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Found 341 results

  1. Reinstalled the game 3 days ago to try any new changes, yesterday built the larger ship and would get pauses while sailing for 10-20 seconds. Random but no longer than 1-1.5 mins between. Tried the middle ship today and getting the same problem. I have no issues with the duck boat. Smooth sailing I also have no connection issues on this computer. I don't know if Ylands needs to be 'always online' or not. Though I also cannot seem to put the raft on top of the water. It seems to spawn submerged so haven't tried it for any length of time. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Randomly, items on the 2nd last lines and in the middle slots of the inventory refuse to move into chests when attempts are made to do so ...they get stuck there. For an experiment i tried to put a shirt in 5 different chests. cabinets.barrels etc..and to no effect. It staye in inventory . I selected wear and got nothing. I tried to equip and drop ...and sometimes got a failed message ..or nothing. After a re-join, it still persisted.... but sometime later the item disappeared form inventory ..it was random Then there was a server restart... I came back and i found i could put the object into a barrel ..but it was already in there...! and a copy was in every container i tried previously to put it in. It had reproduced in every container i tried earlier to put it in. Later i was in a cave and there was an intense light..it lagged me to a standstill...i had to use unstuck command to get out . I returned and from a distance ( freecamera) was able to see the light was from multiple items stacked up in the same space ... it took several attempts and unstuck commands because of lag, but i eventually brought into my inventory about 20 lanterns and a large number of red crystals... there were other items too but i left them. It appears these items were dropped by someone who perished at the jaws of a predator, and they all piled up in the same spot. Now i suspect that the poor deceased was not carrying 20 lanterns and crystals , but had that inventory glitch ... and dropped the bundle as they say when he was removed from his virtual body... the items reproduced as they dropped. Recently another player encountered a NPC that had multiple entities in the same spot, emitting light, and causing lag. I wonder, if someone had tried to trade with the NPC using a glitched item in their inventory? .. causing out of control " npc reproduction"? I do not have the logs, but now after thinking about the incidents and seeing what i perceived to be a common link ..i will annoy you with them in future, as it does not seem to be an uncommon event. By mentioning it here, maybe others who encounter similar incident will react and not ignore it as a "minor nuance" and as they say, the more logs, the bigger the log jam !
  3. Almost half of the items in game cannot have their price changed in the hands of a trader.
  4. When I throw the Nopal to the ground, it disappears and keeps falling constantly. When placing it with V works well It is the only object that has happened to me for now
  5. I have been attempting to build a car on multiplayer using an Off-Road chassis. It was placed in front of my house on flat terrain within my protective barrier. Any attempts to build on it are met with "Location is inside other player's protective barrier." which it most certainly is not. Turning off the barrier has had no effect. Any ideas/suggestions?
  6. Since a few weeks I have Ylands for 2 accounts/ PC's at home, and of course me and the wife (and son)started playing a explorer map together(hosting on my pc) issue is that wenn 1 of the 2 players in in the inventory menu and the other is just picking up large amounts of wood for example (fast) the inventory menu goes all crazy on the moments the other 1 picks something up(or places it in a inventory slot from a workbench). I had a video on my phone but that won't upload so need to transfer it to a other source first before uploading.
  7. If you start a game with a dialogue box, sometimes (but most frequently in multiplayer) the dialogue box will not open properly and you will need to close and re-open the dialogue box for it to display correctly. This issue I believe is caused by the game files loading slower than the dialogue box prompt. If I set a long enough initial delay (5 seconds) this bug does not occur.
  8. I have a bunch of offline players who are dead. I was able to recreate damage to an online player. I have asked everyone to give you a report. This map was created in Explore MP and all the non harm boxes were checked at creation. We have also had block damage under powerbarrier. This has been a thing since the 0.12 update. I can recreate it with annihilator, but i don't know what tool was used. Server logs attached. I can also provide the game file itself if you need it. log_clean.txt log_userscript.txt log.txt
  9. I already reported this using by feedback in game. but the said twice is good to remember, right? and i have screenshot! this is the bug that what i want to report. The metal container doesn't closed after i was use it. and i think it's a bug. and that's all, bye!
  10. When you despawn a car while a player is driving it the game will think that the player is still driving the car. It will despawn the car but the camera angle is stuck and you can still drive around.
