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Found 578 results

  1. AdayBicho

    RESOLVED Inventory Bug

    Hi, I got this bug in the last update. When i see on the items in my inventory i see this image, It is a bit annoyed. Thanks PD: By the way, i cant delete dirt from my inventory like before. I have to do 1 by 1.
  2. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED Polar bear hide from acai

    I can craft polar bear hide from acai berries but I´m pretty sure polar bears are not made from that.
  3. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED Storage systems

    I think storage system is one of the most important and urgent non-added feature to the game. It´s embarrasing to have all stuffs laid on the ground. So something like chest or bags would be great.
  4. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED Water bug

    This just appeared on one of my survive worlds. I came back from my journey around the Yland and I found this weird water surface. PS: I would attach the world file, but I don´t know where to find it.
  5. At the moment Anyone can post a New Thread in the Changelogs Section of the forums, At-least I believe this is the case as I see a 'Start New Topic' button. Also to add anyone that is not signed in ( AKA Guests ) can reply too threads there too (That may have been changed as I noticed the guests reply is gone now).
  6. Miguel Preguisa

    RESOLVED How to write on signs?

    Can I ask you how I can confirm text on sign? I figured out I must write on it with knife but when I hit Enter nothing happens. And Esc will not save the text.
  7. After the new update (0.06) I can´t take off my jester hat or propeller pack. Sorry its working normally and I was just clicking on bad spot. I want to delete this post, but I don´t know how. Can someone help me, please?
  8. When I minimalize the game and re-open it there is no music. Music will play only after closing and launching it again.
  9. So was doing some digging and slipped between a Marble Drop Item and the terrain and am now Permanently Stuck there unable to access any UI or to even pick up the item which would solve it but because technically I'm still 'falling' and not grounded Im unable to. Attached Save File and Log NO-HALF'S_MAIN_WORLD.ylandsgame output_log.txt
  10. Comics bubble associated with the signposts has a "pointer", which points to odd locations not associated with the sign post. At times it looks like the flower is talking. Might be confusing in more complex signpost setups. Desired result: either remove the pointer or make it point to the origin of the text.
  11. Paveloman

    RESOLVED Yarn problem

    I have started survival mode and after few ours in game I can't make yarn on spinning wheel. I have 5 flux bundles in inventory but when I click on button craft, nothing happens. Is this a bug?
  12. My email address contains a "+" sign. I was able to create my Bohemian account through the ylands website using that email address and receive all emails regarding confirmation and activation. However, when I downloaded the ylands launcher and attempted to login with that same email address and password (which I confirmed worked on the ylands/bohemian site) it would not let me log in. I received an error indicating my email address or password is invalid. I logged into my account via the ylands website, changed my email account to something without a "+" sign and I was then able to login to the launcher with that new email address.
  13. Hello, Really liking this game so far, but I have found an annoying problem. After playing with an avatar for about an hour and then quiting to the main menu, he disappears from the island. The island selection screen tells me something like "You have no avatars on this island", this happened to me twice and the first time I thought the game somehow didnt save. So the second time I started quick saving manually very often but that didnt help since i got the same problem now. If I load the island while it says "You have no avatars on this island" it automaticly creates a new character for me while losing all the stuff I had in the iventory with the previous character. I should add that I have 2 different islands, and the character of my "active" island disappears while the other doesnt. EDIT: Added video to show what exactly happens. So basicly after cutting down that tree (or after picking up the loot of the tree), I suddenly couldnt use or scroll between my tools. I fixed this exact same issue yesterday by going back to the main menu and reloading the island, but apparantly this doesnt always work and there is a risk of losing your character. output_log.txt
  14. Could be possible to add "respawn" button to the death screen or some tip which inform player about respawn in Main menu. When I played Ylands first time and died I tried every button on keyboard to respawn until I manage that respwan is in main menu. It's little bit annoying to go through / Esc - Main menu - Respawn... at the same land. Also can be intresting to see some game statistics about my live on the "Ysland" and share it on social networks. That statistic could be displayed also after death. Thanks and Happy Ylanding
  15. Repro: Start game and create new creative worldFly above ground like 10 metersPick torches to spawnPress TAB to create them and place them in air. They will fall to the groundGo back to main menuPress continue to go back to that worldTorches are flying in the air. But new torches fall to the ground (obviously until next restart)Build: 0.01.11067 Torches_fly.mp4
  16. Repro: Run game and start Learn missionFirst sign post should give you bubble textGo to menu (ESC), configure, graphicsChange resolution scaleBubble text moves with the scale (and also new bubbles are also on wrong positions) so overall positioning is wrongBuild: 0.01.11067 Wrong_text_bubble_with_resolution_scale.mp4
  17. Repro: Start game and go into some worldTake screenshot (F12 default). It should show message.Screenshot should be saved. Example path: "c:\Users\XYZ\Documents\Ylands\Screenshots\October 2015\Ylands_151009_011018.png"Delete last directory "October 2015"Try to take screenshot again, but no message shown and no file created. You only get short freeze as game create screenshot, but can't save it.Desired: Game should be able to create path, when taking screenshotNote: Game create this directory when going to main menu or from main menu. At least what I know. How I found this issue: I take some screenshots by accident (I have bound CTRL+F12 to video capture and game took screenshots).I want to get rid of those screenshots so I remove whole directory "October 2015" presuming that game will handle it.Build: 0.01.11067
  18. When ingame screenshot is saved game tells you that it was saved and name of the file, but you don't know where it was saved. I found that it is saved to Documents\Ylands\Screenshots\"month"\... but game didn't tell me. Show some tip at least, that it is in documents. Show full path. Or if you click on name of the file it can open window (for example in windows) with directory. Build: 0.01.11067
  19. Repro: Start any gamemodeSwitch to first person camera (C key default)Go to menu (ESC) or inventory and you still see crosshair (white dot) over every screenDesired: Crosshair should be visible only during gameplay when player can move character with mouse and not when mouse cursor is used in menus.Build: 0.01.11067
  20. repro: 1] in the Main Menu Select JOIN 2]choose a game/server and click on it to expand the information 3]click on the Information icon to show this server settings 4]click on BACK 5]observe that you have been taken to the "Select Scenario to play" in the Single player part of the menu.
  21. There is no confirmation dialog when pressing the Delete button in the Continue game screen. If player accidentally clicks on DELETE he will loose all progress. Screenshot of the corresponding screen attached
  22. Clothes, when removed by placing them on the ground are taken of , but the clothing equipment indicator in the inventory screen still shows them as equipped. Repro: 1]pick up shirt 2]put it into dynamic slot 3] enter inventory and equip shirt 4]exit inventory and use TAB to place shirt from the active dynamic slot on to the ground 5]your character has disrobed, but in the inventory screen the shits still shows as equipped (not on the character, but in the slot) Attached Screenshot shows the same problem with Trousers
  23. Lamp doesn't shine in inventory when tooltip show Repro: Run game and start creator mode Open inventory and Creator tab Find Ylandium lamp Hover with mouse over some other item until tooltip is shown. When tooltip exist shine aroud lamp item is not visible. Note: see video Build: 0.01.11067 Lamp_inventory_not_shine.mp4
  24. F12 key is bound to 2 things: "Config Panel" and "Take screenshot" in default settings/ Don't know what Config Panel should do but probably not a good idea to have 2 actions to same key. Build: 0.01.11067
  25. Mouse scroll is slow in Controls setup menu, but it is ok in for example in Inventory - Creator menu. Repro: Go to menu - ConfigureControlsControls SetupUse mouse wheel to scroll down/up and I have to do like 2 full spins to move one line.Note: It is ok in inventory. Build: 0.01.11067 Controls_slow_mousescroll.mp4