditions" - when it "outside" and when it's "inside"? Can anything be a roof, even without walls to stop the rain and stop the rain from putting out my fire? -Dirt, high slopes, boulders can stop cold or wind at last a bit or only building materials are counted as walls? Can I use cave of hole in the ground with roof as "inside" shed? -Free placed items, like planks, platforms or rocks can be used as proper walls/roofs to stop the cold, wind or rain? Yeah, I know that whole fun is to find it all out, but free placing building is very time consuming and bugs are not helping me checking what's working. For example my last home is made of stone, no glass windows (it would look bad - the only way is to free place the glass, but I feel it would change nothing - I still hear loud wind and rain and "I feel warm" only because I placed a few stoves around me. I know - that's funny, but whole game is about "feeling" and "atmosphere", that I love it so much and that's why I miss skeletons so much. I'm waiting for modding possibilities to make Ylands atmosphere back. I'm sorry for such long monologue, but I love the game, so I'd like to help making it as good as possible! And... a few slot thoughts: -I understand that tools and big items are using one, separate slot, but there are small items which take whole slot for no reason at all: clean paper sheet and leather sheet, for example. Barks can be packed only 20 per slot, however these are useless for now. They can be used as fues, but... they took too much space (should be 100 like sticks or 200 as wood pieces). Oysters can be packed 100 in one slot (mistake?), but only 20 urchins or starfish. Some very small mushrooms can be packed 10 per slot, but you can pack 20 melons in one slot. I miss small, personal chest (9 slots, for testaments, pencil, reserve map and te accessories) - pirate chest is nice, but too big as something beside my bed and potty, plank chest is very nice, but it should be 12 slots, wicket backet is 9 slots and barrel is 9 slots, chest looks much bigger. New box looks too big to hold only 6 slots, but it can be placed in inventory, so.. I guess it's ok, but still looks too big. Herb bag is tiny and it can hold thousands of grass and hay and big box can hold only 600 hay/grass or sticks? Coconuts as seed can be stored in hundreds, but coconuts itself only 20 in the same slot - yeah, it's nice to store thousands things in small bags, but it's strange. Some items are very useful, can be found (and mostly cannot be taken), but cannot be made - hovether these are very useful in my opinion; stepstones, candles... stews... (future plans?) . -Occasionally, rarely digged out ores cannot be picked up (I had this problem with suphur last time - but mostly the problem is with withered potatoes) and many parts of the ground are still flying in the air. You cannot aim for it with a spade and saber/axe or spear cannot destroy it. -If you dig in shallow water (to dig out you ship, for example), water dissappear around holes... Yes, it should work this way, this is fine, but not in the middle of sea! That can be useful for making grain fields, for example, but it makes digging out ships even harder. It would be great if we could transport water to make artificial lakes and remove water from holes filled with water by accident. Ok, it's enought! Happy New Year! -
  11. Isaac Wilson-Morse

    Host Unreachable

    At first the game worked fine when playing in multiplayer, however, after roughly 5 hours of game time none of the players were able to connect. All reporting "Host Unreachable". I have been able to reproduce this issue on several newly created worlds, all with different hosts. So I believe we can rule out internet connection being the issue. All of the, players including the host, have forwarded the ports asked for in the following post, yet still there is no change. http://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/2/1620599015865077154/ The error message "Host Unreachable" is persistent on every world created, even after following certain steps told to prevent this. Please note that a large number of our players attempting to get this working are running less than two month old, near clean windows machines. Most of us do routine malware and spyware checks, so I believe we can rule that out as a potential issue. I have attached my DxDiag, as well as the log files located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands_Data". Hopefully this will aid in finding a solution. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  12. Hello, I was just returning to my ship from very succesfyl expedition. I click "use the ladder" and... I've found myself in Heaven. Literally. I didn't die and after a few moments I was respawned.., but I was respawned to my first Yland. Hopefully it is also my homebase, hopefully I still have the map and all my items. Problem is - my super transport ship is miles away from me and I have no boat. Well... Once again, please, let us manually save the game when we want it (in singleplayer it's not a problem, right?). In normal case I'd load me previous save and try to get onboard my ship again... Autosafe isn't "wonderful invention of XXIc" - it's not obligatory "happyness" for everyplayer. All The Best,Bartosz
  13. Yep, its early access. Been seeing spawning issues due to no "No Limit Set" for X area. My original spawn Yland is so out of control with seagulls, that the frame rate is at about 12-15. Please fix this, it is not a difficult code adjustment and I am sure you guys have to be aware of this. If X number of creatures are with in Y area, then stop spawning. Please, this along with the "Land Sharks" is seriously ruining my experience with this great game.
  14. Hey, I came across a weird issue. When I am connected to my friend's server and I walk around a large ship, I get teleported all over the place (even off the ship). I tried to capture the problem on a video.
  15. I'm gonna cut right to the chase. A few days ago me and a buddy played for about 2-3 hours then he started having some problems. Every item he placed was invisible for him, although I could see it just fine. When he reconnected he saw it, but new items he placed were still invisible. I was the host and had no problems. Yesterday I joined his server that he had been playing on for a couple of guys. It started off fine but after a few hours every item I tried to place was invisible for me. The host could see them and a reconnect fixed it until I placed something else. I attached the logs as requested on the Steam forum. Haven't played since we encountered this issue so the relevant info should be at the bottom of the logs(I assume). Thanks. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. Hi, I just bought the game with 2 friends of mine but whenever ı tried to create multiplayer room they cant enter or it says "Host unable to reach" When they create room ı keep waiting in loading screen like 10 min but still cant enter. Can you help me with that problem we realy want to play this game. Now ı heard ı had to upload this two log files to quick fix here you go: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. When in first person on board a large ship, if I walk into an object built onto the ship, I begin pushing the ship rather easily. This is more pronounced when strafing to the side against objects. Example of objects: the mast, the helm, a stove, etc. Makes it easy to just propel the ship forward over shallows and land, but also makes free building things carefully while in first person (the easiest way to place things) maddening and dangerous.
  18. I need some help from a ylands veteran... How to find my body/if not possible then how to use the editor to get my loot back? I lost all my stuff... I had a single player game and logged off in a safe area. Just mining under ground. I logged back in just now to the 'create new character' screen. How can you die in a single player game when you where not even playing?! I also can't find my body or any of the loot that was on it. I checked in the tunnels under ground because I thought it might have fallen through the world but no my body is not there.
  19. Heda Beru Kom Trikru

