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Found 446 results

  1. When a composition is shared in the workshop, the composition of the editor is eliminated. Personally I have no problem with this since I always have a lot of copies everywhere but it can be annoying to have to create the composicon again after uploading it to the workshop. I have also noticed that when trying to eliminate a large number of entities they can be duplicated and these duplicates can only be eliminated one by one. sometimes it is necessary to restart to be able to eliminate them in the editor
  2. So I was Ylands on my private server with some friends, then the game Lagged so much that I thought it crashed, so I task mangered and ended it. I try openning the save but its now stuck at 84%, how do I fix this? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. I had a weird death the other day. When I finally got back to my protected base, it doesn't recognize me. I tried /killme and it did not fix it. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. Sorting World Name sorts the Game Name, and versa. No sort for Region. But Player sort works well and that is the important one.
  5. I went to play in (server eu 20) since I had a saved game, I was playing 45 min. I went for some resources, to return to my boat this was black, something very common is usually solved by restarting, but this time when getting close I got stuck I could not use the console to reappear on the beach, I could not use esc. My only option was Alt + f4, which gave an error and forced me to close the program. I know it's a known problem but it should not take long to fix it gives enough headaches. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt I thought it was a player coming in but I could not leave the console when trying to check it when I started again it was solved, I guess it was trapped in one of the elements that were invisible. this happened 10 minutes after re-entering. It's the first time that happens to me with the ship in motion the character is still happy believing he is at the helm. Another reboot Appears on the ship, but in another place, I sincerely believe that I will only dedicate myself to the editor, while MP is in this state.
  6. If you open a container while in one of your containers in your inventory like the herb bag , seed box , soil box etc and transfer one of your items to the container content window on top of an item it transfers the item no matter what it is. eg: Stone,tools,food, etc
  7. Hello, My savegame won't load. It starts the loading and gets the terrain finished then goes to the buildings load but won't complete. It stops and hangs at 96%. I am playing single player exploration. Recently, there was a crash. This is what the crash notice said. " Fatal error in GC. Get thread context failed. Crash_2018_03-04_181540. After the crash I reloaded the game and it worked for a while then the saved game wouldn't load anymore. I'm attaching the requested output files. Is there anyway I can get this game to load again. Mark Sanders output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. I was playing in MP on a dedicated server, I played about 6 hours, the textures of the animals appeared in black, and when the resources were clicked, they did not appear until I started the game. if you throw objects from the inventory the same thing happens. I have to say that I had never had this happen to me. I restart game
  9. So I've been running a dedicated server for a week now, my power went out and so the server didn't get shutdown properly. Now I can't restart the server. I get a "Removed Server Process" notification in the monitor console. Haven't changed anything else at all. Tried deleting my log files, did nothing to help. I don't want to restart a new server since, there are 5 other people playing on my server and they've done a bunch of work. Any help? log_clean.txt log.txt
  10. This all happened while i was asleep, during graveyard hours. Just another strange Early Access occurrence At some point after someone logged on, server threw this error: [EX] [01:48:17.87] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 17 [WN]U [-10:-03:-51.-92] Can not play a disabled audio source [EX] [-10:-02:-45.-26] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 7 [IN] [-09:-58:-42.-59] Response #125: 400 44B ... Now the server has Negative values? error is thrown twice and Response code is now #400, which means unable to connect to Ba servers, prior to this all connections are #200.. there is a player that is still connected, but doesn't stay online for long. These negative values i have never seen before, at some point it has steam issues.. [IN] [-07:-42:-17.-86] Response #258: 400 44B ... [ER] [-07:-42:-04.-68] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-07:-41:-48.-95] SteamServersConnected [IN] [-07:-41:-16.-59] Response #259: 400 44B ... [IN] [-06:-56:-49.-66] Response #302: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-56:-03.-11] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-47.-36] Response #303: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-55:-30.-06] SteamServerConnectFailure result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServerConnectFailure (SteamServerConnectFailure_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServerConnectFailure_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-10.-91] SteamServersConnected Negative goes into Positive eventually [IN] [-01:-01:-24.-48] Response #646: 400 44B ... [IN] [-01:00:-23.-18] Response #647: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:00:40.42] Response #648: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:01:41.68] Response #649: 400 44B ... Still the #400 persists, meaning either the error has broken the server or there is some kind of issue at Ba I load up the game to see if the server was appearing on the list, it wasn't there.., And a final shutdown error: [IN] [01:27:45.42] DsState: Quitting [WN] [01:27:45.43] NullPersistentStorageManager WriteFile ylands.NullPersistentStorageManager.WriteFile (String, Byte[], StorageType) Analytics.OnSessionQuit (EventSessionQuit) EventDispatcher.DispatchEvent[EventSessionQuit] (EventSessionQuit) ylands.SessionLifecycle.DoExit (String) ylands.SessionLifecycle.Exit (String) ylands.Quitter.GracefulQuit () ylands.HeadlessServerManager.Shutdown () ylands.HeadlessServerManager+<DelayedShutdownCoro>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator, IntPtr)
  11. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt I had something weird happen. I was pulling up to Honey Chicken's house on Foobar's MP server. I was having lag, so my character could only walk, not run. I had her anchor her ship. I sat her down on the deck, and closed the program so I could log back on to fix the lag. During the log in, it stalled, but I heard her die. When I finally got logged in, she was on an island that did not look like the island I had been at. It was a different biome. I circled the island and my ship and the person's base I was trying to visit were nowhere. My character spawned with all of her stuff still in inventory, but nothing in the toolbar. I ended up building a raft, and trying to find the island my ship is on. I found another island, also not the one I was looking for. I died. When I respawned all I had was my map and keys. I have no idea where, or where my loot is. I am still trying to find the raft I used to get there. I have no idea how to get back to anything familiar, since the map doesn't work in MP. I am hoping the admin can find me. I don't know how to get back.