  11. "Clay pot´s Don´t go in inventory Clay Urn´s Don´t go in inventory Egyptian Vase´s don´t stack Half of the Normal Vase´s don´t go in inventory, they all has the name Vase so i can´t specify but it´s pretty much that small vases stack and big one´s don´t and i can only price the big non egypt vase´s" So prices and inventory stacking of pots.
  12. When a boat hits a shoal it gets really stuck! reversing will not help, and when you dig it out ...even though there's nothing in contact with the hull, it must still be caught in the collision field because the boat will not move. The boat will move like its free, ie bob up and down in the waves ..but refuses to move. We had to use another bat to help push a stuck boat free,...and when it was finally moved , the area underneath it had been really dug out deep, but it still wouldn't move. No log file taken, this is an easy to reproduce bug / thing / whatever
  13. It seems that if someone initiates sleep but does not leave that window, it blocks others from joining sleep. A quick fix would be a pop up window to advise the player to leave hat window as soon as they select the wake up time.
  14. Hello there, I hosts two servers and right now of all the different players I have seen one have gotten the "Your Ylands Is Being Loaded - Recalling Buildings 100%" bug. He can join other server just not this particular one I am hosting, and this one is not done via Editor so there is no way for me to access the files and delete his inventory or characters as some of the fixes might suggest. Here are the log pertaining to his login attempts. https://pastebin.com/cDTXDQh3 He was able to join prior to 0.12 and have no issues joining other servers which have no prior account in. Can I upload my save file and have BI "fix" it? Regards, Ferdinand
  15. Bug after planting a seed, an invisible thing prevents my character to move
  16. I posted this elsewhere and it was recognized but I decided to post an official bug report because this makes the editor unusable for me. Originally this bug only affected ships that were created before the update, but now I just found out that ships created after the update can be bugged as well (this is what prompted this post). When I try to change the position of any block that is part of the ship with the Move widget the inputs are ignored and the object behind the x/y/z controls is selected instead. If you position the camera so that no block is directly behind the controls a green square is drawn indicating that the Select widget is active instead of the Move widget. When I use the rotation widget the block is both rotated AND moved at the same time, like if the selection widget was dragging the item at the same time as it is rotated. I tried to build a new ship from scratch to avoid these bugs, but after a few hours the editor froze. After I saved and restarted the game I found that the new ship was bugged as well. The bug is tied to specific ships and remains if you save it as a composition so I have provided the composition file of the ship that just got bugged. If this bug does not appear on your end then I guess my PC has created a unique bug because I don't see anyone else mentioning this Hopefully this can be resolved soon because the game is unplayable for me if I can't build ships in the editor SMALL SHIP BUGGED.rar
  17. Hello, With the new update, there are problem to connect to the servers (long time loading menu, errors, impossible to enter in the game, and so on ...).
  18. For books, and for papers (set to unique) with text on them, the ON READING event does not trigger at all. This is true for the event available within the entity, as well as the Event Listener event.
  19. If you store a composition and try to type the name, hotkeys will still be active. For example, typing "Igor" will result in my character toggling Character Mode [O] and force exiting out of the Store composition mode. HOWEVER, if you type the description first, it will prevent the hotkey bug from happening.
  20. I was searching for caves while digging and was real deep, but i noticed it started raining in the cave with my mining headlight on, @Jared Diamond was playing with me on my explorer mission and i asked him if it was raining on the Yland..... it was.... I added some screenshots it is not 100% clear but wen you take a good look you can see the raindrops in my mining light "aura" and nowhere else.
  21. My inventory is full, when I want to take a seed (even I have a seed box), it doesn't work. But when there is one slot free, it works to take the seed (directly inside the seed box). There are others bugs like this with others items.
  22. When I click on the item, bug with the menu (open, close... open/close ... ) with the bag, the seeds box, ...
  23. I was playing the new update and I realized that I can't destroy items from my inventory anymore. I don't want to keep the items, but I also don't want to drop "my garbage" onto the floor. Or am I missing something?
  24. Hello. I can not save my ingame settings now (game version 0.12). In previous version everything was fine. I want to change graphic settings from low to ultra and invert my mouse because everything was reset to default after update and I can't play without mouse invert 😁 output_log.txt