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Found 72 results

  1. The other day, my friend and I were making a mast for a large ship, but when we got on it, it started sinking into the water and almost flipped over. The boat was anchored but when we unanchored it, it went back to normal. Fix this please, as it was quite annoying and happened many times.
  2. Antimidation

    KNOWN ISSUE Ship hull bug

    I have to admit having never running into this issue until somewhat recently. When you place the ready made hull of the ship down and attempt to build on it with the pointed bow piece and also the rear stern piece, the ship starts to flip around as if it's the piece your are placing instead....i never had this problem with the smaller ship hull, now that i've made the larger hull and attempted to build on it, this bug appears. I cannot build on the ship at all, every time i attempt to move the piece into place the entire ship flips on it's side or upside down or high in the air. To be sure I have reset my game and also made sure the anchor was down before building...none of these have fixed the issue. For now, is there any work around for this issue? I feel like this problem is pretty serious, especially when one of the main themes of the game is sailing.
  3. I have this glitch where all the sails,blocks, items, helm and v placed items that were placed on The Hull of my ship disappear, which leads to me being stuck in the middle of the ocean. I’ve exited the world and reloaded it and it takes a few tries until the blocks load back onto the hull, I have tried going out of view range and coming back to see if it was just a visual load in glitch but it still didn’t work. This is a great game and I really want it to be the best it can be.
  4. So I go to my large ship I built a while ago. Every time I go up the ladder to get on it the game teleports me to the top of the last ladder I used. In this particular case it teleports me from my ship to the middle of an island in a house I used before I took to the sea. The ladder on the other side simply puts me half way up and I fall into the water. So I ended the game and reloaded it. Now it teleports me to the other ladder I used on the other side of the ship. I included a video clip for more reference. This error has not gone away and only since latest update. There are a million more bugs but I figured Devs are hard at work on the small ones but this effects my game play a lot. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Hello, I am looking to build a particular type of ship in Ylands. I know you can build over/surround the in-game hulls to make your ship bigger, or look completely different. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to accomplish the bow and stern shapes for the picture included below. I would love to make this look like an old-fashioned steam yacht with a "luxury" interior. I'm still a bit new to the game and not quite sure how people manage curves and other more complex building techniques. Any help given is greatly appreciated. If I do somehow manage to pull this off I will gladly share it on the workshop. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hi, I was playing with my friend in multiplayer. I got kind of lost and when I found our ship, It was completely bugged (see screenshots). I tried to run on the ship and got stuck. When I tried to write the unstuck command, my game got frozen in chat and then crashed completely. It only happened to me, my friend (as the host) saw the ship normally. Thanks. 2017-12-29_194208.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. I built the large ship and when I went to place the large mast the ship glitched out and flew up into the sky and flipped upside down. I have tried and nothing I do can flip it right side up any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated even if it is a way to just get rid of the ship as an upside-down ship in the water outside my base is annoying.
  8. ParkerFrogg

    RESOLVED Can't Turn My Ship

    I started a discussion on Steam(link to the discussion: http://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/1620599015883685394/?tscn=1514257809 ) with the same title as this one and, after several people answered, came to the conclusion that after placing the computer on a ship it will glitch the boat and cause it to not turn left or right. I didn't create a backup save to go back to so now I am stuck with a boat that I worked on for hours that can only go forwards or backward. Is there a way I can remove the computer from my save, or remove it from the game entirely. If I could, I could remove the computer, go into the world and save it without the computer, create a backup, and reinstall the game so the computer is back. But, I don't know if that would break the game/save and cause an even bigger problem because there is an item missing. I can't just go and break it because it disappeared, but maybe there is a way to make it reappear. But I don't know it if there is. These are the only things I could think of with my limited computer skills. Is there any way I can fix this? If not that is okay, but I would love to know if there is.
  9. My map keeps on resetting every time I die or relog and my ladder teleport me to a completely new island.. Sailing the ship is very buggy as well, the ship keeps on kicking me off board for some reason. I was suspended in mid air holding the ship helm as my ship sail away without me. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. paukku

    Hang boat from ship?

