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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I am rather new to this forum but I have played Ylands over at a friends place and ever since then I've been following the game. (Going to buy it next month for myself and a couple of friends at the end of the month) As a small 'Introduction' I am a long time Arma and Dayz player. Favorite genres, of course, RPG, Survival, Action, Adventure (Basically Ylands minus the 'RPG?') Anyhow, I have worked previously at gaming companies such as EA and Ubisoft, and while not being proud about it, I learnt things, and the thing I learnt the most, some of the most interesting features usually get cut out because they seem 'Useless', so here I have a couple/few suggestions that will make it more interesting for the player,and they're not 'that' hard to implement (altho does require a bit of extra scripting). P.S. I didn't actually search the forum as much since I am currently at work, and these ideas popped in my head while driving to work so I deeply apologize if these suggestions have been made already. Tool Belt I did notice a forum post about this but this is actually a tad different. I have played Modded Minecraft quite a lot in my day and one of my favorite mods was the 'Tool belt' mod. I will not say what the minecraft mod does, I will simply say how I can think it would fit in Ylands (it's pretty similar to the minecraft mod) The player can craft a Tool Belt, and when equiped on a 'waist' slot or just when having it in the inventory, it would unlock 3 extra slots on the character panel. These slots would be : Left Hip, Right Hip, Back. In these slots, the players can equip any tool/weapon and they would show up on the actual character model. As an extra feature to this, in the radial menu, the player can access the tool belt and pick one of the 3 tools to use. (A holster/unholster feature) When a tool/weapon is selected in the radial menu, the weapon disapears from the character model and shows up in their hands which they can then use. When selecting the same tool/weapon in the radial menu, it would then get holstered, showing up back on the player model. Backpacks Since most of my experience with the game is from youtube videos and a short playthrough at someone else, I noticed a slight lack of 'back' items. So in the backpack slot, allow us to add in, besides the propeler pack, the containers that we now have, for keys, potions, herbs etc. The container itself would still be in the characters inventory, but when dragged in the back slot, it would also show up on the character. Face Slot Add in a 'face' slot where the player can equip cosmetics, for example, an eye patch, for that pirate life, a monocle for the well read librarian, or a bandana around the face for the looter in us. The above is quite self explanatory, also I know that some helmets go over the face for example the Mark 1 Helmet, and to this, comes the next suggestion! Toggleable Cosmetics This is quite a simple thing, add a litle checkbox between the head slot (and beside the slots added by my suggestions, like the hips, back and face slot) which when pressed, it would toggle the equiped item in that slot, invisible. Fixing any clipping issue that may occur with my suggestions and also just adding that extra bit of armor to the head without having to always see a helmet you don't like. EDIT Attachable Rope This will definitely be an interesting feature to add, although a lot harder to implement. Basically allow the player to attach an end of the rope to one object, and the other end to another object. Also allow it to be attached to horses.. This can make for an interesting 'towing' feature to be added (which continues in my next suggestion) Free Moving Chassis This would basically be sort of an interesting mechanic if combined with the above. The player can attach the rope to a chassis that can be pulled/moved around by just pushing/pulling it In turn allowing the player to create like sort of a wheelbarrel, or trailer that can be attached to a vehicle or horse. So when the player would drive/ride the trailer will follow along. Grappling Hook Combined with the above, the player can craft a grappling hook. Basically a 'throwable' rope that can attach to objects, allowing the user to then climb up on it or swing from it.. if such physics can be implemented. 'Pickup-able' object Combined with the above, basically an object that the player can interact with and hold on to it. Basically using it for the wheelbarrel, attach this block/item to the chassis and the player can then interact with it in order to move said chassis around. This can be interesting if attached to one end of the rope, while the other end is attached to a tree or a chassis. In the first, the player can jump, grab onto the interactable end of the rope (the pickup-able object) then swing across a gap. Or pull a chassis from further apart END OF EDIT These are all the suggestions I currently have in mind, I would also like to photoshop some images later to give you an idea of what I had in mind. Now.. the main part is, 'Why should we implement this?' Well let me explain it slightly. These are mostly 'useless' features, maybe except the toolbelt one. I personally am a nerd when it comes to seeing my characters equipped with different weapons on their body and such. And it adds to the immersion. Some players may think this is 'useless' as well, but at the end of the day each one of us has that lil thing of wanting to make the craziest, wildest or the most badass character in terms of looks. So I think this would add to that factor. But.. 'Why us, as a company, should we add this in if it's a useless feature?' Well.. I was thinking at this too, and with the slight marketing experience I have.. it would add an incentive to players to actually buy skins for weapons, tools and other stuff that they can see on their character. Currently you only see what you hold in your hand from your hotbar.. So if you only use a sword, for example, you'd buy a skin for that sword and never look at others because you can only see one weapon/tool at a time. So having like.. (Example) A revolver on your right hip, a sword on your left hip and a musket on your back, that can be visible at all times, it adds an incentive to the player, to actually buy skins for those weapons, so that others can see them. And that they, as players, can see them as well after purchase. This might be a weak suggestion in this alpha state, but since it requires a bit of scripting, it'd be easier to implement sooner rather than later, to iron out bugs and other stuff with the help of players.