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Found 290 results

  1. I noticed that many tamed (and newly created wild horses) (6 horses in total ) just standing within a few metres in the entrance of a natural cave. The could not walk out, they were actively moving (not frozen). One of the horses was from someone who said he lost his horse as is does't come when he calls it. So it was stuck and wouldn't be teleported to him either. This was on a multiplayer server
  2. Hello i ve problem when loading shared game it ll load but not display the game only this (pic) and cant do anything it is just stuck. any sugestion? Thank you output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. almond017

    suggetion and bug.

    I'm not good at English. maybe sometimes not make sense or weird. so.. sorry for that. so What's my suggestion! Is the add reading, or eating while sitting. that's my suggestion. if It's already been added, than good to know and thanks a lot. or if not, than I wish there is eating food while sitting on chair or reading book, papers. And Bug! It's a little bug with little bit annoying. i was get the first paper that written about puzzle hint. and when i get second paper, the second paper stacked with first one. and the first paper's note it just gone, the paper just changed to a blank paper. actually i should've reported this, that when i was found this bug. but i diddn't because i was lazy and forgeted. and more sad thing is that i deleted my save game already. so why i said this bug now is because i just wanted you guys to know. I know it's too late. but, late better than say nothing. right? ... I love you Bohemia interactive! lol! and the Finally! thanks to read, and sorry for my bad english, i was try though. have good day or good night!
  4. Cloakist

    In Game Sound

    Right now the sounds the player hears are based off the camera position and not the character position, I feel as though the game would be a lot more immersive if the sounds were based off the character position or between the camera and character. Also, the braziers don't seem to have any sound after the initial lighting sound.
  5. Found that with the seed container in inventory, can make a supply of infinite seeds by splitting the stack and equipping one to hotbar. I found that if you equip one stack, the game will use the equipped stack up but still register as having more of those seeds because of the other stack.
  6. Hello ...when i start ylands so it shows this error ...and when i click on Ano (Yes) so i have black screen sorry for my english
  7. As soon as I startup Ylands I get this error code with the option of quitting: Oauth/login: code: -1 API code: Message: Request Timeout I'm not sure what I should do from this point on, I've tried verifying game integrity but that did no good. Prior to this error I was trying to load into my friend's world. After being stuck on the 100% loading screen I decided to forcefully close the game. This happened right after I clicked "Play" again.
  8. Hello Ylanders and Bohemians, It s me again, and this time i am very far from happy at all, i have this humongous beast pc with i7 4gigs and a gtx 1080 nvidia, i can play ANY other game (such as assassin s creed origins) in full ULTRA ULTRA with absolutely NO LAG. But when it comes to Ylands, on official server EU4, on starting island, i see my FPS dropping to ONE FRAME PER SECOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THIS REALLY SERIOUS ? I damn do WANT to play this game, but it s like it s optimised with finger toes, i am very sorry, i swear i am a patient guy, normally, but here, you guys have invented the MOST FRUSTRATING GAME EVER, i wonder what kind of black magic you used to make me angry like that! I really had very high hopes for .10, but between the TOO FAR AWAY bug and now the DRAMATIC fps drop, i wonder if you guys are really there or gone to holidays thinking you had done a miracle, i can tell you, come back quick and fix this bug machine, it s a nightmare. Sorry for the strong language but desperate times need desperate words to express the deep disappointment i am in right now. Take care all, and please kick the shit out of this game so we can at last have the fun we want to have, cause right now, it s damn TOO FAR AWAY
  9. Hello Ylanders and Bohemians, Today, i came back to Ylands hoping to find a really better mechanic, all greased and shiny and ready to roll... With my Buddy Vel, we joined an official server, and did play for a lil while, enough to explore three islands, but all of a sudden, while anchored near a desertic island, we found ourselves stranded on our own ship, unable to touch anything on it, all was "TOO FAR AWAY". Even the ladder to climb on the ship, right under our noses were too far away, and same went for all the crafting devices on deck, too far away, too far away, too far away... I m getting close to 200 hours here, i really do appreciate Ylands, and i CRAVE to be able to play it with my friend, i really hope some day, we ll be able to have a satisfactory experience from start to end because that is truely all we both want (and i m sure we re not alone in this case) Thanks for all the efforts on the part of the team, but this is still ... TOO FAR AWAY (in all red caps)
  10. Hello, I have the same problem for all new sharegame I created. I play but problem of synchronisation (you can see my picture here). My friend come with me ingame but when i'm off, she's off too (but in parameter, she is administrator). Can you help us for synchronisation ? Anothers players could have the same bug ? @Ane
  11. Hello, are composites from workshop disabled ? Or only i have that bug ? In editor i can use only my own composites, others from workshop not downloading i think.
  12. Well the pic talks for itself, nothing new and absurd.
  13. Hey there, I am currently having issues logging into the game. I tried booting up just now and was greeted with this screen : I have also attached the output logs in order to try and help speed up the resolution. If there is anything else needed, just shout. Kind regards. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. proGURU

