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Found 3 results

  1. Zachary Elvis

    More Tamable Animals

    I think that more tamable animals would be a good idea for Ylands, not only does it give you a companion but they could be useful for finding rare loot or more mounts Wolf: Rare loot finder or basic loot finder Bear: same as wolf but another mount Bird: to communicate long distantly through crafted messages with your partners on multiplayer, because I think that if your going to play a survival game you shouldn't be able to communicate long distantly through an online chat. Also add that bird can talk back to you ( Strictly a Parrot) so you could have a companion when your playing by yourself Cats(Pumas, Jaguars, ETC): Cats would be good for stealth if you add a stealth mode for like liberating random structures from NPCs if you were to make any. It liberating structures would also add a good challenge to the game and to add a cat alongside with you would make it more exciting. And its totally up to you what type of food or object to tame them with
  2. Zachary Elvis


    Are they going to add pets later in the updates because I hope they do, it would be useful to be able to tame: Wolf: For scavenging purposes or finding rare loot Bears: same as wolf but also another mount Birds/Parrots: For sending messages to players in multiplayer because i think if your going to make it survival you shouldn't be able to communicate a through chat, long distance and it could be a companion to talk to when you playing by yourself Pumas/any cat: for stealth reasons because they might add built structures on some islands with NPCs that you might want to liberate But i think it might be a good idea to be able to tame any type of animal you can possibly find to give you different buffs/stats
  3. Sereiseth Chhay

    Modern Ideas.

    Dear Server. I realize that this game take my soul. Open world and unlimited. My idea to make fun, I would something new like to have pets, a Submarine, airplane and Coal engine for ship. Pets, just the creature in the game. catch them by trap and don't let's them go or kill them, just feel them, until it become friendly, by progress like get a horse. Submarine just like a ship, I have nothing to mention. Airplane, hmm, I think it is strange, but an airplane land on water maybe nice, emergency eject with Parachute. Owsome!!!! Coal engine for ship make moving more faster. I really enjoy this game. I hope I can see them in Next Version, like Ylands 1.0.0