  12. Hey Dev's, not sure if it's been reported or not. But I was playing online with Stoutcrusher. Here's a short video link of what happened.
  13. Was using hammer to remove some stone blocks just outside the PB limits....and took a break " to go fishing" ..... opened directory and equipped myself with the fishing pole, however on closing inventory my hammer was still in my hand and the fishing pole has disappeared from inventory ... and its not on the ground. Similar instances happened when building my ship ..i had used the hammer, then crafted some beams, equipped myself with the beams and proceeded to place them ... i aligned them up and selected place and the beam disappeared ... and in my hand was the hammer! all 5 of the crafted beams also disappeared from inventory. Anyone else having this or similar issues? The ship, by the way is in a dock that's within the PB range... and i am playing MP.
  14. Hello, When i place a Coral it appear black, but eventualy (refresh) the coral color come back withtout touching it.
  15. I just updated to 0.7 and entered to my offline game when I saw this... I leave you a couple of captures and a copy of my DxDiag, in these you also can see how many resources the game is consuming, after seeing that I started to place blocks in one of my ships when the game crashed. It consume a bit less of RAM and also loads the world faster, maybe I can explore now. P.D: Those water blocks gave me a few ideas for decoration, it can be a good spot to build a pool , replacing water can be a good idea for incoming updates. DxDiag.txt
  16. I was playing multiplayer. And he died. A new character is not born in the same room. The screen is stopped output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. The collision is a bit to big for the lamp and you can't place anything above it.
  18. After the 12-9-17 update to version 0.6.42044, my game now crashes during a rain storm. I had a different save file originally, and i had happen to stop playing for the day when it was raining. I was inside a cabin. The patch was the next day, and when logged in, and opened the cabin door to leave, the game would freeze, then crash in about 5-10 seconds. I tried a range of graphics settings, and assured that my drivers were up to date. I started a new game, thinking it was a save corruption from the update. All was well on the new save file, until it started to rain while i was outside. It crashed, and the game had autosaved about 5 seconds before it started raining. I am pretty certain that its not a hardware issue on my end. I have an identical model card that I can test with, and can update if that affects the issue. Attached are the error.log and output_log.txt file from the latest crash folder, as well as a dxdiag.txt file from the system error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  19. I think this may have happened to me in an earlier version of the game too but it happened again just recently. I was flattening the floor in my underground base with an Iron Shovel and my stone chest next to my blacksmith station disappeared. I checked up on the surface and it had somehow clipped through the earth and ended up on the surface with all of it's contents intact. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  20. I put a wind turbine on a large ship and was powering a charging station. All was working as it should. I installed a splitter and then an energy stove. If I link the stove, the charging station shuts off. The output of the turbine is 20. The consumption of the charging station is 10, the stove is 1 and the splitter is 1for a total of 12 units of power. It doesn't matter what order I link the stove or charging station. The stove always works. The charging station only works if the stove isn't linked but still works if it is connected via the splitter. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thoroughly enjoying the game! Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. Im playing with friend on dedicted server he started(quake's world) and im expiriencing some problems. -sometimes i get bugged when i grab item from ground. Bugged in way- my avatar repeats grabing move, and its very hard to do anything else, i can walk(while still repeating the grab move) but i cannot use any items or grab anything, stops only after relog. For my friend looking at my avatar it appears like everything is okay. -when i enter crafting, or more commonly exit crafting into inventory, game crashes(this appears is known bug with old ATI radeon graphic cards, my computer is using one(HP pavilion dv6 3300se, ATI mobility radeon 6550)) -sometimes after game crashes its impossible to re-enter the world, game crashes when loading "raising oceans" hits 100% every time, the only way is to load last server world backup and run from that. This and more issues is going to report my friend who maintains the server. keep up great work, and if i missed some information key to resolve them bugs, let me know, I will do what i can to help. Ylands is great promissing game :-) Honza output_log_clean.txt error.log output_log.txt
  22. I am posting this here, read why. After running a server locally for 3 weeks, the charging station started to act like it was on all the time. This was true with no power hooked up, and was rendered non-operable because of this. You could place a new one and the power would immediately be supplied without a link and the panel would rise. As soon as power was hooked up, the panel stopped rising but the noise remained. After about a week of this and constant host disconnect issues, I decided to just pull the savegame and move it to the local saves and run from there to prevent host disconnects. Low and behold, placing a charging station works great as expected. As of now, I would assume that this is related only to the dedicated server somehow.
  23. The generator with the disabled switch shows the sum of all connected, active consumers regardless from where those receive their power. This is not only a displaybug. Both ylandium engines run out of charge at the same time.
  24. Hey there, when planting multiple oak trees (or any other tree) very close to each others (like 20-30 pieces) and then trying to chop the trees down there will be some trees which are not able to be cut into logs as the hitboxes cant be hit anymore. Restarting the dedicated server will fix that issue as it seems like the hitboxes will be recalculated.
  25. Hello there! Encountered a pretty dismal bug. Almost every time that I leave my house (on OFFICIAL EXPLORE EU 9), when I come back to the barrier zone the server kicks me out with "Host Unreachable" error. I then have to log back in and do it all over again, and next time I will leave the barrier zone and come back the game will probably kick me again. This is super reproducible and I attached the needed logs. Here's to hoping you can fix this without resetting the entire server, deleting a few days' work... Thanks! Kittemz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt