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Found 72 results

  1. I build a little cabin on my large ship, but whenever I open the door and walk through, or interact/stand close near a container I placed the entire ship flips out and starts rocking back and forth as if my character just gained 500 tonnes of weight. Sometimes the ship speeds forward a few meters. This also happens ocasionally while sleeping on a bed, sitting on a chair or when I am opening any container that is located on the boat.
  2. Tsiga

    Newbie asking..

    Just bought this game and now asking some questions; 1. How important the ship is? Do I need it almost as soon as I start new game? 2. How hard is build ship? Tips, images etc.? 3. When it's good time to start planning base? Suomi---------------Tunnista kieliAfrikaansAlbaniaAmharaArabiaArmeniaAzeriBaskiBengaliBosniaBulgariaBurmaCebuEnglantiEspanjaEsperantoEteläsothoFarsiGaeliGaliciaGeorgiaGudžaratiHaitiHausaHavaijiHepreaHindiHmongHollantiIgboIiriIndonesiaIslantiItaliaJaavaJapaniJiddišJorubaKannadaKatalaaniKazakkiKhmerKiina (perinteinen)Kiina (yksinkert.)KirgiisiKoreaKorsikaKreikkaKroatiaKurdiKymriLaoLatinaLatviaLiettuaLuxemburgLänsifriisiMakedoniaMalagassiMalaijiMalajalamMaltaMaoriMarathiMongoliNepaliNjandžaNorjaPandžabiPaštuPortugaliPuolaRanskaRomaniaRuotsiSaksaSamoaSerbiaSindhiSinhalaSlovakkiSloveeniSomaliŠonaSundaSuomiSwahiliTadžikkiTagalogTamiliTanskaTeluguThaiTšekkiTurkkiUkrainaUnkariUrduUzbekkiValkovenäjäVenäjäVietnamViroXhosaZuluSu
  3. Every time I place things on the boat, it places, but cannot be seen. Also, for no reason some boats in the server will have all of thier equipment go invisible. Extremely frustrating bug, forces us to constantly join and rejoin to fix it.ie: if I lit the smelter at our camp, it would go invisible. When I placed chairs on our ship they were invisible, until I exited to desktop and relaunched the game. Going to main menu and then back to the game didn't fix anything.
  4. I got stuck in the wall of a house on my ship, and the only way out seemed to be using the /unstuck command. Only, that teleported me back to my first yland after sailing for several days. The disappointment! Is there any way I can load a previous save, or somehow teleport back to my ship to continue my journey?
  5. Hi, On my seacond boat, the stairs acted very weird. They teleported me to the stairs on my other boat. When i broke the stairs on the other ship and tried again it dropped me out of the world and I died. Then I tried the stairs on the other side of the ship and it worked. After arriving at a new island where i never been before, the polar island, and trying to use the ladder to get back up to the ship when it got cold, I droppen to the bottom of the world again and I spawned at my first Island........... Not fun.
  6. lunz

    Better Zoom Out

    I would suggest making it possible to zoom out a lot more then we currently can do. Being able to see your whole ship when commanding it would be a whole lot more practical and visualy appealing. . At the moment it isn't possible to see the top of the mast, and your ship never fits the screen. I would also strongly suggest that a further zoom should be applied to the map, as of now you have to drag your mouse several times to find a previous visted yland, losing your orientation in the process. A better scale in my opinion would be if you could at least see the border of neighbouring yland when fully zoomed out in the mapscreen. 30+hrs in this game and as of yet don't regret a single dime I spend on it. Keep up the great work you devs are doing.
  7. While exploring another island I climbed back onto my large ship with the ladder, and teleported somewhere underneath the map and fell into a cave, then died. Now I lost all my equipment and my ship is stranded on another island. This teleportation happened more frequently for me, where I teleported from the ships ladder to a ladder from a randomly generated structure. This happened while playing with friends. (Both I and my friend died of this teleportation glitch)
  8. Me and my friend discovered some bugs while playing Multiplayer (I try to recreate these bugs with screenshots and videos later): The wooden raft begins to float in the air when the water level gets lower due to digging and building. Sometimes when picking up items, plants etc. you're character gets stuck in the picking up animation or completely freezes. Map resetting when disconnected (known bug) The water has a very weird behavior when the sand beneath it is modified. Sometimes it completely disappears. It also sometimes generates holes in the water. Every time i walk past a sail on a ship i get teleported to the side and fall from the ship. The ship is a little glitchy in general, when im not in control of the ship. (This doesn't happen to the host) Another bug from the ship is that when i climb up the ladder, it keeps the swimming animation until i jump. (This is only visible for myself, not for other players) Sometimes items that are picked up or crafted are not visible until you scroll the inventory. These are all bugs we found for now, im gonna update this post if we find more.
  9. When interacting with the Large Ship ship ladder, I was teleported into the sky. All you could see was white and my characters head. I was then placed on a random island, on top of a bush. I still had all items and nothing else seemed to change. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Ruler0234

