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Found 332 results

  1. When you despawn a car while a player is driving it the game will think that the player is still driving the car. It will despawn the car but the camera angle is stuck and you can still drive around.
  2. "Clay pot´s Don´t go in inventory Clay Urn´s Don´t go in inventory Egyptian Vase´s don´t stack Half of the Normal Vase´s don´t go in inventory, they all has the name Vase so i can´t specify but it´s pretty much that small vases stack and big one´s don´t and i can only price the big non egypt vase´s" So prices and inventory stacking of pots.
  3. When a boat hits a shoal it gets really stuck! reversing will not help, and when you dig it out ...even though there's nothing in contact with the hull, it must still be caught in the collision field because the boat will not move. The boat will move like its free, ie bob up and down in the waves ..but refuses to move. We had to use another bat to help push a stuck boat free,...and when it was finally moved , the area underneath it had been really dug out deep, but it still wouldn't move. No log file taken, this is an easy to reproduce bug / thing / whatever
  4. It seems that if someone initiates sleep but does not leave that window, it blocks others from joining sleep. A quick fix would be a pop up window to advise the player to leave hat window as soon as they select the wake up time.
  5. Hello there, I hosts two servers and right now of all the different players I have seen one have gotten the "Your Ylands Is Being Loaded - Recalling Buildings 100%" bug. He can join other server just not this particular one I am hosting, and this one is not done via Editor so there is no way for me to access the files and delete his inventory or characters as some of the fixes might suggest. Here are the log pertaining to his login attempts. https://pastebin.com/cDTXDQh3 He was able to join prior to 0.12 and have no issues joining other servers which have no prior account in. Can I upload my save file and have BI "fix" it? Regards, Ferdinand
  6. Bug after planting a seed, an invisible thing prevents my character to move
  7. I posted this elsewhere and it was recognized but I decided to post an official bug report because this makes the editor unusable for me. Originally this bug only affected ships that were created before the update, but now I just found out that ships created after the update can be bugged as well (this is what prompted this post). When I try to change the position of any block that is part of the ship with the Move widget the inputs are ignored and the object behind the x/y/z controls is selected instead. If you position the camera so that no block is directly behind the controls a green square is drawn indicating that the Select widget is active instead of the Move widget. When I use the rotation widget the block is both rotated AND moved at the same time, like if the selection widget was dragging the item at the same time as it is rotated. I tried to build a new ship from scratch to avoid these bugs, but after a few hours the editor froze. After I saved and restarted the game I found that the new ship was bugged as well. The bug is tied to specific ships and remains if you save it as a composition so I have provided the composition file of the ship that just got bugged. If this bug does not appear on your end then I guess my PC has created a unique bug because I don't see anyone else mentioning this Hopefully this can be resolved soon because the game is unplayable for me if I can't build ships in the editor SMALL SHIP BUGGED.rar
  8. Hello, With the new update, there are problem to connect to the servers (long time loading menu, errors, impossible to enter in the game, and so on ...).
  9. For books, and for papers (set to unique) with text on them, the ON READING event does not trigger at all. This is true for the event available within the entity, as well as the Event Listener event.
  10. If you store a composition and try to type the name, hotkeys will still be active. For example, typing "Igor" will result in my character toggling Character Mode [O] and force exiting out of the Store composition mode. HOWEVER, if you type the description first, it will prevent the hotkey bug from happening.
  11. I was searching for caves while digging and was real deep, but i noticed it started raining in the cave with my mining headlight on, @Jared Diamond was playing with me on my explorer mission and i asked him if it was raining on the Yland..... it was.... I added some screenshots it is not 100% clear but wen you take a good look you can see the raindrops in my mining light "aura" and nowhere else.
  12. My inventory is full, when I want to take a seed (even I have a seed box), it doesn't work. But when there is one slot free, it works to take the seed (directly inside the seed box). There are others bugs like this with others items.
  13. When I click on the item, bug with the menu (open, close... open/close ... ) with the bag, the seeds box, ...
  14. I was playing the new update and I realized that I can't destroy items from my inventory anymore. I don't want to keep the items, but I also don't want to drop "my garbage" onto the floor. Or am I missing something?