    Grass bugs

    Many time I've seen grass and plants floating in the air by the edge of cliffs, like a whole meter gap. This may have been addressed before but I wanted to point it out from my side too.
  15. Hello team, Reporting this on behalf of one of our players on our server. Issue: Player in Question was testing out blueprints feature when they placed the Project Table, a message "someone else is using that" appears in red text, at the time only that player was on the server, they also created said table. The 1st time they used the table with blueprint it worked fine, however on second attempt, this message appears. They also tried a different blueprint for a second time and also had the same issue. They go on to say that, they logged into different servers and it worked. Info: Player describes the steps, when they try to interact with the table the message "someone else is using that" even though they were alone on the server, this appears when they try to put item(s) into the table. Attempted Resolutions: Server rebooted, issue persists. Image from the player
  16. Hi! I was at the green island, then I died and after this I was reborn at the sandy island. I don't have a boat, instruments. I have nothing! And I dont know how to play farther. Please, help me, because I spent 12 hours at this game, I love it, but now I can't play at all!
  17. sneaky_triangle

    Game Crash

    The game keeps randomly crashing and I'm not sure why. It also drops some of the progress I've made before the crash. Hope Someone can help! error.log
  18. sometimes when dragging an object between a chest and the player inventory, the objects get stuck in the transfer and both the object and the block become unusable unless I reload the game. This issue happens across all placed chests in the same location that the failed transfer occurs. The objects can sometimes be seen floating on a random spot of the screen. I have tried to replicate this issue, but it seems to happen randomly and frequently. Has anyone else experienced this issue? all provided screenshots are of different chests and a single instance of the issue during a single gameplay.
  19. Ylands has encountered an error and must close. A crash report named "Crash_2018-04-20_190046" has been generated. These files can be sent to Bohemia Interactive for analysis. + I cant send the crash file. error.log
  20. Hello, Today I noticed that the healing wounds ability is not really working. I have made a sorrel poultice, which usually works at a slower rate but none of my hearts gained any healing. Then I created normal band aids but those did not move my hearts either. I also ate various items, which use to slowly move your hearts back up, but still nothing. Not sure if this is a healing wound issue or heart update issue. Nikki
  21. Yes you Read right, my Charakter ate my Key Ring, im not Sure how that Happened, its gone, i think i had Food in my Hand and Switched and in that Moment he ate the Key Ring lol.
  22. I keep getting a really strange bug, and I haven't seen any other posts about this. It usually happens when I have a full inventory and I'm moving a lot of items around. After a while random objects almost disapear from the actual item nodes, and further inspection shows the image tile in entirely the wrong place, usually bottom left of the inventory UI. When this happens, I can no longer interact with the objects, and have to exit the game and rejoin again. I only ever get this bug when my inventory is more than three-quarters full. Any ideas?
  23. hello good morning, yesterday I tried to access the workshop with my steam account and I could not. Now I can not connect here with my usual account either I can access with google or yours but they are different and I can not access my models.
  24. [Exploit/Bug/Protective Barrier/Terrain/item/Glitch] Since there isn't much voice about this issue, ( A few similar posts ) today i did a server spawn area clean up, after the CPU idle % was around 35%, from ~5% initially, expecting the worst and i was not surprised. I currently host a Server for the Public if they so choose to use, i have put [Beta] tags on the server title, so people know what to expect. I personally play on the server, knowing full well things can break, however i do not live on the spawn island, so i don't have these issues. Note: All these places in theses pictures are under a Protective Barrier, people have added their own flare to other peoples areas. This exploit would need to addressed ASAP or Dedi Servers ( especially public ones ) will not survive and die out. eventually. ( These areas have now been cleaned up by me in the editor, which took 1-2hrs to complete , thankfully its a small server after the cleanup, CPU returned to around ~8% idle ! ) Below is an example of people not knowing about the issue at hand, unlucky for the owner left a stairway to the roof. These are players who are not at spawn but not far from it either. Another house taken advantaged of A shed house of the first picture.. And lastly a WIP underground base.. now ruined..