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Found 578 results

  1. fivein

    RESOLVED what nonsense?

    I paid 700 rubles for the game before it became free, and now I need to pay 500 rubles again what to play alone?
  2. Since 0.15 my server does not appear in the multiplayer lobby. To find it, players have to search. It has kept my game largely pristine, but I know there are good players looking for a place to play. My steam name is bbcakes.
  3. Show bubble is bad for long convos as the bubble does not disappear when a new bubble is pushed when the same object speaks twice.
  4. Mobile: Social: Friends on pc not showing online on mobile
  5. go to merchant offer anything set auto balance button (or however it's called ) see gold being added from npc's offer trade get no gold in that trade
  6. i've encountered this while building a ship in a multiplayer game so other than that: 1 craft some building blocks, like bamboo 1x2x4 blocks 2 start building them on a ship 3 when you get to last one, it will say "-bamboo block" and will not put it where you told it to it also happened to me when i was trying to put torch stand on raft
  7. A problem of not being able to join certain servers even after hotfix.
  8. My encounters so far with enemy NPCs are impossible to win (and impossible to lose). I think it is related to the map option of no damage from other players. This cannibal and I have been swinging at each other for a very long time, and nobody is losing any health. I even upgraded to an iron mace and an iron sword, and turned on his health bar in the Editor. He can't hurt me and I can't hurt him, but he'll still chase me around.
  9. Hello, I am trying to login with my steam account and it tells me ''Login in Progress'' and it stops there. What can I do?
  10. There is a very VERY annoying bug where when I open the script editor, as soon as I try to create a sound I get a electric noise in the background that won't go away. It sounds like a tesla coil idle or something or ylandium generator. As soon as I click off it, it goes away. It's super hard to pick sounds with its in the background.
  11. When I close construction on my ship, I fall through the blocks, like they aren't there. SHIPBUILDER02.zip log_userscript.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. i tried to login 3 times but always stops at " login in progress" any help?
  13. I got an error while using the anihilator. Then the sound would not go away. log_userscript.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Every time I try to start up a share game, I get the error; "Error Updating Session Backend Request Error (400)" All of my friends are getting the exact same error code. We can't play together. I've completely uninstalled the game and deleted all of my sharegames.
  15. I know this happens for the stone hammer. Have not tested the other hammers yet. Every time I activate the hammer, it gives a message about not deconstructing objects outside the "active zone." I know this refers to the protective barrier, but it is a strange message to show EVERY time the hammer is selected. edit: I also does this when using the War Hammer, so it does seem to affect all of them.
  16. Cannot exit car on mobile game (try my iOS tutorial, get in and out of car.
  17. Hi, Whenever I create a new scenario in the editor and save it then a extra blank scenario under the name "My game name" is created.
  18. Chat box does not disappear when using ~ key. Makes it hard to film.
  19. Hi, I wanted to ask for help by an Supporter to move or kill me on a Server. I want this because everytime I try to join it, everything seems to be fine, but then the progress bar stops by 100% and nothing loads. In that state Im half online, because the owner can kick/ban me and my character is standing, but I can´t do anything except watching the loading screen. We have the theorie that my character is somehow stuck so that the game doesn´t no what to do with my character. The problem is, we can´t move my character, because I was inside my barrier when I logged off, and he can´t kill me, because he turned it off that you can kill offline players. Also when the owner of the server came near me, he glitched out (video in glitch.zip ). Would be cool if you could somehow move me in some way (maybe in my house or something. If it isn´t possible I can understand that. Have a nice day, PercyCreeper Server IP: 2751305876 glitch.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  20. Stand in the tent. when i change my scene the tent turn to transparency. But i hope it keep opaque, don't watch through it. What could i do? Thanks everybody.
  21. Hi, Whenever you want to rename a variable in a script then the text size is significantly smaller
  22. Hi, I have a map and I get an error when exporting it. I think this happened when I changed an entity in the entity template and then undid that action whilst having the original item in the template deleted, however, the original item didnt come back when pressed undo (sorry no logs for that). Is there any way to get it to export again? Thanks
  23. Hello, always a bug with the sound effect only. When my character is beside something in action (stove, ...), the sound jumps and jerks.
  24. Strange Bug I found. I set a chain of UI. Where the Button (Player 1 Select) has text (Player 1). Player 1 Text will be set to online players. I then try to recall the information using the console function. Button = Player 1 Select As I try to click my own name it only shows up as "TEXT".
  25. Once again, a full weekend without being able to use my rented BI server due to the back end request error. Are we going to get any reimbursement for the days that we can't use the servers? I love the BI servers because they run the game so well. But if I can't use it, it's not worth paying for. As far as I know there is no way to put in a work order like I can on my nitrado server. There is no app to be able to restart away from my computer. It has a few serious downsides. But the game plays like butter.