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Found 290 results

  1. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!
  2. Hello, today myself and a couple others played around 5-6hrs of multiplayer and I have a handful of bugs for you, Sadly i don't have a log file for all of them as I had to restart my game a couple of times but I'll list them of and attach the current log file. I should note I hosted the session threw the in-game hosting. Bugs: After playing for a while I ended up restarting my game and after loading the world I noticed everything my character had learned was lost the other two guys were fine. Sometimes a player will be unable to pull out items form in a container or work/craftstation whilst others are able to-do so fine. The ship's (We actually only made the large ship but id assume the same issue for the other one too) had an issue were when one of the others took control of it, it pulled me around abit when they moved it even though I wasn't on the ship or near it. There was also an issue with the ship that one of them took control of the ship and it teleported them under the world which when we dug them out they were unable to move and apon him reconnecting his body was there but his view point was at the ship and he was unable to release control of the ship. Horse's when they kicked the other player off they were unable too move but were making the running sounds and particle effects where they were, killing them was the only fix. Gun type Weapons didn't seem to make sounds for the other players only for myself the host. Falling from a height that causes the ragdoll makes the non-hosting players unable to move (killing them fixes them) and if the host ragdoll's the other players only see them stuck ragdolled in one place even though the host is moving afterwards Sometimes an inventory slot will become stuck with a specific item type only able to go in it and can't be moved or switched out with anything else, also the image of the item doesn't display in the slot its in but rather under the first row as if was in the first slot of that non-existing row. Ghost items in the world, sometimes a player will pickup a stack of items and it'll say it failed and then the item becomes a ghost item in the world unable to be interacted with. Non-hosting players can spam shoot the cannons but as few as I can tell it wasn't actually shooting just a bug on their end. Promoting a player to admin doesn't seem to work or atleast they can not use admin commands? we only tried it with the /killme command so maybe that's not considered an admin command but its said permission denied. Animals seem to have a hard time moving/navigating in the caves. Non-host players respawn where they died, only when they create a new character to they repsawn at the world spawn. That's most of the ones that I can remember, on top of that we ended up stopping playing because it seems the world became broken as after I restarted it, the game would just crash. I used the yland copy world feature which make it so I can load the world but my inventory was slow/buggy & the guys I was playing with became unable to connect stuck on loading world at 100% I've attached the current log file & the corrupt world file (hopeful you can fix the world so we can continue playing :D) EXPLORE.zip output_log.txt
  3. hey, i found one of those big cubes with the emots on display. after cracking it open, i was rumaging inside and suddenly fell through the ground. i fell for a moment, and them seemed to hover on the spot (maybe still falling) i died of coldness not impact afer a fall. dropped items on death did not fall o the world surface, but seem to be lost somewhere down where i died. though there were "cave sounds" i dont think i fell into a cave, i did craft a torch while falling to verify this i could reproduce it, by facing the center of the cube-structure and walking backwards. fell again with the same result.
  4. hey, i noticed, that the maps i crafted are not in my inventory after i restart the game. there is sometimes stuff, that is sort of invisible in the chests and inventory, but normaly that reappears after a restart. the maps are gone however (i even checked the floor in and around my camp). so its in the explore mode, happened in two different saves and with the paper and the leather parchment maps.
  5. So me and my friends were playing some ylands for about 10 hours straight! we occurred alot of bugs! Bugs: Alot of server lag (we all have 100mbs), spawn points is changing, undermap crap, Some people cant render some certain things, not dying of anything except walking, Breaking Animation, boats making other players move with it without standing on it, Dying but still staying alive, Killing the dead player thats still alive breaks the player even more, I would really want to see this getting fixed! because i really enjoy the game! P.S Some sounds are really loud! hope you fix the most of the things! And when players were dead they returned to model pos thingy!
  6. I have a problem with loading to get into the game it remains blocking at 97%. Help me please
  7. If I stand on a pile of iron ore. 200+ in my pile (intially stored as 3 inventory item spaces, e.g. 100+100+34) you immediatley fall through the hole it creates and you fall through the earth, you can see the inside of the game world as you fall for a few seconds, then die. Then I respawn with no clothes or equipment, which are all lost I found this by accident and so moved the pile to another place and it was still happened. After I built this covered area enclosing it (see attached picture) so I could not accidentally step on it.