    Is it possible or will it be possible to hang boat in side of ship like in real ships. It would help landing so sailors wouldn't need to park ship close and get stuck or swim with sharks.
  11. Hey Devs and Ylanders, something weird happen when I was building my ship in the Editor. I don't know how this happen, I just realized this bug when I try to move my ship with my character in explore mode, and the ship won't turn, only onward and backward. Back at the Editor, click the hull, I saw that the boundary (green square) of the ship is changed, and it's so big (picture number 2). I though it was because I miss click and group objects that far away, but I couldn't even check it, because when I go to farthest point of this green square, it will gone poof because of the distance limit of selected object. And then I check the right click option to see if the hull is really in grouping, but nothing say "group" in there when I only click the hull (picture number 1). Here is my exploration mode save game, where this bug happened. My ship is at another island nearby, when you spawn in from editor you will see fisherman shack nearby. You can follow this angle (picture number 3) to get to my ship's location, it's simply just forward not too long from this angle and the ship is at the beach on another side where you from. For now I can't seems to fix this issue, so I'll just load my old backup. If you guys found another way around please let me know. Thanks in advance. RAGNAR(1).rar
  12. Hi Guys, I did a little digging under my large ship to try and get it to move (figured the area wasn't deep enough), although it was apparently just bugged as I ended up having to create a new large ship to get off the starter Yland. Anyway, I swam under the hull of the ship with the shovel to try and clear some of the sand. When I came up for air, to my surprise I was stuck inside the hull with only my head sticking out (shown below). Luckily after restarting the game a few time, creating a new game, and then coming back to the old game about an hour later my character finally loaded in standing on the deck. I didn't want to try and recreate it, as it was a pain trying to get out of the hull last time, however quite a few times that I had come up for air from under the hull, and even while just shoveling sand underneath the game spawned me on top of the boat before the time that I got stuck. It could be some of the polygons aren't facing the right way underneath maybe?
  13. Hey, I came across a weird issue. When I am connected to my friend's server and I walk around a large ship, I get teleported all over the place (even off the ship). I tried to capture the problem on a video.
  14. Just built the body of the ship and went to construct the fore and aft hull pieces. When trying to place them they are in the grid but treated like solid objects, and as you move them to place them if they get anywhere near the ship it sinks one way or the other or flips over and moves sporadically. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. Here's a video of me playing my character. My large ship suddenly gets stuck for no reason after sleeping overnight near one of the islands I was exploring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Aj4Bruw4w 0:18 - shows that there's nothing blocking the ship. 0:30 - tried to set sail but animation shows as if it run aground. The rest of the recording shows the map of the islands I've explored with the same ship. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. When in first person on board a large ship, if I walk into an object built onto the ship, I begin pushing the ship rather easily. This is more pronounced when strafing to the side against objects. Example of objects: the mast, the helm, a stove, etc. Makes it easy to just propel the ship forward over shallows and land, but also makes free building things carefully while in first person (the easiest way to place things) maddening and dangerous.
  17. Leo-470e49c76dd5b596

    RESOLVED Ship sinks when building upon

    Since the latest update, when trying to build a a second large mast onto the large ship, it cannot be built. If you try to relocate the mast it collides with the ship and sinks it or flips it. I have tried building with the anchor up and down but still the same result. Error messages include; Too Far! Not Enough Room! I have attached an in game screenshot of what happens when building.
  18. Recently I've been trying to finish my ship by adding the "Big Betty" Cannons to it, but placing the item moves my ship. I've noticed this has been a problem with most objects in first person but this is happening in both first and third person. So far it seems to only happen with these cannons, but I'll keep trying other things. Let me know if this is something I'm doing wrong.
  19. Re-fund

    Ship Stuck!

    It seems like the water surrounding my ship is bugged out, which you can clearly see in the picture I posted (the water in front of the ship looks like its kinda chopped off). I can't move my ship at all and I already checked the bottom, there is nothing touching the ship making it unable to move. I think this happened when I accidentally placed some dirt onto the ship causing the ship to tilt forward. I removed the dirt and the ship returned back to normal but apparently this bugged out the water for some reason. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  20. Gabgab145

    Need help

    Okay so ive been navigating all over the place ! I got a map and i am following the bird but only found 2 map not including the one i spawned on. The bird lead me to the same island over and over ! cant find new one
  21. Gabgab145

    Cant remove sail

    Hello ! When ever you put sails on your ship they cant be removed after the time is done. They can’t even be destroyed, witch is kinda annoying if you want to upgrade for more less.
  22. Jacob Ellinger

    Let us go inside of the hull?

    The large ship has all that space in the hull going unused. Building my ship would be lot easier if there was already a space enclosed from the elements to put my forges and what not. Also it just makes sense as that is how ships work in real life.
  23. When the ship was first built, the ladders worked fine, after some time, The Port Ladder when Used Teleports you to StarBoard Ladder like you were Climbing that Ladder and same the Other way. Odd, right? No major issues. But latter on another Yland when I boated over with the same Large Ship. My ladders disappeared completely and I was traped on the Yland. I had to build a Dock on every Yland I went to so I could get back aboard my ship. Okay, Okay, no issue. Til one day the usual common Re-position glitch on a moving ship TP's me off my Large Ship in the middle of the Ocean. It's Sails Down so it's Still Sailing I'm able to swim after it, but unable to get aboard. So my ship just sailed off with a Ton of Resources to never be seen again, haha. I'd love for the ladder bug to not happen to other players. For notes that may help. [Was Multiplayer] [Save was Transferred from My Saved Games Folder to My Friends For Him To Host The World. The Ship Was Built Before The Transfer.] [Onboard the Ship was 10 Pirate Chests. And Multiple Cave Crystals. Zzz Pink Tea Flag. 3 Wind Flags. 2 Mats 1 Large Mast. One Gunpowder Keg. Non really obstructing the Ladder.] -As Shown in the Image Below. I didn't intend to take screenshots of the missing ladders so the only image I took with the missing ladders is this one, sorry for the distance. [P.S That's my friend Boating over to Pick me Up.]
  24. AlexandrianSurvivor

    New ship equipment?

    Are there any plans to add some more objects to use with the ship? Like more sail variants? Catamaran hulls? Perhaps a map table? Cargo hulls that come with storage? There is a lot of potential for the ships. If anyone else has any ideas, reply to this post! Thanks for your time.
  25. AlchemistDagger

    RESOLVED ship won't turn

    hi, I just came across a new problem with the ship. I built a large hull with a cabin on top and 4 large sails. I have been using it to visit 5 or 6 islands. All of a sudden it will only go forward and backwards. It will not turn left or right. It shows the steering wheel turning but the ship does not change direction. As a side note, I had a cooking stove in the cabin. it disappeared when the boat stopped turning, don't know if there is a connection. The map is also missing the most recent path I took to the last island before the bug happened. The bug also happened after a save and restart of the game. thx, Alchemist