  15. Hello. I can not save my ingame settings now (game version 0.12). In previous version everything was fine. I want to change graphic settings from low to ultra and invert my mouse because everything was reset to default after update and I can't play without mouse invert 😁 output_log.txt
  16. The title says it all .. I have been ruthlessly slain by an invisible predator.! I was initially slain ... (trying to work out the combat system..) and came back, gathered my loot and then slew the offending leopard. The an new leopard "spawned" alongside me and before i could react, was made into a leopard meal. I cam back and could see my loot, and the leopard, but then something attacked me ..it was invisible.. I made it back to my house at my base and it was still attacking me. I then perished on the doorstep .."Ruthlessly slain by a leopard.." but all the time it was invisible.. i tried to respawn but screen froze ..i had to end task . logs attached.. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. From Eudae on Steam (I have the same problem) : "Crafting multiple items while inventory is full stalled my game. Steps to reproduce: 1)Run around the island for 2 minutes spamming RMB until your inventory is full 2)Attempt to craft 200 grass ropes using the craft multiple menu (CTRL + RMB) 3)Crash On a very high spec computer". And for me, my computer blocked when I craft even 10 things in the crafting menu.
  18. I don't know if it is a server issue or a ylands issue. I was on a new (created yesterday) map on the P1 dedicated EU server. I have having jaggy issues. Two steps pauuuuuse. Two steps pauuuuuuse. Picking up items both by right clicking and using the vicinity tool. Click, wait, item picks up. Lather, rinse, repeat. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  19. I hesitate to report this bug, because is just so handy to have it sometimes, but it does make the game way too easy when it's exploited. The bug involves items carried in a container in a player's inventory (any pickable container will do this; I've tested them all) and transferring them to another container. 1. Get 2 units of a resource or stackable item. 2. Get a container that it can be placed in, and carried in your inventory. For infinite Flax, Cotton, or Magic Blossom, for example, use the Herb Bag. (I'll call this one the "Bag" to keep the explanation clear.) 3. Set up a separate container in the area around you, not in your inventory. Any container that can hold the item will do. I'll call this one the "Chest" to keep them separate. 4. Place 1 of the item directly in the chest, and 1 in the bag in your inventory. 5. Open the chest. In your inventory, open the bag. 6. Right-click on the item in the bag, as if you want to move it into the chest. The stack count in the chest will increase, but the item in the bag will not decrease or go away. You can repeat until the stack in the chest is full. If the stack you are carrying is more than 1, then the stack in the chest will increase by the amount you have. If you have 10, then it will go up by 10 with each click. If there are multiple partial stacks in the chest (CTRL+drag to separate a stack) then it will continue until all of them are full. If the player finds one of the old pickable versions of clay pots (there are some that can be found in random sites around an Explore map) then the player can create infinite amounts of anything that is stackable, once they have 2 of that item.
  20. Hi, The small bamboo stair block (1x1x1) has an unbalanced craft, you need 1 bamboo stick to get 2 stair blocks: And when you dismantle it you get 1 bamboo stick per bamboo stair block: As you can see you can produce infinite bamboo exploding this bug. Also, I suggest adding an in game option to report bugs. Thank you for develop this game and make an effort to continue with it. I hope dungeons will come soon. Me
  21. I used CTRL+double click to select multiple of the same type of object. The selection included entities that were not currently loaded. When I pressed F to focus, I was thrown completely out of the map (I got the "leaving Ylands" message) and a few moments later the game crashed. I this specific case, it was a submarine wreck, so there would only be a few across the map, but far enough apart that they would not all be loaded together. When looking at ways to fix this, could you consider an option to cycle through the selected items if the count is low enough? (Kind of a "focus on next") Also maybe an option to restrict selection to loaded objects only. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  22. I have a player onthe P1 server who constantly loses control of his power barrier. He thinks it is because he forgets to log out and when he eventually dies it causes this to happen. Yes, he should log out. But the bigger picture is, he shouldn't lose control of his barrier jst because he died.
  23. One of our players ended up on my island as a respawn .. his ship went in circles and he could not stop it. he got drowned when he was tossed off it . I took my ship with him on board and we located the ship it had stopped. he told me his other ship he built was not steering as well. I then tried to turn back to my island base... my ship would not turn either direction. I tried reverse...it worked slowly, but would not turn. O managed to sail to the island straight ahead ...and as i released the helm after stopping was tossed overboard... i was faster than the waiting shark, fortunately... I tried a relog .... and no go . still the ship would move only straight ... forward or revers and i couldn't turn In desperation i parked it and made a temp camp, hoping there is a restart that will fix it ..or if i do not die in the meantime, a fix .. Logs attached . output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  24. Not sure if this is a bug but I figured I should mention it. Scenario 1: Step 1) Equip NPC with an item such as a teacup. Step 2) Using the editor, force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air Results: The player has unequiped the teacup in their hand after finishing the emote. Scenario 2: Step 1: Force the NPC to do an emote such as waving their hands in the air. Step 2: Equip the NPC with an item such as a teacup. Results: The NPC does not "equip" the teacup in their hands. Conclusion: Forcing an NPC to do an emote makes them unable to equip items in their hands.