    Survival pvp

    There are many people who love survival pvp games where you build your base fortifie it in your way and attack others along the way. Ylands has an amazing potential to become one of those games with its unique teraforming world and open ocean pirate ships for an amazing sea battle experience. Although I can see many issues coming up with pvp like people building deep under ground or competing for recources and some other things but they can be avoided in one way or another. Overall I believe Ylands could give players an amazing pvp expierience and could be the better "Minecraft". Hope you take this I to consideration
  11. Hello. I am having some issues with a multiplayer server i sett upp. Me and a friend are playing together, and my friend has to log inn and out to see when something new is buildt on the boat. This sometimes happens on land aswell, but it is constantly broken on the boat.
  12. First before I say something, sorry if this kind of topic already discussed somewhere (please let me know). So my suggestion is about different kind of sail mast as the title said. Let me explain, the current game (0.6.42) already has small mast and large mast which is square-ish and square large sail , and wind mechanism which is perfect for sailing the seas.But it feels more depth if there is different kind of sail and it's function, for example the Square sail is good for wind that coming from the back (100%), but poor for wind that coming from the front (10%), slightly better from the side (35%). On other hand the Fore-and-aft sail is slightly poor for wind that coming from the back (35%), and poor for wind that coming from the front (10%), but good for wind that coming from the side (100%). The size of mast will have impact for overall speed/power of the ship. Choices on the sails and mast when building ship makes player have more creativity on designing ships which is awesome for future creation. *percentage is speed/power This idea might already in your plans sheet, devs. Hopefully it come in the near future, I really enjoy sailing in Ylands. Keep up the awesome work! Keep in mind that this is my suggestion. If you have any other suggestion for sail mast or ship in general, feel free to reply this thread or make new suggestion
  13. hyydi

    Major MP issue

    I was playing multiplayer (3 people in total). One player climbed to a ship and suddenly he was flying up to the sky and crashed down below earth surface and fell through the world. He then got a message saying he died because of freezing. After this he cannot join the server at all and get's stuck on loading screen (loading game data). Also the animals he tamed before are not tamed anymore, it seems like he was deleted from the server all together. I restarted the game and now no one can join the server even after multiple tries. Before this episode there were some other issues with the ship such as teleporting to land when climbing the ship ladder etc. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  14. I think the ship repairs is an idea that already exist in your development phase. My suggestion has 2 parts: 1: The ships needs underdeck. 2: The ship should have a 2 layered health bar. Something like this: [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] [||||] [||||] [||||] [||||] - [||||] [||||] [||||] [||||] Let's call it Hard HP, and Soft HP. Soft HP: The ship can have 8 area, which can spawn a hole in the ship's hull under deck. If the ship is damaged, one of the 4 spot is damaged on that side. If all 4 spots are taken down on that side, the cannon can "pass" through the open holes, so the other side can be damaged too from that side. If one of the spot reaches 0 health, it spawns a hole on the ship's hull, and it starts to drain the Hard HP. If you interact the hole with a plank in your hand, you patch it up, which gives the spot 1 health back, and stops the Hard HP drain. If the hole is patched with plank it enables interaction with a repair kit, to restore it to 4 hp (It's a nerf to incombat repairs) The planked breaches are destroyed with one cannon shot, while a repaired one needs some cannon shots to break. Hard HP: The Hard HP can't be damaged directly. It recieve damage over time, while there is unpatched hole on the underdeck. The damage is represented by flood level underdeck. To restore Hard HP, you have to interact with a bucket, to remove water from underdeck. If Hard HP reaches zero, the ship sinks. *(Extra)3: The cannonballs needs some voxel damage too
  15. Hi I was playing yesterday and I made a ship of 4 large masts. During the construction of the ship, whenever I build something and if I take what I put the ship jumps sideways. By putting a chest on the ship on a polar island, I ended up putting my ship on many pieces of land because the ship jumped that way, and it was a great punishment to get him out of there. Fortunately all the effort was not in vain, I recovered the ship.
  16. While on a ship in single-player survival mode, I've twice been sent flying into the air by the ship's collision boxes. First time I was trying to figure out if there was a way to climb the tall mast, and was catapulted so high that when I landed I instantly died. The second time I was sailing in the middle of the ocean when the same thing happened, only I was attempting to jump onto the prow of the ship. Not wanting to lose my fully stocked ship, or character due to a bug. Is there a no-clip / fly console command? Steps to reproduce (not consistent): Be on an un-anchored ship. Does not have to be moving fast Jump around standing close to collision meshes I'm flying, Jack! This is the latest version by the way.
  17. AlchemistDagger

    UNDER REVIEW boat problems

    I first want to say I love this game. Been playing for about 2 weeks now. I built a large hull and made a large cabin on the back end of it. I placed 4 stone chests on the boat that work fine. I then placed a bed and a couple cabinets. I can't access the bed or cabinets and I can walk right through the bed and cabinets. I also can not destroy them. second bug I found is when building the cabin the ship placement grid is different from the world grid. But when I go to rotate the block and switch axis (holding H and pressing right mouse button), it uses the global grid on the boat which results in angled turning as seen in the 3rd photo.
  18. Hi, I'm new to YLANDS but from what I've played (the demo) I like it and see potential in it. The main reason why I'm writing this is because I'd like to see, if you possible, even help personally with changing the admirals/captain's uniform on the character. As in many PirateVsNavy films, cartoons, shorts, comics and even lego playsets, the usual theme is that the pirates are basically similar to what they are in-game. Wouldn't change much on them. On the other hand, the Navy soldier looks similar to the British Redcoat unit, which I also like but then the Navy officer/captain/Admiral looks a bit too modern for my tastes. The hat definitely doesn't fit the period as it looks very modern, I would suggest something similar to a bicorn which most British admirals used in the navy back then. https://www.google.hr/search?q=Navy+bicorn&rlz=1C1EJFA_enHR682HR682&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_pceH0bvTAhWCPFAKHf9wA7oQ_AUIBigB&biw=1920&bih=974#tbm=isch&q=horatio+hornblower&imgrc=ZXJonXCIgo3-6M: Something very similar depicted in the series Hornblower (which I highly recommend watching if you have the time, it doesn't have many episodes and all of them are in good quality uploaded on Youtube). Also in the picture you can see the uniforms they would have worn back then, which, if possible, would like to see them recreated in-game. Basically just add a nicer touch to the current uniform and I think that should fix it. The uniform and how it looks like in the inventory actually looks very similar to the admiral uniform so I doubt you'll have to change that if you'll change anything that is. I would like to suggest for the Navy ship to be redone as well; it might be just me but I don't actually like that kind of "madness" at the sides of the ship like the turbine engines at the sides and similar. About the two stories ship, I'm not really a fond if but I guess it's ok. Also, if possible, I'd like to see the fort redesigned a bit; for it actually have the floor, then the sellers from which you can enter the ship and the top from where you can fire the cannons. If possible, I'd like to request of adding an additional sword in the game, one that would fit the Navy more, like an officer's sword or ( https://www.google.hr/searchq=admiral's+sword&rlz=1C1EJFA_enHR682HR682&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiI3b3j0rvTAhWKZFAKHfIXBQwQ_AUIBigB&biw=1920&bih=974#imgrc=o_RlkrhcT50wpM: ) and not necessarily required but I would like to see some kind of cells to be added from where you can, as a pirate or a legendary admiral, escape with explosives, dive into the water and go aboard your ship while they're firing broadsides... I do also understand that you're trying to go for the children's approach more; for them to like it but I do think that they might like some of the realism of it if you were to put anything from my suggestions. In any case, you decide to put all of this behind and not implement anything, I do want to say that you've done a great work so far and wish you all the best! Till morrow, Mariopetar
  19. So I've been playing the explore gamemode, built me a large ship . but can't figure out how to craft the aft and fore hull pieces for it any help would be appreciated.
  20. 1- occasionally i will lose the ability to eat. reloading the game fixes this 2- While placing light sources on the ship works, they fall off when lit. this might also be true with campfire. will check. 3- not sure the sun rises in the east. 4- Periodic hanging of the game. Happens often, game hangs for a second or 2 then comes back.
  21. GrynnReaper

    Building a ship...

    Ok, so i got the hull in the water, how do i make a sail?
  22. GrynnReaper

    how do i build a ship?

    I noticed a couple of masts in the crafting menu, how does one build a ship?