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Found 579 results

  1. So I was going about my business, just finished smelting a few hundred iron, then when I go to make some nails I go to click the feed button and it is grated out. Not only was the feed button grayed out but so was the little eye in the top right. I checked my other stations and it is the same thing with all of them. I can use the ones that don't use fuel but the eye thing is still gray for those too. I left and came back, replaced them, and even checked if I had my lighter. Anything I can do? NEVERMIND I needed wood
  2. When signing up for creator club despite having a profile. You need to create a profile first!
  3. i just messed up myself. @Adam Snellgrove please remove this.
  4. Discovered a glitch when trying to remove an animal pen after tamed animals have been assigned to it. To reproduce: Place an animal pen. Assign an animal to it. Try to break the animal pen. Effect: Once the placement timer reaches 0, it turns to infinite, or "INF." and the player can milk it for infinite wood or grass rope.
  5. Hi, On starting the game the menu screen opens as normal, but left-clicking only opens/closes the chat box. Clicking the middle button (mouse wheel) lets me choose the tabs at the top of the screen (Games, Account, Social, etc.) but can't do anything else: start a game, access Settings, etc. It's been this way for a while, I thought it was an update bug initially, but on returning to the game a couple of months later, it still persists. I've uninstalled the game via Steam, even deleted the remaining Ylands folder, and re-installed without any change. The game runs fine on another computer in the house. Output logs attached. Hoping for some help! Fairyfuzz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. Too many tags error is bad: https://gyazo.com/e4fd20b45260ff235d8d63cf67add4af
  7. We have a group of 4-5 people (this in itself is a rare event) and we cannot connect to the game. It keeps saying the game is prepared and then we are sent back to queue. I don't know how long this has been broken but you guys should fix this a.s.a.p. This is where all new players are going.... @Adam Snellgrove @TomasGestinger @Houp
  8. Like the title said. I really like the improvement we got in update 7.0 but the streams still bug me and I know that a lot of people feel the same way. I think we should remove them completely unless we're holding the linker.
  9. In my game - game logic set to "invisible", but not at all. In additional position is set in no real position... Game map attached If you need more info, ask me in czech language please 😉 Pokud je nutné upřesnění, prosím v českém jazyce 😉 BUG REPORT.rar
  10. I was working on my ship and went to break, of all things, a "bamboo" block.....after 50+ hits, with an axe and hammer i gave up. Demolition hammer....makes my guy shake his head at me. The one thing that should do this, is completely useless. Why was this issue not fixed.....on day TWO? I mean, this issue should not "exist", at all, even accidentally. Bambo, maybe 3 - 7 hits and it should be destroyed. I love this game but these are problems that should have been LONG ago solved. For the most part, this game is great....but this....a nightmare. And i was in the build mode where the ship was only to be built or removing parts on.
  11. Heidenlarm