  8. Version: 0.18.26159 OS: Windows 10 Steps to repeat: Why playing tutorial with the trial version. Click Tab Presented with Character/Crafting/Inventory screen Click Crafting and nothing happens. Do not see any way to craft items. I have collected many items in an attempt to craft items, they do show in the inventory, but I can not craft. I have restarted the game and the same issues is present. Severity: Critical/ Game not playable as intended. output_log.txt
  9. kk been playing since oct 31 /nov 1st also bought a few friends the game casue it rocks and has a lot of potential , we re all experiencing these issues , 1) cant connect to each other in multiplayer - I know this is probably due to ports/avg ect blocking connections 2) chunks clearing when left , after you dig or build anything then hop on a raft to explore then come back the entire area where you have built is cleared to water level ie a big hole perfectly square (assuming that's a chunk like minecraft) 3) dying to falling on a voxel or running up a hill on a weird voxel , a tree falling and you bumping into it . 4) after dying in said area above you have to quit to main menu , which then freezes up before showing the menu ( assuming that's a report or something being sent in to a server ect ) but game just locks up have to cancel out using task manager . 5) anytime you leave a game via exit to menu or exit to desktop it freezes , refer to #4 , with the exception of exiting before 4-5 mins of game play it will go back to title if its a short amount of time . that's all the bugs ive found so far which kind of make the game unplayable , ive spent hours playing only to not be able to save the game when I reload its back a few hours ahead of where I left off ect , we re all 25+ that I bought the game for friends being 21- 25 and myself being over 40 . Iove the way the game is headed and aside from those issues its a great fun game I love the cell shaded graphics and the crafting ect . good job , if we can just fix these issues , thanks FireFrost
  10. First of all, great game. There are some performance issues (which will be resolved in future I believe), but mostly the game is bugless. Now, onto feedback thing. The terrain tools need to be all in 3D, including flatten/paint/smooth ones. The current ones would be fine if the terrain would be a heightmap one, but it isn't (which is great, by the way). As it is now: The flatten tool fails to work properly if there are empty (air) voxels between the level you try to flatten the ground to and the terrain above.The material paint tool is hard to aim properly, even in first personSimilar to paint tool, smooth tool is hard to aim properly AND it's very hard (to the point of impossibility, although I think you can agree that there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skill needed to complete the task) to smooth out layered terrain, like e.g. when sculpting (example being dragon shown in the trailer, although I don't know whether it is terrain work or a prefab)As a Unity game developer myself (won't plug my game here, even though it also does low poly untextured, unless specifically asked by the devs/mods), I'd like to thank you for creating such easy to use and powerful building system. As a person who wants to do something similar in the future (although in more realistic setting), i.e. building from single building materials, such as bars, planks, bricks, etc., instead of slapping prefab walls, floors, etc. like e.g. in Rust, I'd like to ask you if you're using some tricks like combining meshes or if those are just freeform prefabs connected by nothing. Finally, one thing I'd add to the building system would be more kinds of bricks. Or at least ability to select material of one. Those sandstone ones can easily get boring, we need clay and stone bricks (and different kinds of stone). So far you've made great progress and I wish you best of look.
  11. When trying to smelt 'Iron Ore' to produce 'Iron Ingots' they show up as if they are smelting with the 12s next to them but they do not smelt nor does the time count down next to them. output_log_smeltingfurnace.txt
  12. Paveloman

    RESOLVED Yarn problem

    I have started survival mode and after few ours in game I can't make yarn on spinning wheel. I have 5 flux bundles in inventory but when I click on button craft, nothing happens. Is this a bug?
  13. Clothes, when removed by placing them on the ground are taken of , but the clothing equipment indicator in the inventory screen still shows them as equipped. Repro: 1]pick up shirt 2]put it into dynamic slot 3] enter inventory and equip shirt 4]exit inventory and use TAB to place shirt from the active dynamic slot on to the ground 5]your character has disrobed, but in the inventory screen the shits still shows as equipped (not on the character, but in the slot) Attached Screenshot shows the same problem with Trousers
  14. Edhelthil

    Character dissapears

    Character disappeared while playing the game (connected to another player's yland) and camera couldn't be controlled (before I was trying to craft something and I think that it didn't show up in the inventory as it should). Pressing escape button didn't show in-game menu, but when the game's window lost and gains focus again, menu appears and is controllable. Output log attached. output_log.rar
  15. Launcher uses email name for greeting instead of the Bohemia Account nickname ("username"). See attached screenshot for reference