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Found 36 results

  1. Sometimes item's visual icon jumps to the lower border of the inventory. Space in inventory is still occupied and I cannot interact with it. I don't think I moved any of those items recently. Restarting game resolves, no items lost. Example: Quantity of iron ore stays in the box, icon is at lower left corner.
  2. Well some friends and me are playing but when the host shutdown the server then anyone can open the menus of inventory o crafting, I hope that have any solution for this issue. There is the outputs files if you need it. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  3. Please consider putting in an automatic feature or an option to allow automatic stacking of items in a player/item inventory. This should only be done when an item is first picked up and placed into the inventory or when an item or a number of like items are being transferred to another inventory (to-from chest/etc), not when a player is manipulating items already there (to allow for stack splitting). This should help alleviate inventory management for players, as well as to help optimize entity data and other background inventories on the map.
  4. I am able to feed and light my forges and smithy stations but cannot open them. Worked fine this morning but now nadda. I have relaunched the server multiple times and nothing else seems to be affected please inform on any solution I would prefer to not lose all my progress. This is a multiplayer server.
  5. So I have been playing Ylands since about 2 days ago and I love the game very much! I have not had many problems or bugs at all until today. I was crafting something (I dont remember what) and the game wasnt registering that i had hit the craft button multiple times and then when i would try to equip things in my inventory it wouldnt work. 2 minutes later the items i was trying to craft showed up in my inventory and the items i tried to equip were all of a sudden equipped. I then thought it was fix but as i tried to mine, the ground wouldnt budge and no dirt or iron ore for example would appear. I would have to wait like 5 minutes for anything to happen. It makes the game impossible to play and I am really sad about it because i was really enjoying this game. Oddly enough, when I go to my kiln while this stuff is happening and i pull up the kilns crafting page, it will temporarily fix it for about 20-30 seconds and ill be able to mine for that long but then it will go right back to not registering my hits on the ground. Please help!
  6. Hello! I noticed a little bit of an annoying thing with the inventory: if you are moving items between inventories, the same items will not stack together until they first enter the inventory. For example I have a chest with 5 grass, and want to move the 5 more grass in my inventory to the chest. Regardless of whether I right-click it in or drag-and-drop, it never stacks with the existing grass, and goes to a new slot, and only then I can click and move them to stack them together. Similar thing with the seedbox for example - if I am moving seeds from a chest to a seedbox in my inventory, I have to first move the seeds to my inventory and then to the seedbox, it cannot be done in one drag-and-drop move. Fixing this would be a nice QoL time-saver. Thanks!
  7. There is an issue that me and my friend are having with being able to craft shovels. We have the required ingredients according to those we talk to (pole, log, axe) and its not showing up in crafting. We have both tried relogging and its on the official exploration #1 server. I hope that my log files help. I believe it extends beyond that because earlier I could not craft rope. This looks like a really good game though (:
  8. Sometimes when you click Take all or harvest corn for example, tems get bugged on inventory, the icon is rendered outside the inventory but the actual item is in the correct location, but it cant be moved This can be fixed by going to the main menu and continuing Its a minor bug, and it doesnt happen that offten, sems to happen when inventory is somewhat full
  9. Good morning, I have been trying to test the game during the 60 minutes free and I thought a good game with a future if it finishes. I still have 15 minutes left to spend but I doubt I can play it, in fact, the constant falls have eaten a quarter of an hour of free time in what took to close the game forcibly since the meter did not stop until then. Recently installed it has not given me problems, but as I have been advancing it has started to suck in RAM more and more. I have been consuming 82% of RAM. In addition, constant declines have come as much from opening the inventory as from selecting the manufacturing tab. Sometimes I have managed to access without falling, but when I have to "make" some object has fallen and it has been for most of my playing time. Another fault I have seen has been with the sharks, they are buried in the earth or they do not attack.
  10. This is a suggestion. My computer won't allow me to play the game yet but I'll get into that in another post. I've mainly been watching let's play series on youtube right now and I've noticed that many people get confused when in the crafting/inventory tabs. My suggestion is to make the tabs each a unique color (perhaps a red to contrast the blue?) that way you learn to associate the color with which tab you are currently in. Love the game btw and can't wait to play it!
  11. Clothes, when removed by placing them on the ground are taken of , but the clothing equipment indicator in the inventory screen still shows them as equipped. Repro: 1]pick up shirt 2]put it into dynamic slot 3] enter inventory and equip shirt 4]exit inventory and use TAB to place shirt from the active dynamic slot on to the ground 5]your character has disrobed, but in the inventory screen the shits still shows as equipped (not on the character, but in the slot) Attached Screenshot shows the same problem with Trousers