    RESOLVED [YLD-24847] Shirt

    Who is such a small shirt for?
  12. So I make compositions of magic staves that do certain things, usually throwing an object when I attack. I add in particle effects to make things look more magical and I customize the particle effects to match the theme of my staff. Since the latest update, the particle effects do not play correctly much of the time. Keep in mind that I haven't changed anything in my compositions, and occasionally it will work correctly, but not for long. What exactly is going on is I use the throw command to shoot a projectile out, and when that projectile hits a target or the ground a custom particle effect would play at the location of the impact. I also use them at location of the end of the staff when attacking. This used to work just fine, with no problems. But after the Watery Waters update, I noticed that for the first couple uses, the effects will play correctly, but after that they turn to their default look. I'm not sure what else could be doing this besides a bug, unless something was changed and I did not know. Either way I'd really like to figure out a solution to this bc my compositions do not look so great anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hello, Recently I was hosting my shared world for a friend and I, and we ran into an issue. Suddenly there was a massive amount of lag, 60FPS to 9! Then when we went to save, it did not save our changes, after several attempts, we found the same thing would happen after placing a few items. We came to the conclusion that the base level storage must have ran out. So I spent the coyns to buy the next tier of storage. Thankfully, when we went back in, we did not receive any more lag after placing items, however when we logged out, we found that the changes are still not saving. When I log out of the game, my "recent game" screenshot shows what I was last doing, but when loading in, it is gone. It will not say uploading sharegame data when logging out, but it does say synchronizing when loading into it. Any idea on how to fix this, quite a few hours in this map clearing and gathering so far, would be a shame to use it. I will attach my output logs as requested. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to assist in troubleshooting. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. subj. After work of the map, the counter in the Entity Label does not delete objects. The example shows that if you sleep for two days (adding Entity Label during growth) and try to collect grass, then the Label add/remove counter is often lost. At the same time, if the "Get Entity Count (Entity label)" can ignore this and continue to work normally, then the "Random Array Item (Array)" goes into error. To repeat: run the map. sleep for two days. to collect grass. I enclose the map file in upload (Scenarios). Reproduced this error on different computers. And I apologize for my English. BGR.zip
  15. It would seem that when I select an item, this item menu grows and adds more menus to itself the more I select. There also seems to be the option to Weld Entities when I have selected only one item. The glitch can be temporarily eliminated by exiting the entire game and re-entering. It has happened to me twice already in the editor but only after I multi selected, so I think that is what is causing the problem.
  16. Partly due to the sleep bug, and also I like to be able to check lighting in my builds, I usually build guns to change time and weather in game. I used to do this using the visual scripting command "on range attack." This command does not seem to exist any more. Where did it go? And how do I script this now?
  17. If you have an item in an NPC's hands and you try to recolor it, it won't happen. when you are confirming the color, I requires you to double click it. When the color square is recolored and you leave the game and rejoin, the coloring is back to normal.
  18. Today I am unable to upload the game to Workshop at all. I've attached the error message and the log files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  19. Exactly what the title says, when I add new terrains or entities and export using quick export the newly added stuff don't appear in the game when you host it with rental server and join it. The only fix this to this is actually doing the EXPORT & UPLOAD then they appear properly. I am attaching the client side logs here and sending my scenario to @Adam Snellgrove over Discord. Quick Export Bug Logs.zip
  20. 1. I grouped a bunch of game logics and saved as composition. 2. Placed the composition in another game and found that all tiles that were attached to certain trigger zone ON ENTERED are all gone. Also unique grenades ON EXPLODED lost all its tiles as well. Unfortunately I don't have the client logs with me because I loaded the compositions couple days ago thinking that this would just work flawlessly and did not keep the logs there. Is this a known issue? I understand this one is a tricky one to reproduce because.... only a couple out of some 50 logics had this issue happening...
  21. I want to cotinue building with my friend on his sharegame, but it's just endless establishing connection. We tried to restart game/steam/PCs and nothing helped.
  22. I have purchased all types of servers and experimented with my game Guton Forest. Currently Ylands has 3 types of servers: Elementary High Performance Official Dedicated 1. Problem with Elementary server When people join a game that is hosted with Elementary, they can play for some brief minutes until the server kicks you out due to inactivity even though you have been actively playing the whole time. I'm guessing this automatic mechanism was put in to save computation power on economic servers but please find a way to detect player inactivity properly. 2. Problem with High Performance server People play roughly about 40-60 mins and then it says "Server Maintenance" and kicks everyone out again. This consistently happens every time. Hard to believe it would do that when I pay much more money for such "high performance" server... Please I've already spent money on this game and I am willing to continue to do more but these issues definitely have to be fixed.
  23. Hello since the new update I went back to my camp on explore mode and everything has been erased. Since i was not surpised and motivated i made another one. The only thing is i've been playing for at least 3h and i have not seen the sun rise up once ... Any Help please?
  24. Well, basically, if you plant too many plants at the same spot, you just fall through the floor, your ending up at the original spawn and still have your items. Plantbugg.zip
  25. How's it going! I've ran into a wonderfully inconvenient issue that has completely halted progress on weeks of work and potentially corrupted and ruined it. Every time I click on a new entity it will proceed to stack these on one after the next and they are completely empty. This has been causing the editor to unresponsive and I have to force quit the game as it gets stuck in the visual scripter. I have already lost hours and hours of progress due to this issue and now, simply put, it won't go away. Restarts fixed it once and now they don't. As you can see on this wonderful image, this happens every time I click on an entity. Entities that aren't even related cross over these empty boxes of nothing. The worst part is, even upon clicking into the entity that has info stored, those boxes with the clocks(??) still stay there. Unmoving, unwavering, taunting and laughing. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is the furthest I have made it on a project of mine and now at this rate i'm just demotivated to even keep playing Ylands. This experience has just left me broken because during my time in quarantine this is what i've been focusing on. Thank you!