    How to Fix a few bugs

    Hey guys recently I posted the list of bugs I've encountered and I think I found a universal fix for most of those bugs lol It started when me and a close friend tried to replicate the bugs and crashes to see if we could help fix them for people as we both have coding knowledge. So between us we narrowed it down to 5 maybe 6 things that could cause these errors. So we tried all of them and nothing. Was kinda getting annoyed then Alina said Hey az you think windows updates could cause it? Well... it turns out it can.... was literally right in front of us all of the time this is because when windows updates it updates its library's which adds new commands and other assets which is needed for unity.... and of course this game runs in unity so when you don't update windows it doesn't have the commands needed for the game so the game tries to execute the new commands which don't exist yet and it can't so boom crash... This was what was happening to me, But as far as of right now I hope this helps someone out. ~Thanks Az/Alina
  20. Hello once again Devs While chopping down a forest I found a bug that does not render tree stumps. The Tree is cut down then the Stump instantly disappears, but it is still an Object that I can walk on. From a certain distance, it renders but close up it does not render as an object.
  21. for example when i pick grass from the ground i wont have it , i mean when i look at my inventory there is nothing in it, everything i pick from the ground it wont be in my inventory.
  22. Heda Beru Kom Trikru

    List of bugs I've encounterd

    Hello there! Just a small list of bugs I've encountered ad the thing's I've tried to do to fix. My game is currently unplayable... Errors I've encountered 1. Fatal error (fixed) 2. Access violation (believe I'm still getting this) 3. Crash when scrolling down creative cube (this is caused by the Ship mass recipe bug you guys are aware of) 4. When painting sometimes I crash just after it has finished painting 5. And the main one that makes my game unplayable game seems to just randomly crash out of no where like every 5 mins I can't find out what is causing this few missing commands in the dump file but other than that Some times when I save my game it just keeps endlessly saving (I know you guys are aware of this and I know it can be temp fixed by closing the game via task bar) Thing's I've tried to fix the following: Allowed though my antivirus Allowed though my firewall Allowed though hips Allowed though auto containment Allowed though virus scope Allowed though Website filter Game is being run as admin Steam is being run as admin graphics card drivers are up to date systems spec have been met have ran it in windows 7 compat mode no other programs have access to it added api.bistudio.com to allowed tryed all diffrent graphics options tried in all modes (creative and survival) cleaned out all traces three times (uninstalled and cleaned) Think I've tried a few other things kinda lost count Ha. I've attached my output logs systems details and Dx-Diag log in there as well along with crash reports and dump files. The output logs are from a fresh install that I did do recently. ~Thanks Azriel Ylands Errors.zip
  23. Sean Wilkinson

    KNOWN ISSUE Ladder on boats.

    Hi, probably will keep updating on bugs. Just a quick one, if you punch a ladder on a boat, it can make it "move" to an undesirable location, usually below its original location. Now if you use this ladder thats "moved" (presumably still attached) it can make you warp straight through the floor. Easy to solve, don't punch ladders on boats but yeah, any fix?
  24. when i kill my self and i create a new character it wont be spawn and the screen will be freezing just can exit the game
  25. taylorton147

    KNOWN ISSUE large ship moves

    the large ship no longer stays still when trying to place stuff on it, it seems like the outline for placing stuff can no longer pass through objectives and thus just smacks the ship about