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Found 7 results

  1. CavemanMo

    How do I eat?

    NOOB question. How Do I eat. I am starving and can't find the right keys to accomplish. Other things, inventory management,, etc.. to get my knife I currently use "i" for inventory then weapons filter then click then equip..... Something tells me there is a quicker way to arm myself.
  2. Every time after riding a horse, the controls seem to get stuck in that mode. I can only turn with the keys and only freelook while holding left ALT
  3. Hello guys, sorry i couldn't expain the issue better in the title, here is a decription of what happend: Everything started after i was in my ship with my horse and i got stuck (probably because of land underneath me, or because of the horse hitting the ship as this guy said here). I left the wheel and tried to see what's happening, some sharks were attacking the boat (with the jittery animation) i tried to use the wheel again to unstuck the ship but i noticed that as the ship was moving the horse was "floating" above the deck and moving to the opposite direction of the ship, like it wasn't attached to the ground anymore (before that happend i was traveling with the horse standing on the ship without this issue), when i moved my ship enough the horse was floating in the air above the water, i went back to "pick it up", i mounted it and moved a bit but i couldn't use the ship anymore because the horse would always be "floating" and moving outside of it. I tried to mount it again and i fell into the water with the horse, then i insta died from the sharks (5-6 of them). I made a raft and went there to rescue my items but when i clicked release control the raft controls were stuck on the left of the screen and i couldn't see my hotbar. Shark killed me, built a new raft, grinded for new armor and items but the same happend again, as soon as i reached the area and released the raft controls. Built a new raft and this time i went to main menu and back to the game, now i could use my inventory items i tried to kill the shark and then i jumped to find my items, new shark appears, instadead. New raft, new gear, back to the same area, main menu and back to the game and this time i used the ladder to go up to the ship i used the wheel and the controls bug happend again i couldnt release the ship. Back to main menu, back to the game and i tried to sleep, i was hungry i tried to eat but only the eat animation happend, i opened the inventory and i had less berries in there than the hotbar. I tried to open a whicker basket but only the sound of it was happening, i couldn't open it, i couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't use the wheel. Closing the game completely and coming back everything is the same and if i use the wheel the controls keep getting stuck and need the main menu and back to be able to release them but everything else is now always stuck (eating, using the baskets etc) and i can't do anything. Is there any hope to fix the save file or its doomed and i have to start over? Here is a 4 minute video i recorded to show you what is happening: https://youtu.be/YpKFpQIefVg Down below are the output files, dxdiag and screenshot with the horse issue that i think caused this bug. In the first screenshot the horse is "left behind" floating in the air as you can see in the second screenshot that i "picked it up" by moving the boat to where it was. The next screenshot shows the stuck controls on the raft and the last one the food issue with the unmatching numbers between the hotbar and the inventory. The output files are from the last time i closed the game to try everything again and record the video, if you want the previous output files from the previous time i closed the game i have kept those as well.
  4. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED ship won't turn

    hi, I just came across a new problem with the ship. I built a large hull with a cabin on top and 4 large sails. I have been using it to visit 5 or 6 islands. All of a sudden it will only go forward and backwards. It will not turn left or right. It shows the steering wheel turning but the ship does not change direction. As a side note, I had a cooking stove in the cabin. it disappeared when the boat stopped turning, don't know if there is a connection. The map is also missing the most recent path I took to the last island before the bug happened. The bug also happened after a save and restart of the game. thx, Alchemist
  5. WijkagentAdrie

    UNDER REVIEW Alt button behaviour

    Hello, I'm not really happy with the way looking around with ALT works at the moment. As soon as you release the button you suddenly point in the direction where you were looking instead of the direction you are walking, as in most games. This is most annoying when you are being chased by bears/wolves, look over your shoulder and then suddenly run towards them Needless to say this has caused some trouble Adrie
  6. Hello there, Just a quick note about this: change made to keybindings are not saving. If I close the game and play again later I have to rebind the keys. (annoying azerty player here But I'm very pleased to see an alpha game with a keybinding feature :])
  7. F12 key is bound to 2 things: "Config Panel" and "Take screenshot" in default settings/ Don't know what Config Panel should do but probably not a good idea to have 2 actions to same key. Build: 0.01.11067